Geese Howard


Nightmare Geese

Here is the list of quotes for Geese Howard and Nightmare Geese.

In Battle

Japanese (Kanji/Kana) Romanized Japanese (Romaji) English Translation Notes
You! ...Heh heh. Intro ('96, '98 UM), Taunt (Fatal Fury 3, Real Bout Fatal Fury)
I'll stain my hands... with your blood.Intro (CVS and CVS2)
You cannot escape from death. Intro (CVS, CVS2 and NGBC)
You repulse me!Intro (SVC Chaos, 2002, 2002 UM)
烈風拳!Reppūken! (spoken)Gale Fist!
ダブル烈風拳!Double Reppūken! (spoken) Double Gale Fist!
疾風拳!Shippūken! (spoken)Swift Wind Fist!
ダブル疾風拳!Double Shippūken! (spoken)Double Swift Wind Fist!
邪影拳!Ja'ei Ken! (spoken)Dark Spirit Fist!
Predictable!Using Ateminage/Atemi-Uchi
Perceptible!Using Ateminage/Atemi-Uchi
Pathetic!Using Ateminage/Atemi-Uchi
DIE FOREVER!Using Raimeigōha Nage (Fatal Fury and KOF series)
Heh, die... Forever!Using Raimeigōha Nage (SVC Chaos, 2002, 2002 UM)
Nice try...Using Jōdan Ateminage/Atemi-Uchi (RBFFS, RBFF2, RBFFS DM, 98 UM, SVC Chaos, 2002, 2002 UM)
Good day!Using Chūdan Ateminage/Atemi-Uchi (RBFFS, RBFF2, RBFFS DM, SVC Chaos, 2002, 2002 UM)
デッドリーレイブ!DEDORĪ REIBU!DEADLY RAVE! (spoken)
雷轟烈風拳!Raigō Reppūken! (spoken)Thunderbolt Gale Fist!
Let's boogie-woogie. (misspoken as "Let's boogie-doodie.")Taunt (Real Bout 2)
カモン!Kamon!C'mon! (spoken)Victory (Fatal Fury 3, Real Bout Fatal Fury)/Taunt ('96, '98 UM, 2002, 2002 UM, SVC Chaos)/Intro (XIV)
Come on, yellow belly!Taunt (Art of Fighting 2)
Die, yabo!Victory (Art of Fighting 2,CVS, and CVS2)
You're not worth my disgust! Victory (2002, 2002 UM, SVC Chaos)
Hah! Waste of time! Victory (2002, 2002 UM, SVC Chaos)
  • "Stand up!"
  • "You loser."
  • "What's wrong?"
  • "You dare to take 'em on?"
  • "What a waste of time!"
  • "Get lost, loser!"
  • "You are weak!"
  • "Too easy!"
  • "Too slow!"
  • "Useless...DIE!"
  • "Impossible..."
  • "Goddamn!"
  • "Come on!"
  • "Come on, young boy!"
  • "See you in your nightmare!"
  • "Unacceptable!"
  • "Got you!"

Fatal Fury

Cutscenes (Terry Bogard)

After Terry wins the first match

Geese: "He looks very strong."

After Terry wins the second match

Geese: "That guy seems to be in a good condition! But that will end on the next match!!"

After Terry wins the third match

Geese: "Hey! Get the information from him!"

After Terry wins the fourth match

Geese: "Terry Bogard!! I didn't know Bogard had a son!!"

After Terry wins the fifth match

Geese: "Wow, who will fight against him next?"
Agent: "Yeah, Raiden will!"
Geese: "I will never lose!!"
Agent: "Yes, sir!!"

After Terry wins the sixth match

Geese: "I will never forgive you!! You disrupt my plan of attack. I'll beat you like your father 10 years ago!"

Pre-Final Battle

Geese: "Holy cow! You disturbed my plan again!"
Terry: "Damn it, I've been looking for you! I'll now take revenge for my father's death!"
Geese: "Stupid boy! How about a man to man fight to the death! I cannot lose."

Cutscenes (Andy Bogard)

After Andy wins the first match

Geese: "You use some funny tricks."

After Andy wins the second match

Geese: "He is doing well, but he can't use that weird kung-fu on the next match."

After Andy wins the third match

Geese: "Hey! Get the information from him!"

After Andy wins the fourth match

Geese: "Andy Bogard!! Did Bogard have two sons?!"

