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Athena and Helene in the promotional comic cover of Athena: Full Throttle.

Helene (ヘレネ, Herene) is a character who first appears in Athena: Full Throttle mobile game. She is loosely based on Helen of Troy.


She is a wizard and loyal maid of Athena in the castle of Kingdom of Victory. She discourages Athena from opening the "Door Which Shoudn't Be Opened: B" but Athena ignores her advice and they both fall into the Elysium World where they face a bunch of villains.

In the sequel, she and Athena attend Helene's alma mater, the "Winning Witch Academy", where they have to battle the monsters around the academy.


Helene is a quiet and kind hearted person. She is in love with Athena and worries about her well-being.


  • Magic - Helene is proficient in magic.
  • Magical projectile - Helene can fire a magical projectile from her staff.
  • Transformation - Like Athena, Helene can transform into a mermaid.

Fighting Style

She relies on her magic powers to fight.

Game Appearances

Cameo Appearances

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