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God Rugal (ゴッド・ルガール), known as Ultimate Rugal in the American versions, is one of the final bosses that appears in Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium 2001. Essentially, this version of Rugal Bernstein combines his Orochi power with Akuma's Satsui no Hado.

He is voiced by Toshimitsu Arai.


After he defeats Akuma in the tournament finals, Rugal gains control of his enemy's power, mixing it with his own and altering his appearance heavily (to the point of even restoring his lost eye). Invigorated from his win, he decides to test his new found strength on the winners of the tournament and by burning up Osaka. If the player defeats him, Rugal will be overwhelmed by the Hado power, which creates an entirely new entity (or he may had merged with Shin Akuma). It leaves after declaring its existence in the world.


He prides himself on becoming the "ultimate being". Other than that, his personality is the same as before.


  • Gather Energy - Rugal can channel energy from Gaia and from other sources.
  • Sense - Rugal can sense the chi energy of people nearby.
  • Energy Projectile - Rugal can fire Geese Howard's Reppuuken and Wolfgang Krauser's Kaiser Wave.
  • Energy Reflector - Rugal can create a shield of energy that reflects projectiles.
  • Slashing Hands - Rugal can make his hands become like knives.
  • Slashing Aura - Rugal can create an aura of cutting energy around his legs, making them behave like knives. Unlike his normal form, this form turns the energy color from red to purple.
  • Orochi Energy - Rugal can inject his opponents with Orochi energy which explodes soon after.
  • Satsui no Hado - With the Satsui no Hado, Rugal has also gained these powers:
    • Teleport - Rugal can shift short distances, ghosting images of himself along the way.
    • Shun Goku Satsu - Rugal can perform his own version, although not too different from Akuma or Evil Ryu's versions of this deadly technique.

Fighting Style

He gains more speed and a higher priority with his attacks, but his playable version has a notable downgrade in durability. He also gains the Rugal Execution, a DM-turned-into-special move that was originally from his Omega form in KOF '98, and also from '98 he has the "Dark Genocide" version of the Genocide Cutter.

Aside from that, his fighting style remains mostly unchanged, though he does gain Akuma's techniques, being the Shun Goku Satsu (Blinking Prison Killer; dubbed as Last Judgment) and Ashura Senkuu (Asura Flashing Air; dubbed as God Lane), as well as another new level 3 super combo known as G.End, being a stronger version of his original Rugal Execution and has an animation reminiscent of his arcade mode battle intro.


  • The Lord God (The Lord Ultimate) - Capcom vs. SNK 2

Game Appearances


SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters' Clash 2 Expand Edition


Capcom vs. SNK 2: Mark of the Millennium 2001

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  • God Rugal and Saiki are the only bosses of the series (sub or final) with two or more versions of their persona. The personas of both characters can be coexisiting in the same game (KOF XIII and KOF '98 [and its remake], respectively). However, unlike Rugal, Saiki's versions can coexist canonically.


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