After Andy wins the fifth match

Geese: "Wow, who will fight against him next?"
Agent: "Yeah, Raiden will!"
Geese: "I will never lose!!"
Agent: "Yes, sir!!"

After Andy wins the sixth match

Geese: "I will never forgive you!! You disrupt my plan of attack. I'll beat you like your father 10 years ago!"

Pre-Final Battle

Geese: "Holy cow! You disturbed my plan again!"
Andy: "Damn it, I've been looking for you! I'll now take revenge for my father's death!"
Geese: "Stupid boy! How about a man to man fight to the death! I cannot lose."

Cutscenes (Joe Higashi)

After Joe wins the first match

Geese: "Mummm, Thai Boxing... Looks interesting."

After Joe wins the second match

Geese: "He is strong, but he can't win against the next guy even he uses his Thai style boxing."

After Joe wins the third match

Geese: "Hey! Get the information from him!"

After Joe wins the fourth match

Geese: "Joe Higashi? I wonder if Joe is Hurricane upper Joe!!"

After Joe wins the fifth match

Geese: "Wow, who will fight against him next?"
Agent: "Yeah, Raiden will!"
Geese: "I will never lose!!"
Agent: "Yes, sir!!"

After Joe wins the sixth match

Geese: "I will never forgive you!! You disrupt my plan of attack. Your efforts will end now!! I'll beat you with my bare hands!"

Pre-Final Battle

Geese: "Holy cow! You disturbed my plan again!"
Joe: "He's a big man! You used to be the best fighter in the world, but now I'll be number one!"
Geese: "Stupid boy! How about a man to man fight to the death! I cannot lose."

Fatal Fury Special

Pre-Fight Quotes

  • "The immortal Geese is about to show you to a very hot place, indeed."
  • "Show me how strong you have become. Start whenever you're ready. C'mon." (vs. Billy)
  • "Wah, hah, hah. Not satisfied until you have what you want." (vs. Krauser)
  • "Die like your father, you pin-headed son of an ice cream maker!" (vs. Terry/Andy)
  • "Coming up against me takes guts. I like guts--with catsup." (vs. Himself)

Win Quotes

  • "Scum should know its place."
  • "You fight like a milkmaid. Butch up." (vs. Billy)
  • "If you always fight like that, you'll never get anywhere. Geez!" (vs. Terry/Andy/Krauser)


Geese: "Over so soon? Geez!"

Fatal Fury 3

Pre-Battle Dialogue

  • "Heh, heh. It's time I pay you back for the boot out the window, Andy baby!" (vs. Andy)
  • "So you're Richard's prodigy? Don't get any illusions about winning with that Cooperia." (vs. Bob)
  • "Heh, heh. The king of kick seems to be just the king of wieners. Come on, wimp!" (vs. Franco)
  • "Ha...what is this bozo?" (vs. Himself)
  • "Hong Kong police? That explains it. Usually cops don't use that flippant tone with me." (vs. Hon Fu)
  • "Young kinds like you are always a treat. Especially with the right sauce." (vs. Joe)
  • "Even if you are a woman ~and a fine specimen at that~, I can't forgive my enemies!" (vs. Mai)
  • "Come, my dear, you must know the legendary Geese Howard, the disciple of your Ancestors!" (vs. Mary)
  • "The famous demon fighter, Mochizuki. See if you can use your powers on me!" (vs. Sokaku)
  • "Heh, heh. It's time I pay you back for the boot out the window, Terry baby!" (vs. Terry)

Pre-Battle vs. Jin Chonshu

Geese: "Why if it isn't the king of weasels. And just the right size, too."
Chonshu: "So you're Geese Howard? The pleasure is all mine. Call me, Jin. Jin Chon Shu. I like this town and plan to make it mine. Any objections? As you know, the scrolls you hold are the property of my ancestors. Return them, now. Oh come, Geese. Don't play the fool, even if you do it so well, hand them over. Your battles with Tung and Krauser led you to our secret. Now come."

Pre-Battle vs. Jin Chonrei

Chonrei: "What...? Little Brother...? My cute, cherubic little brother... You'll never leave here alive, mousse head!"

