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Here is a list of quotes for Haohmaru.


In Battle

  • "Senpuuretsuzan!"
  • "Kogetsuzan!"
  • "Oriya!"
  • "Yosh!" - "Yeah!"
  • "Tenha Fuujinzan!"
  • "Hmph!"

Samurai Shodown

Pre-Battle Quotes

  • "To fight. To die. Enjoy the afterlife."
  • "Lucky you. About to be killed by a legend."
  • "Oooh, goody! A challenger. Who is stronger? Hint. Me!" (Vs. Himself)

Final Quote

  • "Whew, what a fight. I'm speechless. Not!"

Win Quotes

  • "Hmm, not bad. I have met the second strongest in the world."
  • "To call me "awesome" is an understatement." (Fatal Finish)
  • "For wimps like you, using my full strength is unnecessary." (Special Finish)
  • "Was all my work for naught? Or am I too damn good?" (Vs. Himself)

Win Quotes (JPN version)

Japanese English Translation
俺の強さは天下ー。お前じゃ勝ち目はないんだよ。 "My strength is best on earth. You don't have a chance of winning."
なんて手ごたえのない奴だ! まったく戦った気にならないぜ "It's a foolish thing! I don't feel like fighting at all"

Samurai Shodown II

In Battle

Japanese English translation Occurs when/during
旋風…ってね!"Senpuu... tte ne!" "Senpuu... psych!"
"Koredemo kurai na!" "Try some of this!"
どうしたぁ, どうしたぁ!"Doushita, doushita!" "Come on, what's the matter!" Taunt
"Umei~!" "That's good!" Taunt
あったまきたぜェ!"Attama kitaze!" "Now I'm fired up!" Rage
野郎! "Yarou!" "Bastard!"
畜生! "Chikushou!" "Damn it!" Defeat

Before Battle

  • "Woow! I am a champion, I will kill all enemies with my sword!"
  • "What? My imitation!? You have guts!" (Vs. Himself)


  • "What's this wind? I feel something bad."

Win Quotes

  • "How weak you are! I might kill you as well as 'tofu' with my sword!"
  • "I slay my imitation with my sword together with Mt. Fuji!" (Vs. Himself)

Samurai Shodown III

In Battle

Japanese English translation
行くぜっ! "Iku ze!" "Here I come!"
"Koitsu de... kimari da!" "And this... will finish it!"
"Arayo!" "Oops-a-daisy!"

Win Quote

  • "Duelling is my raison d'etre!"

End Quote

  • "Haohmaru. Born in Japan's wilderness. Versed in the sword's ways. Invincible at age 15 defeated by the Mighty Jubei, He awoke from his conceit to travel the world training. Leaving family for conceit. Meeting with a boy, he learns of the "Demon." Promisibg to avenge the boy, he confronted Zankuro. And emerged victorious. Fulfilling his promise, Haohmaru travel onward."

Samurai Shodown IV

In Battle

Japanese English translation
くらえ! "Kurae!" "Eat this!"
"Mou ippon!" "One more round!"
"Katsutte nowa iimon daze!" "Winning is nice thing!"

Pre-Battle Quotes

  • "Let's blade boogie!"
  • "Yes! A worthy opponent!"

Vs. Zankuro


  • "Interesting. Let's kick some demon butt!"


  • "This guy... Really was a demon!

Win Quotes

  • "Aaah! I love victory sake!" (Bust - Opponent Suicide)
  • "A fop like you had to lose!" (Bust Fatality)
  • "I am what I am: a lone rebel!" (Bust)
  • "Yeeaaah! Nice fight!" (Slash - Opponent Suicide)
  • "Swordplay isn't dancing, pal!" (Slash Fatality)
  • "Awesome! It's my style!" (Slash)

Samurai Shodown 64

In Battle

Japanese English translation
甘いぜ! "Amai ze!" "Weak!"
"Choushini noru na yo" "Don't think too highly of yourself."
"Mijiku da na" "Pretty inexperienced..."
"Motto tsuyoku nare na yo" "Get stronger."
"Yoroshiku tanomu." "I leave it all to you."
来い! "Koi!" "Come!"
かかってきな! "Kakatte kina!" "Come and get some!"
"Yarejimata ka." "Must've overdone it."
ふざけるな! "Fuzakeru na!" "Don't mess with me!"
"Itadaki!" "That's mine!"
てめぇ..! "Temee..!" "You..!"

