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Geegus (ギガス) is a major antagonist in the World Heroes series. It is the boss of the first game and the sub-boss of World Heroes 2. In the game's earlier planning stages, ideas for Geegus being replaced by a female model named Gors were made. However, animation issues eventually led to the further development of another Geegus.

He is voiced by Yoshinori Shima in Neo Geo Heroes: Ultimate Shooting.


Geegus is an artificial polymorphic being from the future, created by a mad scientist named Damned. It is sent to the past multiple times to kill anyone that crosses its way, intending to take over the Earth. After Geegus was defeated, Damned developed a better, stronger version of him, Neo Geegus, and sent it to destroy the World Heroes.


This creature has no personality at all, save for a curious habit of flexing his pectoral muscles when he wins, and a smug look of superiority on his face.


  • Transformation - Due to its physical nature, it can transform into anyone by unknown means, mimicking their appearance, abilities, and powers.
  • His only limitation is he cannot mimic the characters color scheme, instead becoming a monochrome silver version of them.

Fighting Style

He fights by transforming into other heroes. In World Heroes 2, he's a CPU only character, morphing exclusively into a silver version of the six new characters introduced in the game (Shura, Erick, Johnny Maximum, Ryoko Izumo, Captain Kidd and Mudman).

He rarely uses his original form and will try to transform as soon as possible. When he's in his original form, he'll autoguard every attack given; however, chip damage is possible, therefore, it's possible to defeat him while being in his real form. Every time he's knocked down, he'll revert into his original form and immediately change into another character.

In the SNES version of World Heroes 2, he's a playable character, being able to attack without having to morph into someone else first, and by pressing punch and kick together he'll randomly morph into any character of the roster (except Dio). He'll also use a self-destruction special attack that will cause damage to the opponent if caught near the explosion.


  • Space Strongest Man - World Heroes
  • Final Battle Over Earth - World Heroes
  • The Incarnation of a Devil - World Heroes 2
  • Rhythmic Hallucination - Neo Geo Heroes: Ultimate Shooting

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