The Iga ninjas (伊賀忍軍) are generic characters in Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage. The particular ninja that the player plays is known as Gyakuten Ippatsuou (逆転一髪王, Gyakuten Ippatsuō) and is 34 years old. His strange name is a homage to the Gyakuten! Ippatsuman series.

They are voiced by Yoshiyuki Iwamoto.


The Iga ninjas are a group of ninjas that work under Hanzo Hattori. They are skilled assassins that fight for the pride of Iga. The ninja whom player controls is instead revealed to be a clumsy Koga ninja who accidentally separated from his clan's forces in Edo castle and prematurely infiltrates Ritenkyo amidst the Iga forces. He was unaware of his predicament until Hanzo congratulates his troops on their victory.


It's impossible to read the personality of multiple people. The player-controlled ninja is inept and constantly forgets to properly wear his mask which reveals his sideburns. Players can recognize him amongst the Iga Ninjas that appear in Kuki intro of the game.


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Their fighting style is essentially a simplified version of Hanzo's. They are slightly faster than him but are also made weaker to compensate.

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