Samurai Shodown 64-2

In Battle

Japanese English translation
"Tenha Seiouzan!"
"Tenha Kasatsu!"
"Saa te, ichi yarou ka?" "Now then, ready for a match?"
"Hajimeru ka?" "Should we start?"
"Ono ga shikuuen wo tatte mezero." "Let me test your resolve."
"Omoi ni wa koko yori saki ni yuku wa shikaku wa nai." "You've got nowhere else to go but here."
"Taishita koto ne na!" "Ain't that something!"
"Kore dakara shoubu te no wa omoishire." "This is what makes fights interesting."
"Konna mono ka?" "Is that all?"
"Shoubo wa shoubo!" "A fight is a fight!"
"Sore ja kateine na." "If that's it, then you can't win."
"Suman ne na!" "Sorry about that!"
"Mada da. Shindara ii na." "Not yet. Not until you die."
"Norei!" "Take that!"
"Ya.. ja... ne... ka" "N..not... bad."
"Shinji mae na!" "Just die already!"

Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage

In Battle

Japanese English translation
"Oku seiba, shinu ze." "If you don't focus, you'll die."
"Shi ni isogu ka?" "Are you in a hurry to die?"
"Mijuku da na..." "What an amateur..."
"Waga kengi iten no kumori nashi." "My swordsmanship has no equal on heaven or earth."
"Waga michi ima da kimaran ka?" "Has my path been decided for me?"
"Migoto da..." "Well done..."
"Yamete mo iin da ze." "It's okay if you stop now."
"Kurei na!" "Eat this!"
"Kore de... owari da!" "And with this... it ends!"
"Iku zo!" "Here I come!"

Samurai Shodown!

Pre-Battle Quotes

  • "Let's make this one for the books!"
  • "All right! You look tough!"

Win Quotes

  • "Swordsmanship is not modern dance!"
  • "Whew! Post-match shots hit the spot."

Samurai Shodown! 2

Win Quote (Bust)

  • "You can't win if that's your best."
  • "What? That's all?"

Win Quote (Slash)

  • "Rest in peace."
  • "You ain't no big deal."

Samurai Shodown V

Pre-Battle Quotes

  • "You look pretty strong! Let's fight."
  • "My sword dances across your flesh."
  • "I've never seen such a style. Ready?" (vs. Charlotte)
  • "A dog? I can beat it." (vs. Poppy)
  • "Boy! Go home now!" (vs. Shizumaru)

Win Quotes

  • "My sword technique is flawless. You can never win."
  • "I am super strong. You're no match for me!" (Perfect)
  • "You were pretty good, but I am still number 1!" (Remaining life: low)

Samurai Shodown V Special & Samurai Shodown V Perfect

Win Quotes

  • "Your battle skill is a joke." (Remaining life: high)
  • "A close fight. Lets go again!" (Remaining life: low)
  • "Your style can't match my sword." (Remaining life: moderate)

End Quote (Only in Perfect)

  • "Haohmaru holds the letter in his hand. "It's from Tokugawa? A world tournament, huh? Sounds like an interesting opportunity. Just what I was hoping for. A chance to show off my skills." Haohmaru accepts and prepares to slice through his opponents!"

Samurai Shodown VI

Voice Mail

Japanese English translation
"Denwa da ze. Oi, sassato terou yo." "It's the phone. Hey, go and pick it up already."
"Mail ga kita da ze." "Mail came for ya."
"Ousha! Asa da! Oikiro!" "All right! Morning! Get your ass up!"
"Yoshi! Iku ze!" "Okay! Let's go!"
"Soro soro tensha jikan da ze." "About time for the train."
"Huua, tsukareta tsukareta! Sasato neru ka?" "Phew, I'm tired! About time to sleep?"
"Nja, meshi ku ka? Tarafu na." "Then, ya gonna go eat? Pig out then."
"Kuta, kuta! Huua, gochisousan!" "Ah, I'm stuffed! Huua, thanks for the meal."
"Jikan da. Kiotsukeru yo." "It's time. Take care."
"Oi oi, shokureten na yo. Gachi yarou ze!" "Hey, stop feeling sorry for yourself. Put more heart into it!"


