Hazuki Kazama (風間 葉月, Kazama Hazuki) is a secondary character in the Samurai Shodown series. She has the power to seal demons and often becomes the target of the series's villains because of her powers.


When Enja and Suija are set loose onto the world, the clan is ordered to make their recapture a top priority. To help her brothers Sogetsu and Kazuki trap the renegade demons, she seals them both into swords of her brothers. She then helps Kazuki with his injuries and takes him home with the promise of cooking him a good meal.

In Samurai Shodown IV, she is kidnapped by Amakusa to be used as a conduit to control a resurrected Zankuro. She is rescued by Kazuki and the two spend the rest of their days together. Throughout the series, she will often ask Kazuki to investigate any strange phenomena that she senses.

64 Warriors Rage has Hazuki kidnapped this time by Yuga and successfully rescued by Kazuki. She meets Sogetsu again in Sen though he denies his sibling's existence, stating that he has nothing to say to dead people. Finally knowing the price for their freedom, Hazuki cries for the first time in years.

In alternate continuity of Samurai Shodown VI, Enja and Suija kidnapped Hazuki to lure out Kazuki and Sogetsu and possess their bodies. The two brothers are triumphant and rescue her again. In addition, Kazuki and Hazuki were no longer considered as Nukenins, thanks to Sogetsu's efforts.


A caring individual, she loves both of her brothers equally. Often acting as a mediator between them, she tries to stop any arguments they might get into and help them settle their differences.


  • Create Seals: Hazuki can create powerful seals.
  • Spiritual Power: Due to her ninja training, she has exceptional control over ki and heightened senses.

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