Jin Fu-Ha

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In Battle Edit

Art of Fighting 3 Edit

Story Mode Edit

8th Day: Wyler

Jin: "Has a man named Ryo Sakazaki come by?"
Wyler: "Beats me!"
Jin: "Fine, I shall leave."
Wyler: "Not so fast! You're just the right man for my experiment. You shall attend it."
Freia: "No, Wyler! The drug...!"
(Wyler drinks an elixir and turns into a superhuman form)
Wyler: "Showtime, ninja boy!"

Final Day: Ryo Sakazaki

Jin: "Ryo of the Kyokugen Style I believe..."
Ryo: "Yes, and you are?"
Jin: "I believe you have fought Eiji. I shall test your strength with my fist."
Ryo: "I have no reason to fight you!"
Jin: "You have no choice. En garde."

Win Quotes Edit

  • "Let's do this again soon."
  • "I am simply invincible."
  • "Darn, you were good."
  • "Do you not understand?! You simpleton!"

Ending Edit

Jin: "What is the meaning of this, Sakazaki! You might think you have fooled me, but you have not. Why are you holding back?!"
Ryo: "What're you talking about?"
Jin: "Kyokugenryu uses the power of "Ki", the power from within. I can sense that flow of "Ki" during a combat. But I do not feel any "Ki" from you. Why?"
Ryo: "I don't battle with thugs, Jin."
Jin: "I seek only Eiji's death!"
Ryo: "Kill Eiji, and then what?"
Jin: "There is nothing to say to you. Ryo, come back to Japan to see."
Ryo: "Japan? Why?"
Jin: "If you come, you will see."
(Jin disappears by jumping back)
Narrator: "In the blink of an eye, Jin had disappeared. Later, Jin will be facing his sworn enemy Eiji. But now, he is just a shadow in the darkness, wandering."
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