  • "I cannot wait to test my sword skills! Let's rock!"

Vs. Jubei Yagyu


Jubei: "Long time no see. I can see you have been training."
Haohmaru: "Yes, all for you Jubei!!"
Jubei: "Don't hold back Haohmaru, come here and let us finish things."
Haohmaru: "The time has come!"


Haohmaru: "...Well... Jubei? My sword is honed, wouldn't you say?"
Jubei: "This time I went easy on you, next time it's for real."
Haohmaru: "I bested you this time Jubei, but we shall fight again."

Vs. Genjuro Kibagami


Genjuro: Oh yes! Our time has come at last!
Haohmaru: Time for me to cleave you from this existence!
Genjuro: Silence, my quarry!! You will be consumed by my fury!
Haohmaru: I will remember happily how I killed you.


Haohmaru: Your destiny is decided. Your fight is noble, but futile.
Genjuro: Your mind games are inspired, but you fool only yourself!
Haohmaru: Your history is already written. Your weakness is legendary. I do not comprehend what I am seeing!!!

Vs. Gaoh


Gaoh: "You're a pawn of treacherous rebels! You fool!!! It pains me to destroy a great warrior!! Your death will be remembered for eternity!!"
Haohmaru: "This fight annoys me!! But if I must, I will dispatch you."


  • "You cannot avoid me. I will be everywhere. Attack me now!!"

Win Quotes

  • "My swordsmanship is original, You've never seen anything like me!!" (Vs. Himself)
  • "Your skills are awesome. You can be the 2nd best warrior in the world!!" (Win by normal move; Remaining life: high)
  • "You swing your sword to impress fools. I am not amused." (Win by normal move; Remaining life: low)
  • "My blood seethes in anticipation of this contest!" (Win by special move; Remaining life: high)
  • "I see your fear, not an acceptable emotion for a great warrior!" (Win by special move; Remaining life: low)
  • "You were beaten by the best. Let that be your dying thought." (Win by super move; Remaining life: high)
  • "I will drink to your stupidity for even attempting this fight." (Win by super move; Remaining life: low)
  • "You cannot prevail, and yet you persist. Ask yourself why?" (Win by throw; Remaining life: high)
  • "I am a mighty warrior. My reputation is legendary." (Win by throw; Remaining life: low)


Haohmaru: "History will remember me as the greatest warrior. Power is a strange feeling. I must meditate upon it. This land is broad and the world is vast! My destiny lies beyond this place. Perhaps I will find battles worth fighting."
Nicotine: "Haohmaru, you've met your destiny. The rest is up to you."
Haohmaru: "Master. My future is the fruit of your teachings."
Kyoshiro: "Hey, dude, it's been great, you know?"
Haohmaru: "Whatever my future will be, remember me sometimes. I will fight the devils in hell in the hereafter. So long. My samurai spirit is eternal."
Oshizu: "My master, my love Haohmaru."
Haohmaru: "Oshizu."
Oshizu: "Without you, I am nothing."
Haohmaru: "You are not strong enough for the journey. I must go alone."
Oshizu: "Please, don't leave me. Haohmaru, please."
Haohmaru: "A warrior can't be encumbered with love. It'll dull my blade."

Samurai Shodown Sen

Pre-Battle Vs. Draco

Haohmaru: "Hey there, care for a drink?"
Draco: "I do not drink... hootch."
Haohmaru: "You just don't understand the taste of it. The way you wreak of blood. I'd venture nothing tastes good to you."
Draco: "Don't appreciate a fine draft of blood? Pity. You don't know what you're missing!"

Pre-Battle Vs. Golba

Golba: "I welcome you, true warrior. A worthy general for my soldiers."
Haohmaru: "So you must be the mastermind."
Golba: "Hear me! The embers of conflict smolder in every European land. And when they burst into flame the inferno will consume the world! I require a new nation of mighty warriors to protect my motherland from the flames of war! I value fearless warriors like yourself highly. If you cluld instill that spirit in my soldiers, my army would be invincible!"
Haohmaru: "Someone's a bit delusional here. And it isn't me. I'm no one's monkey!"

