Geon (ジオン) is a character from SNK's fighting/wrestling game series King of the Monsters. He is a likely homage to the famous kaiju hero Godzilla.


Geon was a remnant of the Cretaceous Dinosaur period who slept deep within the Earth's crust. Once the weather became erratic and bizarre, he awoke and rose from the depths of Russian soil.


Geon is a cruel monster with an endless appetite.


  • Fire-breathing - Geon can shoot spurts of fire, in which he can also increase the power of said fire blasts from the small spheres of flame, unleashing giant fireballs half the size of Geon himself.

Fighting Style

Geon is a monster that uses all of his natural weapons, such as his claws, spikes, fangs and tail. He is considered to be one of the easiest monsters to play in the game.

Game Appearances

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Geon 2


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