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Garou Densetsu 15th Anniversary ~Memories of Stray Wolves~ (餓狼伝説 15th Anniversary ~Memories of Stray Wolves~) is a 20 minute, still pictured movie spliced with select game clips, featured on the bonus DVD for the Garou Densetsu 15th Anniversary Box.

It recaps the events of the canonical Fatal Fury games: Fatal Fury, Fatal Fury 2, Fatal Fury 3, and Real Bout Fatal Fury; it is particularly notable for appearances of characters previously missing from the Garou: Mark of the Wolves era.

The illustrations were done by Ogura Eisuke and voices were performed by the game's original voice actors.


The video begins with a brief monologue from Geese Howard. He repeats the words said in the opening of Mark of Wolves, "Only winners live, only the mighty rule".

The scene then shifts to Pao Pao Cafe on a night during the Mark of Wolves' King of Fighters tournament. Rock Howard asks Terry to tell him about his past with Geese Howard. Terry warns Rock that it might not be a story he wants to hear but Rock affirms his request as he never knew how his idol became as powerful as he did. Terry agrees, summarizing in his own words about the death of Jeff Bogard, his childhood, and his first victory over Geese.

He's interrupted by a drunk Duck King who can't believe Terry won by "a coincidence". Terry denies the claim, saying that his fight with Geese was a test to both of their strength. Duck then argues with him, angered how he wasn't mentioned at all in Terry's story. After he passes out, Rock says that the winners had to take on the loser's burdens with Terry agreeing. He then continues his tale, recounting how he had fun during the second King of Fighters tournament by meeting a lot of rivals, and how he eventually beat Wolfgang Krauser. He says that after his loss, Krauser took his own life, unable to live with his failure to topple "the man who defeated Geese".

Richard Meyer steps in, asking what the two are talking about. Terry says that it's an old story and orders another bourbon. Richard tells him that the next match is coming up to which Terry agrees to enter. Rock offers to take his place as he was drinking too much. After Rock leaves, Blue Mary enters and greets Terry. She is concerned about his stern expression and he replies that he was remembering about the time they first met. Here, Mary retells the unexpected "revival" of Geese in Southtown, the nature of the Jin scrolls, as well as her motivations for entering.

Mary stops in her tale and reveals her surprise at Rock being Geese's son. Terry tells her not to bring the subject up to Rock and she agrees to leave before the boy comes back. An excited Rock asks Terry if he saw the match. Terry's confident his student won even if he wasn't watching. Terry continues his tale with Geese's second rise to power, relating that he couldn't understand why he came back. His second climb up Geese Tower wasn't about vengeance for Jeff but to settle things with Geese. He then says that everything from then on is information that Rock already knows.

Rock wonders about his father's ambitions with his mentor not really knowing the exact reasons either. Terry says that the urge to win against Geese is what made him stronger, saying that he probably wouldn't be where he was today otherwise. He simplifies the irony by stating that fists can say more than words can, as he was able to understand Geese's anger only during their last fight. It's late by the time his story is finished so they both decide to get some sleep for the tournament.

The perspective in the video switches to Rock's reaction to Geese's death. Rock says that the only pain he felt at the time was the thought of being truly alone. His monologue continues to summarize his story in Mark of Wolves: his mother's death and life with Terry, his meeting with Kain R. Heinlein, and the revelation of his mother possibly being alive. He isn't sure if he should believe the claim but wants to see the truth with his own eyes, telling Terry to wait for him until everything is over.

The scene flash-forwards after the tournament with Terry leaning against a fence, saying that he'll believe in Rock. Mary rides up on her motorcycle and asks what happened to Rock, saying that she heard he was involved in the planning of Second Southtown. Terry dismisses the question and asks about Mary, who was on her way to a troublesome client. She notices his boredom and offers him a ride to Pao Pao Cafe so she can explain the details of her job to him.


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