Samurai Shodown (2019)

Win Quotes

Generic Win Quotes (Also vs. Mina, Iroha, Warden & Gongsun Li)

  • "Yesss! Not a bad finish, huh?! I must say, I amaze myself sometimes!"
  • "Not bad. I'd say you're the second best in the world. Let's do this again sometime!"
  • "I won't settle for anything less than number one. What, you thought I was done already?!"
  • "Heh... Did you really think you could beat me with that? That was barely even worth my time!"
  • "Eyarrgh! Now we're talkin'! Such strength! I think i might be falling for you!"
  • "My strength is second to none. Think about that as you take your dying breath!"

Specific Win Quotes

  • "That sure was creepy, but it's not everyday I get to fight a ghost. It was... a valuable experience." (vs. Basara)
  • "Your swordsmanship is as skittish as you are. I gotta admit, I kinda like your type of fighter." (vs. Charlotte)
  • "What a huge saw! I don't mind throwing down with you, but how about building me a ship next time?" (vs. Darli)
  • "You're much too bulky to avoid my blade! Come back and try again after you've slimmed down!" (vs. Earthquake)
  • "So you're supposed to be a Western ninja? Impressive... I must admit, I enjoyed our little fight." (vs. Galford)
  • "You swing your sword with a bloodthirsty rage, as always. But rage alone isn't enough to defeat me!" (vs. Genjuro)
  • "So you fight by enveloping your opponent in smoke. Such tricks won't work on me, I'm afraid." (vs. Hanzo)
  • "No one can imitate my technique with the sword. You may look like me, but your technique is not even close." (vs. Himself)
  • "Your fighting spirit always gives me goosebumps, Master Jubei. My skills have improved since last time, haven't they?" (vs. Jubei)
  • "Woohoo! This is my kind of fight! ...Oops, and now my hair's on fire!" (vs. Kazuki)
  • "You dance around with more skill than before, don't you, Kyoshiro? But your swordplay is nowhere near my level yet!" (vs. Kyoshiro)
  • "Whoa, you can control the falcon at will? No matter. It's still not enough to defeat me!" (vs. Nakoruru)
  • "You're still raw. Give it several more decades, and you might get somewhere. D-Damn, it sure is cold out here though!" (vs. Rimururu)
  • "Your techinique is strange... It reminds me of that old man. I wonder how he's doing." (vs. Ruixiang)
  • "An ambush! That was a close one... Are you an assassin? Who sent you? I guess someone has a bone to pick." (vs. Shiki)
  • "Huh... I can see a devil in your eyes. Better tame it if you don't want start a bloodbath... or unleash Hell itself." (vs. Shizumaru)
  • "You can't tell how powerful your opponent is just by looking. You have to actually cross swords with them first." (vs. Sogetsu)
  • "I'd heard about rumors about foreign swordsmen... I enjoyed finally getting a chance to test my skills against you." (vs. Tam Tam)
  • "You've got quite the impressive technique. But it'll take more than practicing your forms to beat me!" (vs. Ukyo)
  • "If you're the best on your continent, that makes me the best in the world!" (vs. Wan-Fu)
  • "You've got the muscles, but your moves are still stiff. It's almost as if your sword is swinging you around." (vs. Yashamaru)
  • "To think, that we would come to blows... Although, it's another chance for me to witness your unique techinique!" (vs. Yoshitora)

Draw Quote

  • "Let's call this one a tie. I'll defeat you soundly next time!"

Intro Quote (Story Mode)

  • "You're my opponent? Don't think you can cry and beg for mercy!"

Fateful Battle Pre-Dialogues

Genjuro Kibagami

Haohmaru: "It's been a long time, Genjuro... We may studied together, but now that you've turned on me, I'm afraid we'll have to find out which one of us is stronger."
Genjuro: "You fool. This is where you die, Haohmaru!"

