Jan in The King of Fighters: Kyo.

Jan, sometimes called Jean, (ジャン) is a character in the Art of Fighting and The King of Fighters series. He is voiced by Harumi Ikoma in King of Fighters: Kyo and Uiyo Sakurai in The King of Fighters: Destiny.


Jean is King's little brother, who cannot walk. In King’s Art of Fighting 2 ending, Ryo and Robert, grateful for her help with finding Yuri and defeating Mr. Big, cover the cost of an operation Jean needed in order to gain the use of his legs.

Right before the start of the King of Fighters ’96, Jean is involved in a traffic accident and hospitalized because of his injuries. During the ending for the Women’s Team, it is revealed that King's teammates (Mai Shiranui and Kasumi Todo) collected enough money to cover the cost of Jean’s medical expenses. He is discharged from the hospital with a clean bill of health.


Jan is a good boy who loves his sister very much. He's also very outgoing, often hitting on King's friends. In some game endings, he shows a bit of a mischevious side, such as when he runs off with Yuri's bikini top at the beach.

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