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Garou Densetsu Special (餓狼伝説 Special) is a Japan-only pachinko-slot game machine and released by SNK Playmore. It's the sequel to Garou Densetsu The Legend of Wild Wolf.


Unlike its predecessor, Terry, Andy, and Joe travel together on-screen during the game's idle scenes. The "Chance" scenes from the first game were also expanded, randomly selecting one of four different sequences to take effect on the game's screen. The four chances are mini-scenarios that help add or subtract extra points from the reel results. Scenes that take place during this time are Blue Mary taking on Yamazaki, a Duck King or Mai roulette stage, or Xiangfei concocting a new recipe. Other times, one of the three heroes will run off and start their own event. Joe's event is an arm wrestling challenge with Hwa Jai or Axel Hawk, Andy will face Laurence Blood in a bull fighting challenge, and Terry has to surpass Tung Fu Rue in a training session.

An extra bonus stage can take place after the Chance events with different effects for each hero. Terry will undergo a battle sequence, Andy and Mai will gain bonuses by dancing, and Joe has his own "Bingo" sequence. To fully finish one of the bonus stages, players have to score a perfect score of 1000, which allows players to play through the game again. Failing to get a perfect score triggers the game's ending sequence and a possible replay sequence. It's also possible to trigger the legendary bonus during these scenes and automatically pass with 2000 points.



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