Garou Densetsu: Stray Dog, Stray Wolf (餓狼伝説 Stray Dog,Stray Wolf) is a 10 page mobile novel for the Fatal Fury series. It was released as a part of the SNK Chara Sound batch for the EZweb, yahoo!, and imode networks on April 29, 2008. The story is written by Akihiko Ureshino. Some of the story elements covered in this novel are also mentioned in Memories of Stray Wolves.

The story gives a possible reason for Terry wanting to adopt Rock, which was much more ambiguous in other games.


The novel essentially serves as a prologue for Mark of the Wolves. Taking place directly after Real Bout, Terry has to face the consequences of Geese's death. Learning about Geese's son and seeing Billy's angered reaction, Terry begins to question his reasons for fighting and the ambiguous morality of avenging Jeff's death. The story seems to wonder about the value of happiness in the cruel streets of Southtown.


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