Haruka Shinro (神鷺はるか) is an original character from the Days of Memories series. She appears in Kaze Maou Miyako de Tsukamaete!.


Though she is enrolled in a school that strives to have their students be physically fit, Haruka is the black sheep of the class as she doesn't excel at any sport. She worries that she might get outcast by their principal because of it. However, since she frequently hits the protagonist when she feels insulted by him, her surprising strength is enough to keep Geese entertained and in the school.

Although she is usually calm around others, she becomes outspoken about her feelings for Iori Yagami when their class goes on their school field trip. Haruka hopes to be more friendly with "Iori-sama" during their time in Kyoto, even though he sometimes scares her. Her advances are rejected each time, but other classmates praise her courage and egg her to keep trying. As the group travels through Kyoto, Haruka is always interested in visiting the romantic spots of the city to help keep her spirits up. At times, the protagonist offers to search for Iori on her behalf, but he is usually busy recording for his band and doesn't want to be disturbed. As Haruka asks others to help her cause, the protagonist insists that he's the man to tell her how to gain more courage for herself, but she usually finds him too funny to take him seriously. Even though she laughs at him, she appreciates his concern and likes receiving his encouragement. When she meets Haohmaru talking to tourists, he accidentally mistakes her for a child and throws her into the air and catches her. It's enough to make Haruka happy at least.

On the free day of the field trip, Haruka tries to ask Iori to spend the day with her, but he leaves before she can find him. The protagonist finds her crying and tries to comfort her. He asks why she continues to like Iori and she replies that it was because Iori had saved her being assaulted by a brute. Since he left before she could thank him, Haruka has felt indebted to him and eventually grew to like him. When the protagonist asks if she even cared for her own safety, she replies that she doesn't have the right to care about her body's safety since she is a priestess. The protagonists states that she should care but then spots Iori around the hotel. He hails for him to come over and forces Iori to stay with Haruka for a moment. She uses the time to gush praise for Iori and excitedly confesses her feelings for the musician. Iori responds that he could care less and warns her to stay away from him since he's dangerous. He hands her something that she dropped and leaves. Haruka thanks the protagonist for allowing her the chance to confess as she can now end her love and resume her priestess lifestyle.

The protagonist tells her that she could never forget that easily because she isn't really Haruka. He points out various clues that he noticed during the trip, like her need for contacts and her tripping, making him conclude that she was actually Haruka's older sister, Misato. The twins swapped places before the trip in order to pursue their respective crushes. Misato reveals that she did so due to their duties as priestesses. She always had to cover for Haruka's weaknesses and forced herself to be the adept one of the duo. Since she is going to be named the next head priestess for the shrine when they turn 18, she wanted to at least confess to someone like a normal girl before then. She knew that Iori had actually remembered which twin she actually is since the object he handed her is the pair of glasses she always wears. Although Misato acts satisfied, the protagonist takes her to the tori gates and asks if she needs to be the only one to bear the burden of priestess. When she states that she wants to accept her duty to make everyone happy, he then confesses his feelings for her. He tells Misato that he can't leave her alone and doesn't want to be stranded from her. Catching her when she trips from the steps, he assures her that he'll support her no matter what. Although their time together might be short, Misato wants to be his girlfriend and wants to do various things with him.

In the Hell Gate route, the protagonist can see Misato perform her duties as priestess. She momentarily blocks a possessed Iori with her powers, giving Nakoruru and the protagonist time to hurry to the gate.


Haruka is a conservative and caring classmate who tries to stick up for the other girls in the class. She chides the protagonist when he steps out of line, even if he didn't actually do anything. Deeply concerned with her height and her frail body, she sometimes trips unintentionally and lacks the stamina to perform well in physical activities. She envies people with high endurance and yearns to be like them. To gain more weight on her, she has a huge appetite and can eat at least three sets of boxed lunches in one sitting.

She calls Iori several nicknames, which include "Iori-sama" and "Iorin-rin". When she talks about being the protagonist's girlfriend, she tells him to call her "Melon-tan" when they go out.


  • Rising Heart in Love - Days of Memories

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