Goodman is the main antagonist in Neo Geo Battle Coliseum

He is voiced by Jouji Nakata.


In the world of Neo Geo, a corporation named WAREZ secretly plots to conquer all that is. Goodman is the president of this company, and the one who developed this scheme. He knows that in the world of Neo Geo there are several powerful fighters that could put an end to his ambitions, so he sponsors a tournament to eliminate this threat. He creates Mizuchi, a clone of the deity Orochi, and allies himself with the alien Neo Dio and King Leo.


Goodman is a calm, but ambitious man. He is powerful and just like any powerful person, he wants more power. To get it, Goodman will do anything he can.


  • Create Fire Whip - Goodman can create a whip made of fire from thin air. He uses it as a weapon.
  • Energy Shield - Goodman can create a shield made of golden energy.
  • Control Saru Ou - Goodman can control an entity named Saru Ou (Monkey King). Saru Ou is a spirit entirely composed of purple flames. It has a face that resembles a monkey (it was actually taken from Ryu's Makai Spell sprite in SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos and a body of fire). Goodman can make the creature jump towards the enemy and burn him with it.
  • Power Up - When at full power, Goodman can summon an energy aura which boosts both his and Saru Ou's capabillities for a duration.

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Goodman relies much on Saru Ou. With it he can create several traps against the player. He doesn't have a crouching sprite, and he can't jump either.


  • Hell or Heaven ~ Goodman - Neo Geo Battle Coliseum

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