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For the game from this series with a similar Japanese title, see Fatal Fury 2.

Garou Densetsu: Atanaru Tatakai (餓狼伝説 -新たなる闘い-) is a single-volume 222 page manga that is loosely based on Fatal Fury 2. The book is unique for being created and illustrated by an American artist, Leo Adver. His script is translated into Japanese by Kasumi Kumogata. It features English sound effects, prolific cussing in English, and off-the-wall interpretations of the characters. The manga was also published in Gamest magazines.


After defeating Geese, Terry resumes his life of fighting and is forgotten by Southtown. Gangsters roam the streets and death is common place; the residents have little to hope for. With little reason to celebrate, the town has degenerated into a fighting pit for some of the world's most dangerous criminals. Terry, rugged and pissed off, battles to bring peace to a hopeless city. A young girl, Media, keeps him optimistic for a better future.

His travels eventually lead him to the mastermind behind the madness: Geese. Brought back from the dead as a cyborg, he seeks revenge against the Bogard brothers. Joe bravely attempts to stop him, but is wounded by Geese's rocket punches.


  • The artstyle and mood of the setting takes inspiration from Fist of the North Star.
  • Several of the characters share awkward similarities with characters from the Street Fighter franchise. The most obvious references are Hwa Jai oddly blowing fire from his mouth without his elixir and Andy's starking resemblance to Ken Masters.
  • The original character, Media Kumel, is modeled after the same girl that appears in Terry's ending in Fatal Fury 2.
  • Jack Turner and Mickey Rogers of Art of Fighting fame also make appearances as minions that face against Terry.

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