Win Quotes

  • "Good match, pal. Not!"
  • "You've gotten stronger, but you're still no match for me, Andy. Hang it up!" (vs. Andy)
  • "This town is nothing without the presence of yours truly." (vs. Bob)
  • "Yamazaki. Don't ever enter my town again without my express written permission!" (vs. Franco)
  • "There's only room for one power-mad maniac in this town, melonhead!" (vs. Himself)
  • "No two-bit Hong Kong cop is going to ruin my plans!" (vs. Hon Fu)
  • "Oooh, you were as strong as my pain reliever. Oh, my sinuses are killing me." (vs. Joe)
  • "Tell the Bogards and their brief-wearing friend that Geese is here to stay!" (vs. Mai)
  • "Don't call me pansy again, bimbo! Now leave my town!" (vs. Mary)
  • "So this is the level of the Mochizukis? Sad. So very, very sad." (vs. Sokaku)
  • "Hey, I've been waiting to meet up with you. Just wait until I regenerate. See ya!" (vs. Terry)

After defeating Yamazaki

Yamazaki: "It's just like you, Geese. Never one to be truly out of the picture."
Geese: "Shut up and get back here, pansy! That weasel. I'm gonna decorate my study with his hide!"

After defeating Yamazaki again

Geese: "What? Over so soon? I'm not even warmed up. What a joke!"
Yamazaki: "Delta Park! There in Delta P,P,Park. But give it up, Mochizuki, you can't win!"
(Yamazaki loses consciousness)
(Somewhere in Delta Park)
?: "The Sultan of Southtown, Geese Howard. Back from the dead, huh?"
Geese: "W-what...?"


The blood of the Jins is the blood of death. It could only, in the end, conclude this way. January 21, 1995. Geese Howard defeats the Jins and conquers the world. The delusions of the Jins were just that. Immortality...the last refuge of corruption!"
Geese: "Whoa! Do I feel good! Billy, gather our thugs and let's have some fun!"

Real Bout Fatal Fury

In Battle

Japanese English Translation Occurs when/during
待っていたぞ! Matteita zo!"I've been waiting!" Intro vs. Terry or Andy

Win Quotes

  • "Bogard, you were even weaker than I imagined!" (vs. Andy)
  • "Billy, hit the showers. What a loser!" (vs. Billy)
  • "Capoeira? That's just for big loser wimps like you!" (vs. Bob)
  • "So this is the scroll's power. Nothing but nonsense." (vs. Chonrei)
  • "Yet another rat to rub out!" (vs. Chonshu)
  • "I bet you're just a wimp, too." (vs. Duck King)
  • "How 'bout using your strength for me, for evil!" (vs. Franco)
  • "And don't let me see you again! You silly little wannabe!" (vs. Himself)
  • "I don't care if you're a cop. A weenie is still a weenie!" (Vs. Hon Fu)
  • "Hey, we've battled before. Maybe not. Wa, hah, hah! " (vs. Joe)
  • "You were adequate. But no match for me." (vs. Kim)
  • "Take up knitting, weenie!" (vs. Mai)
  • "Your ancestors were strong... So, what's your problem?" (vs. Mary)
  • "Hmm. That was interesting. Laugh, clown, laugh." (vs. Sokaku)
  • "That's all you've got? Geez!" (vs. Terry)
  • "Another rat for extermination." (vs. Yamazaki)

Pre-Final Battle Dialogue

Geese 1: "My warm up's over... I'm coming for you, Shadow."
Geese 2: "Heh, heh, heh. S, s, you're here, G, g, g...Geese. G, g, g...good!"

Real Bout Fatal Fury Special

In Battle

English Occurs when/During
"My fists felt bleeding throughout..." Boss Intro
"I've been waiting for you!" Non-boss intro vs. Terry, Andy or Krauser


  • Geese: "Billy, I leave everything to you."
  • Billy: "But, Geese, where will you go?"
  • Geese: "Hmmph. Later, Billy."

