Hiroaki (ヒロアキ), whose full name is speculated to be Hiroaki Hashimoto (ハシモト ヒロアキ, Hashimoto Hiroaki), is an illustrator for SNK. He was born on July 9 in Marugame, Kagawa. He attended Osaka University Arts for a design major but quit after a year to join SNK in 1998. After SNK dissolved, he became a freelancer. He is best known to fans for his work in Buriki One and the more recent The King of Fighters iterations.

His art is known for its quasi-realistic take on characters, giving them an unique polished look (almost like an oil painting) with humanistic proportions and a metallic feel to them. He strives to sketch the characters he's assigned in "confident and daring poses" so that their fans can feel prouder to use them. His biggest personal lament are the female and popular characters, as he struggles to make them charming as well as not "outshining" the others.

He's considered by many members of the company to be the protege of Shinkiro. Their teacher-student relationship started when Shinkiro asked him to create a poster for The King of Fighters 2000. He was personally critiqued by the veteran artist on his technique and coloring of the piece, which Hiroaki has taken to heart ever since. They continued to bounce back their thoughts and ideas until the company disbanded. In an interview with the company's artists, he relates his biggest pressure for King of Fighters is "matching Shinkiro's quality" as the latter's art has been in the minds of fans for years.

His works for other companies include Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, God Hand, Spikeout Battle Street as well additional artwork for Super Street Fighter IV.

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