Shizumaru Hisame

Shizumaru: "Um... Excuse me? I need to get past you, so... Would you mind getting out of the way?"
Haohmaru: "Listen, boy. However strong you think you are, this is no place for children. My nightmares are bad enough without your death on my conscious. Your journey ends here!"

Ukyo Tachibana

Ukyo: "Why do you stand in my way? I can tell you want to fight... but why are you in such a hurry to die?"
Haohmaru: "Isn't it obvious? I aim to become the greatest warrior in the land. If you, too are a samurai who walks the path of the sword, then draw it now, and prepare to die with honor!"

Win Quote (Story Mode)

  • "It looks like victory is mine, Genjuro. I'll take my leave. It's time to end this evil at the source." (vs. Genjuro)

Quote vs. Shizuka

  • "So this is the source of the evil! Now there's an enemy worth fighting. Here I come!"

End Quotes (Story Mode)

  • "My quest will not end until I have perfected the way of the sword. I shall claim the title of the greatest warrior in the land."
  • "I look forward to seeing what kind of worthy challengers I may face!"
  • "You live by the sword, you die by the sword. That's the path I've chosen myself."
  • "This has been a most interesting journey. For my next adventure, perhaps I should see what awaits me beyond the seas."

SNK vs Capcom: Match of the Millennium

Pre-fight Quotes

  • "I'm so pumped!"
  • "Hello, Honey!" (vs  Nakoruru)
  • "You're huge!" (vs. Zangief)

Round Win Quotes

  • "All right!"
  • "I'm too much!"

Win Quotes

  • "HAOHMARU the invincible wins!"
  • "Stop moping! You're alive!"
  • "I just love a good battle!"
  • "Nothing like a post-combat shot!"

Capcom vs. SNK 2

In Battle

Japanese English translation Occurs when/during
Nakoruru/Hibiki Takane "Sonnamon furimawashitetto, kega suru da ze!" "Wielding such thing, you will get hurt!" Intro
Akuma "Omoshiroi, Oni to tatakai iko ka!" "Interesting, I will battle a demon!" Intro
"Saate, boshi iko ka!" "Well, let's write your epitaph!" Intro
"Iza, Jinjou ni shobu!" "Now, let's have a fair and square fight!" Intro
"Doushita doshita?" "What's wrong?" Taunt
"Atama kita ze! Koredemo kurai na!" "I'm fired up! Eat this!"

Before Finals

  • "The next fight is the last?! Mmm...I can hardly wait!"

Win Quotes

  • "When? Where? How? WHY? Humph! Who cares! Let's fight!"
  • "You've got to fight, for the right, to live!"
  • "Warriors have gathered from all over the world!"
  • "Usssssssyaaaaaaaaaa!! I won!!"
  • "Enjoy yourself in the afterlife!"
  • "Listen up... I'm the strongest man in the universe!"
  • "Nobody who dares to face me lives for very long!"
  • "Don't you want to be a stain on my sword? Ha ha ha!"

Neo Geo Battle Coliseum

In Battle

Japanese English translation Occurs when/during
Genjuro "Saate, boshi iko ka!" "Well, let's write your epitaph!" Intro
Shiki やりにくい相手だぜ "Yarinikui aite daze" "This is going to be difficult" Intro

Win Quotes

  • "I am the peerless hero Haohmaru! Hear me from afar; see me near. ...Even I don’t get what I said."
  • "How many victims do you make? The way of the samurai is harsh; you don’t get many karma points."
  • "You've seen my swordplay. True, I did win. But I feel so cheap."
  • "No weapon? Tough luck! That's the samurai way!"
  • "Well, I guess that's that. No second chances!" (Hidden)
  • "After such effort, what have you gained? Nothing." (Hidden)
  • "Can't you do better?" (Hidden)
  • "Truly, your finest work! Still not enough though." (Hidden)
  • "Wait for me in hell, Genjuro. But you're not fit to be Charon's rudder boy!" (vs. Genjuro)
  • "Did you say, Hanzo...? The one and only Hanzo? You don't live up to your spin!" (vs. Hanzo)
  • "Tradition's a heavy load. One I'll never bear." (vs. Mr. Karate II)
  • "So you're from Hiroshima? Your accent gave you away." (Vs. Yuki)
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