Win Quotes

  • "I'm invincible!
  • "Relax, soon you will feel no pain!" (vs. Andy)
  • "You're still just a punching bag!" (vs. Billy)
  • "You'll make a good warm-up, boy!" (vs. Chonrei/Chonshu)
  • "I'll show you Hades' depths!" (Vs. Himself)
  • "Buzz off, ape!" (vs. Joe)
  • "Show me your Imperial power!" (vs. Krauser)
  • "You've made a big mistake, pal." (vs. Laurence)
  • "You'll get no mercy from me!" (vs. Mai/Mary)
  • "You dare sneer at me directly?!" (vs. Terry)
  • "I'll give you a break, geezer!" (vs. Tung)
  • "Scum like you is no match for me!" (vs. Yamazaki)

Real Bout Fatal Fury 2

Win Quotes

  • "It's your choice: Slavery, or... death!"
  • "Quite an honor, bud. To die by the Geesester."
  • "Time to meet your Pop. We won't meet again!" (vs. Terry/Andy)

The King of Fighters '96

Win Quotes

  • "Hmph! I'll break anyone who blocks my way to world conquest!"
  • "How's it feel like to be ruled by overwhelming power?"
  • "Want the power to live again? Sorry, your time has run out!"
  • "How does it feel to be ruled by ultimate power! Be afraid - very afraid!" (Game Boy)

The King of Fighters '98: Ultimate Match

Win Quote

  • "Hmm, try to defeat me with such a poor street performance?"

The King of Fighters 2002

Win Quotes

  • "Choose. Live as my slave, or die as a true warrior."
  • "I like you! Starting tomorrow, I'll use you in my organization!"
  • "I'll give you 10 seconds. Enough time for a last prayer to your god."
  • "Pathetic loser! I'm going to toss you off the top of Geese Tower!"
  • "So you accept my dominance? Then know the joy of subservience."
  • "Surrender, submit, or give up? Select the one you prefer."
  • "To oppose one so out of your league. You truly are a fool!"
  • "What terrified eyes you have... Can't you even look me in the eye?!"
  • "You have now been branded a loser. You'll bear it as long as you live!"
  • "The Bogard name's gone. You disgrace your adopted dad's name!" (vs. Andy)
  • "A job well done. You provided suitable entertainment." (vs. Billy)
  • "Hmph. How amusing. You can be my double." (vs. Himself)
  • "Can that be all you have? Where's your messiah now?!" (vs. Goenitz)
  • "A fool who can't use his power. You're nothing but a loser!" (vs. Orochi Iori)
  • "You, Sakazaki pup... You're 20 years too early." (vs. Ryo)
  • "Your age is over, gramps. Old soldiers should just fade away!" (vs. Takuma)
  • "Some lone wolf you are. You're just a toothless, mangy mutt!" (vs. Terry)

The King of Fighters XI

Win Quotes

  • "Come on, I'm allowing you to fight ME. Make it interesting, will you?!"
  • "Did you think YOU could defeat Geese Howard?!"
  • "Humans are captivated by absolute power. That is the power I, Geese Howard, hold!"
  • "I'll show you what it means to cross Geese Howard. I'll carve it right into that body of yours..."
  • "It's a sin that you don't know your place in this world. You should learn your limits!"
  • "Small fry... You weren't even worth fighting!"
  • "Understand? This is the power of a ruler..."
  • "You fight well for a chump, but you should know there's a wall that you just can't pass!"
  • "Hmm. Your power... It's very intriguing." (Vs. Ash)
  • "You lose and yet you still have defiant eyes. ...You really don't know the limits of your power." (Vs. Gato)
  • "What are you snooping around for? Wag your tail for your master, like the dog you are!" (Vs. Mary)
  • "Hmm, what's wrong? You look surprised. Fool... I told you I was immortal!!" (Vs. Terry)

The King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match

Win Quote

  • "You think you can beat me? That is so unfunny."

The King of Fighters XIV

Pre-Battle Dialogue

Andy Bogard

Andy: "Geese Howard, the epitome of evil! I will prevail!"
Geese: "Hah, I can see right through your moves. All your struggles are in vain.
Andy: "You sure about that?"
Geese: "Oh... So you still have some tricks up your sleeve? This is gonna be fun."
Andy: "Let's do this!"

Ryo Sakazaki

Ryo: "Geese... My spirit will never give in to a villain like you. It's the essence of Kyokugenryu Karate!"
Geese: "Then show me that spirit of yours, just like you did the last time."
Ryo: "Exactly! I'll hit you with all my spirit's strength!"
Geese: "Come at me then, "Invincible Dragon." I'll make this the last day for Kyokugenryu."

