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Matsumoto in 1997

Hiroshi Matsumoto (松本 裕司, Matsumoto Hiroshi) is a Japanese game director, producer, and sound designer. He is one of the men credited to have created the Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting series. He joined SNK in 1988 after he had finished planning the first Street Fighter game with Takashi Nishiyama. He is often credited as "Finish Hiroshi" or "H. Matsumoto".

After leaving SNK, Matsumoto joined Nishiyama at Dimps. Matsumoto currently works as the Managing Director of Dimps.


By the late 1980s, Matsumoto was working as a planner at Capcom. He worked alongside Takashi Nishiyama in the original Street Fighter. At the time, SNK lured both as well as other members of the staff.[1] While his directorial debut came in 1990 with the arcade game Riding Hero, his first notorious Neo Geo game came in 1992 with the release of Art of Fighting, which was also directed by him.

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A young Piston Takashi (left) with a young Finish Hiroshi (right) (unknown date)

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