Jamin is a character created by Masami Obari exclusively for the Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture.


Jamin is a servant of the Gaudeamus family. When Laocorn decided to search for Armor of Mars, Jamin reluctantly assists his pursuit. He tracks down and follows Sulia and her companions to ascertain the location of the remaining pieces of the Armor. Jamin and Laocorn briefly attack Terry and Sulia in Germany, but the two manage to escape. Along with Hauer and Panni, he ambushes Sulia's group while they're resting at a hotel. After threats are made to harm her companions, Sulia acquiesces and lets Jamin take her to Laocorn. He travels to Israel to guard the entrance to the temple while Laocorn claimed the last piece. He intentionally loses his fight against Terry so the latter could save Sulia and Laocorn and dies.


Jamin is a silent and loyal man that will obey every command from his master. He is fond of Sulia and secretly worries about her while obeying Laocorn. He condemns his master's obsession with the Armor of Mars, believing that true power lies in one honing one's fighting abilities. He likes to meditate and is an honorable fighter much in contrast to Hauer.


Terry notices that Jamin is as strong or maybe stronger than Krauser. He seems to be the strongest of Laocorn's servants.

  • Pyrokinesis - Jamin has the ability to create and control fire at will. He can create balls of fire and hurl them at the enemy, release destructive waves of fire that flow through the ground, teleport himself and others in a burst of fire and infuse his fists with fire.
  • Superhuman Strength and Reflexes - Jamin is able to execute amazing feats of strength and speed such as catching a bullet fired at him and fire it back with only two fingers.

Fighting Style

Jamin fights with a style that emphasizes on his strength, even though he also relies much on his power, he won't back down from a direct fight. His style has similarities to Terry's as he was able to counter attack Terry's signature moves, Power Wave and Burn Knuckle with his own signature moves.

Anime Appearances

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