Terry Bogard

Geese: "Terry Bogard? ...Someone with some backbone, finally."
Terry: "Geese! I'm gonna beat you and chase you out of South Town!"
Geese: "Gonna go back to the chaos of the slums? The Legendary Hungry Wolf."
Terry: "Sounds as though you're saying the city's prosperity is due to you. I'll settle this by tearing you to pieces."
Geese: "But... it's the truth."

Win Quotes

Generic Win Quotes

  • "I wasn't too serious there, but it was pretty fun."
  • "Ohohoho..."
  • "You must feel it by now. You are powerless in the face of my overwhelming strength!"
  • "Drawing out my power this much... I commend you."
  • "Standing against me... Foolish."
  • "You, a top class fighter...? Absurd!"
  • "That wasn't enjoyable... Are all the people in this competition gonna be little runts like this?"
  • "Heh, good riddance..."
  • "Yes, give in to your fears!"
  • "I have wandered the abyss of death. You can never match my strength."
  • "If you want to beat me, come at me as though you're ready to die!"
  • "You're trembling. Are you cowering in fear?"
  • "I can't believe that you had so much strength... My heart is pounding with joy."
  • "Seems I was too presumptuous about you! I'll re-evaluate my senses."
  • "I like that strength... Come over to my side."
  • "Over already...? I expected more strength out of you."
  • "Your fighting spirit still hasn't gone out? Shall I go ahead and take your life, then?"
  • "Yes, give in to your fears!"
  • "That was a perfect warmup! Time for the next fight."
  • "Small fry should stay out of the way!"
  • "You fight well! It's been a long time since my blood boiled in a fight."
  • "I've no interest in losers. Stand up and get out of here immediately."
  • "I'm the one pulling all the strings."
  • "Choose your opponents. You can't beat me."
  • "It seems you've got some moves, but not enough to satisfy me."
  • "Tremble and kneel before my absolute power!"

Specific Win Quotes

  • "Soon I'll take care of your brother, too." (vs. Andy)
  • "Still not there yet, Billy! Toughen up, and watch my back." (vs. Billy)
  • "I'll let you live if you join my syndicate... How's that sound?" (vs. Heidern)
  • "I don't mind those glaring eyes. Come at me whenever you see an opening." (vs. Hein)
  • "That bloodlust, it feels nice... Show me more of that madness of yours." (vs. Iori)
  • "World peace, is it... ? Ahahaha! If this is how you fight, you've got quite a big mouth." (vs. Kensou)
  • "Hmph... Will you follow your justice to your death? If so, then this'll make a suitable burial." (vs. Kim)
  • "Mr. Big's former servant... I've no interest in you." (vs. King)
  • "Those are some pretty interesting stunts, Sandman... It made for fun entertainment." (vs. Kukri)
  • "Kusanagi's power is truly magnificent. But you're like a battered old toy!" (vs. Kyo)
  • "Hmph... So you can't let out those hidden powers of yours." (vs. Leona)
  • "Trying to get revenge at your skill level... Too funny." (vs. Mary)
  • "Resistance is futile! Darkness can never be extinguished." (vs. Maxima)
  • "Just when I thought you were a naive little girl, you turn out to be some sort of man-eating monster." (vs. Nakoruru)
  • "Your ignorance is ridiculous. Hohohoho... Take good care of that prosthetic arm, boy." (vs. Nelson)
  • "Foolish boy, did you think you could confuse me with all those cunning movements?" (vs. Ramon)
  • "So this is it? ...Kyokugen style's gone to hell." (vs. Ryo)
  • "Very interesting. Fine, I'll let you live out of respect of your strength." (vs. Shun'ei)
  • "Sink into the darkness of South Town... Terry Bogard." (vs. Terry)
  • "I'm grateful to you, master! 'Cause you gave me, Geese Howard, strength!" (vs. Tung)
  • "You're far from the power recorded in the secret scrolls... Put your life on the line and show me your strength!" (vs. Verse)
  • "This swindler thinks he can rule the world with his charm...? Idiotic." (vs. Xanadu)
  • "A common rat like you, taking up my time!" (vs. Yamazaki)

The King of Fighters EX

Win Quotes

  • "What a waste of time. I am not amused."
  • "What humbug! You wasted my time!"

Ending Quote

  • "That was one gnarly situation. Fighting with yourself's a drag!"

