Gongsun Li (Chinese:公孙离; Japanese:コウソンリ?) is a free DLC guest character from Tencent's Honor of Kings who appears in Samurai Shodown (2019). She is voiced by Kana Ichinose.


To reasons unknown to anyone but herself, a dancer from a faraway land makes her voyage to Japan.

It is said her performance has the power to entrance and uplift the masses.

But few suspect her actual motives, which are to gather evidence against those who’s misdeeds towards the public have been kept a secret.

To the dancer, allowing ones to steal away others’ happiness is a grave sin, and she will stop at nothing for the betterment of the people.


  • Fire Projectiles - Gongsun Li can throw fire in her opponents.
  • Teleportation - Gongsun Li can disappear in an aura of light and reappear in another location, depending on where she throws her umbrella.
  • Wind Manipulation - Gongsun Li can create a hurricane against her opponents.


  • Dreams of Phantasia - Samurai Shodown (2019)

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  • Unlike the other characters of the game, Gongsun Li is the only character who can execute her Special Move without her weapon. But, like the other characters, she needs her umbrella to execute her Weapon Flipping and Rage Quit Moves.


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