Ganbare Neo Poke-Kun (ガンバレねおぽけくん) is a simulation game developed Neo Geo Pocket Color released in Japan on June 6, 2000. So far, the game remains exclusive to Japan. It drew direct inspiration from the majority of video game history.

The game was divided into two modes; observing Neo Poke-Kun in his tiny studio apartment (a stripped-down homage to Little Computer People), and playing the minigames that Neo Poke-Kun would create for you as long as you kept him happy. In a manner that pre-dated Nintendo's WarioWare Inc. series, the minigames that Neo Poke-Kun invented were very short, and usually parodies of popular video games. He would begin simply, creating his own versions of Pong and Breakout, and would gradually move up to historical sims (a'la Nobunaga's Ambition), shoot 'em ups, and fighting games. The game used the Neo Geo Pocket Color's internal clock to control the speed at which Neo Poke-Kun created games, when he slept, when he went to work, etc.

The observation mode mostly involved giving Neo Poke-Kun random visitors (including a beautiful woman, a naked man with floor-length nose-hairs, and an old man who slowly inches his way into the room then dies of a heart attack), and generally annoying him by dropping things on his head.



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