Capcom vs. SNK

Before Fight

  • "You show promise. The audience will be pleased. But... The audience means nothing to me. The best of the best is all that matters!" (Round 1)
  • "Finally, I get to meet the great and powerful M. Bison, leader of "Shadaloo". Now let's see just how strong your famous Psycho Power is... Do not disappoint me!" (Round 1, Vs. M. Bison)
  • "... You went too far this time! I underestimated you a bit... But now I know! You are dead meat this time!" (Round 2)

After Fight

  • "Huh...?! You are weak and stupid! You beat me, but you won't finish me off?! This is the "code" of the street fighters? How touching... But!!" (Geese lets himself fall from the building) "Hahhahhahhahhaha!!! I will never accept that! Next time we meet... I will...! Hahhahhahhahhaha..."

Ending Quote

  • "This was all too easy!"

Capcom vs. SNK 2

Before Finals

  • "I will not lose. Not while there is so much to gain!"

Win Quotes

  • "Another insignificant bug that needed to be stepped on..."
  • "Everyone must suffer!!"
  • "How dare you even think that you are on my level of skill! Now suffer!!"
  • "Not bad... You could work for me if you could stand up!"
  • "Oh, are you begging me for your life? Too little, and much too late!"
  • "Pride means nothing to one such as I..."
  • "Yabo!!"
  • "You don't have the courage to challenge me again, do you? Ha ha ha!"

SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos

Pre-Battle Dialogue


Geese: "The murder wave... What nonsense!"
Akuma: "Destroy!"
Geese: "The folly of the weak! A revery of wimps. For I, Geese Howard, do not need a fortress to protect me."


Geese: "...Where am I?"
Athena: "Huh? Another human?"
Geese: "Honey, where am I?"
Athena: "Such insolence! I will have to teach you some manners!"


Balrog: "Wait. You're Geese, huh? You have a great rep for being one evil dude, eh?"
Geese: "Get lost, punk. I've nothing to say to you."
Balrog: "You might after I pummel you into goo. Gah-ha-ha-ha!"
Geese: "Oh, brother... Why do I have to waste my time on this clown? I should've brought Billy along with me."

Choi Bounge

Choi: "Evil is my enemy! Just kidding, buddy boy!"
Geese: "Hmph."
Choi: "Why you! You got me riled up now!"


Geese: "Oh, no. You're a cop. Silly Interpol fool. Would she dare?"
Chun-Li: "Of course I would, Geese Howard. Come quietly!"
Geese: "...Come quietly? Ha! Me? Geese Howard? Know your place, cop! What can you do to stop me?"
Chun-Li: "Silence! You're busted! Interpol's reputation is at stake, after all!"

Dan Hibiki

Dan: "Oh, ho! Geese Howard! We gotta have a bout!"
Geese: "Another small fry..."
Dan: "Here I come! Hyah-ho!"

Demitri Maximoff

Demitri: "You don't desire eternal life and supernatural powers? Become my servant, and you shall have it!"
Geese: "What creature are you...? Speaking of me being your servant's priceless!"
Demitri: "It's a once in a death time chance, you know. Why just be a mortal?"


Dhalsim: "I sense evil!"
Geese: "If I'm evil, then everyone is. Wah ha ha!"
Dhalsim: "I believe that I can cleanse your heart!"


Earthquake: "Snort. Snort. I'll do away with you then the gold's mine!"
Geese: "Hmph! It's a plan! Put 'em up!"

Genjuro Kibagami

Genjuro: "I destroy all who stand in my way!"
Geese: "Oh, the samurai! It's an honor to meet the real thing."
Genjuro: "We'll see how long you'll think so."
Geese: "Heh, heh, heh. You'll need more than a sword!"


Geese: "The supreme Orochi... I'll have you tell me the secrets of Orochi!"
Goenitz: "It's no use. ...A mediocrity like couldn't grasp it."
Geese: "I, Geese Howard, a mediocrity, am I. Judge for yourself!"
Goenitz: "I pity you..."


Guile: "? You! Why you're Geese Howard!"
Geese: "Hmm. I guess I'm famous!"
Guile: "Why are you here...? Plan to join Shadawloo and enlarge the organization?"
Geese: "What the...? Somebody's misinformed."
Guile: "Well, if you don't want to tell me, fine. Just one more reason to smack you around!"
Geese: "That's why I love messing with soldiers! And just how will you achieve such an impossible goal?"
Guile: "Like this!"


