Ikari Warriors, known as just Ikari (怒 -IKARI-) in Japan, is a series of run and gun games created by SNK. The series focuses on Paul and Vince members of the Ikari Warriors, a group of mercenary soldiers, in several of their missions. The series official slogan is "Surviving all perils even zapping your friend!" (俺が生き残るためなら相棒でも倒す!).



怒IKARI Flyer

The first game was an instant hit when released. It focuses on Paul and Vince in their mission to reach the village of Ikari.

The sequel has similar graphics and gameplay, although the sound has improved.

The Ikari Warriors must rescue the president's daughter from the Crime Ghost. The game has improved graphics and sound.

Other Games

A mobile game that includes Leona into the series.


Introduced in Ikari Warriors

Introduced in Ikari III: The Rescue

Introduced in Leona Gekitohen

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