Geese 2: "You can't be me just by dressing up. Your docility's showing."
Geese 1: "You're a disgrace. Buzz off, fly!"
Geese 2: "I'll crush you!"

Honki ni Natta Mr. Karate

Mr. Karate: "Who would've thought that young punk would be what he is today?"
Geese: "I know you! Takuma Sakazaki!"
Mr. Karate: "Don't you think you've gone a little over the top, Geese. Huh?"
Geese: "Hmph! I'm not the kid I used to be!"


Poison: "Very nice. What a distinctive look! Hey, bud, ever want to be scouted by the pros?"
Geese: "Heh, heh. I'm expensive."
Poison: "Right to the point. I like that. So, how much are you asking for?"
Geese: "Hmm. Let me think... The entire world and your freedom will do."
Poison: "Whew! That's steep! ...Hugo! Make sure you get the change. And a receipt, too. Don't forget that!"
Hugo: "You look tough. But Pro Wrestling's pure kraft, uh, strength. And I'm strongest."

Iori Yagami

Geese: "The Orochi Power... I still crave it!"
Iori: "Do not seek that which you can't control..."
Geese: "I have always got what I have wanted and I will the Orochi power too!"
Iori: "Your foolish pride... shall bring you death!"

Kasumi Todoh

Kasumi: "I am Kasumi, daughter of Ryuhaku Todoh. Defend yourself, Geese!"
Geese: "Hmph. I've met this daughter of a fly before..."
Kasumi: "My father's been here? Am I a tough enough martial artist yet? But I must not show my achilles' heel in front of my enemy!"
Geese: "You're a spunky one. Ok. I'll oblige you. Bring it on, fly!"

Ken Masters

Ken: "Huh? You... I can tell you are one wicked dude!"
Geese: "Kiddo, if you want to die, try someone else."
Ken: "They turned me down. You're the only one who looked promising. Geese."
Geese: "Oh, so you've heard of Geese Howard, have you? Very well. I'll kill some time...and you, too."

Kim Kaphwan

Kim: "I cannot leave one who is so possessed of evil..."
Geese: "Another pest..."
Kim: "You'll regret that snotty remark!"
Geese: "Hmph!"

Kyo Kusanagi

Geese: "Come on, Kusanagi! Show me your stuff!"
Kyo: "Hmph. Very well... Let's do it, chump!"

M. Bison

Geese: "Well, well. The leader of Shadawloo. So you're Bison?"
Bison: "...Geese Howard, is it? What brings you here?"
Geese: "You can't control the world, but I can. So... Now you can die happy."
Bison: "Foo ha ha! How amusing."

Mai Shiranui

Mai: "Geese! Yikes! A ghost!"
Geese: "Oh, Bogard's lady!"
Mai: "I'll exorcise you!"

Mars People

Mars People: "Beep boop boop bop!"
Geese: "...?!"
Mars People: "Beep boop!"

Mr. Karate

Geese: "What's with that ridiculous mask? Insulting me, Sakazaki?"
Mr. Karate: "Don't know Sakazaki. They call me, Mr. Karate, the Karate Goblin..."
Geese: "Imbecile."
Mr. Karate: "Yeah, but Mr. Karate's no ordinary imbecile... you'll see for yourself!"

Orochi Iori

Geese: "...Consumed by Orochi.
Iori: "Ohh-whoaaaa!"
Geese: "Hmph. Come on!"

Red Arremer

Geese: "Where am I...?"
Red Arremer: "Goo-gyah!"
Geese: "What a wild welcome... A little lacking, but... Hoo, hoo, hoo."
Red Arremer: "Gyah! Gyah!"

Ryo Sakazaki

Ryo: "You villain. I'll pulverize you!"
Geese: "Hmph! You don't think you can beat me, do you?"


Ryu: "Ancient martial arts...?"
Geese: "I'm not sure what it is, but it ain't much."
Ryu: "Let your fist show if "it ain't much.""
Geese: "Hmph. Very well. Taste the strength of I, Geese Howard!"


Geese: "Won't you work for me? I could use someone with your brute power."
Sagat: "I serve only my heart..."
Geese: "Then I'll just have to get your heart to have you work for me."


Geese: "Whoa. It's you. You look like a doll."
Shiki: "...I'll slice you!"
Geese: "A puppet can't kill me. You'll realize that!"
Shiki: "I will... ...slice you..."

Shin Akuma

Geese: "Wh-what's this!"
Akuma: "Destroy!"
Geese: "Hmph! So this is the real murder wave, eh? Bring it on!"

Terry Bogard

Terry: "Geese! You're alive!"
Geese: "Hmph! I'm immortal! Now it's time I even up our accounts."
Terry: "Oh. We'll even things up all right. For good."


Tessa: "Geese Howard... Ruler of Southtown, I presume?"
Geese: "If you want an interview, you'll have to get in touch with my agent."
Tessa: "I don't need comments. I've come for one of your possessions: The secret scrolls of Jin!"
Geese: "Hmph. Disagreeable child. I'm going to swat you."


Geese: "So you're Vega? I've heard of you. Don't you ever think about using your strength for me?"
Vega: "I serve no one! I live for beauty. And may die of it."
Geese: "Pah! ...Very well. You can seek beauty in the hereafter!"
Vega: "Kyoh-hee!"

Violent Ken

Ken: "Geese Howard... Your hide's mine...!"
Geese: "Hmph!"
Ken: "Ooh-whooaaaa!"
Geese: "A prescription for evil sans esthetics...?"


Ciel: "(Zero, beware... I have a bad feeling...)"
Geese: "What's a punk like you doing in this place...?"
Zero: "Hmmm... Not even I know."
Geese: "Foo, ha, ha. Funny! Come on!"

Win Quotes

  • "Humph! I thought as much."
  • "I should show more mercy. Here comes the finisher!"
  • "Now beat it! I've no business with wimps!"
  • "Oh, cursed fate! Must these young punks constantly confound me?!"
  • "The legendary fist of the assassins...? That's it?" (Vs. Ryu/Ken/Akuma)
  • "So where is your brother? I'm gonna do away with all of you Bogards!" (Vs. Terry)


Geese: "Hmph. Even in the Netherworld... It's all recreational pain infliction for me..."
?: "...Geese!"
Billy: "I've come to welcome you back."
Geese: "Hmph. Billy, huh? Sorry to put you out. ...But, before I go home, I've got some business to handle. Billy, Leaper, Hopper huh...? Heh heh heh. Let's go. We're headed... for Thailand."
Geese, leader of Southtown... And now the Shadawloo base. All of his evil designs... Are about to be realized...:
Geese: "Heh, heh. One day the world... will be under my thumb!"

Neo Geo Battle Coliseum

Win Quotes

  • "...How long you gonna nap? Get lost! You pathetic loser!"
  • "I'm sending you to hell. Since I won't be there, you can rest easy, right?"
  • "I've no time for punks like you. Beat it, pond scum!"
  • "Just how much must you disappoint me, Geese Howard, to be satisfied?"
  • "Your era is long over. Don't you know you're just adding to your shame?" (Vs. Mr. Big)
  • "...Just what are you?!" (Vs. Rock)
  • "You blond-haired pansy. You're more a toothless mutt than a mighty lone wolf!" (Vs. Terry)
  • "Not as spry, Master... Given your advanced years, I cut you a little slack." (Vs. Tung)

SNK vs Capcom: Match of the Millennium


  • "You're dust!"
  • "I hate comedy!" (vs. Terry)
  • "I'm the boss!" (vs. M. Bison)

Round Win

  • "...Hmph!"
  • "Wah ha ha!"

Win Quotes

  • "Roll over, dog!"
  • "One leader is enough... Die!" (vs. himself/M. Bison)
  • "...I crave your power!" (vs. Evil Ryu/Orochi Iori)

Tekken 7

  • "Mishima. The world is too big for you to control. Leave it all to me. You can just die." (Character Trailer only)


  • "Bring it on! I’ll destroy you all!" (When fighting in Howard Estate)
  • "Double Reppuu Ken!"
  • "Come on! This must be amusing."
  • "Come on! The Mishima line ends here!" (vs. Kazuya/Heihachi/Kazumi)
  • "Come on! The Kazama line ends here!" (vs. Jin/Asuka)
  • "Come on! Show me that power of yours!" (vs. Devil Jin/Akuma/Eliza/Claudio)

Win Quote

  • "Give in to your fears!"
  • "Stay down, maggot."
  • "Know your place."

Rage Art

  • "Now die."
  • "Rashomon!"
  • "You loser."
  • "Deadly Rave!"
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