Fighters Front Line is a Japanese video-game news site that strives to only cover 2D or 3D fighting games. They are well-known SNK fans and will often report news about the company as soon as possible (sometimes even quicker than main-stream magazines). Also included in their site's features, there are downloadable videos of select games, exclusive interviews, and detailed Tokyo Game Show reports. They interviewed Falcoon and others about The King of Fighters series, specifically KOF: Maximum Impact 2, the sequel's expansion, and The King of Fighters XI.

While they are relatively professional with their articles, founders will also focus on the more fan elements of the games such as cosplay, doujinshi, and fanart. Their site mascot is a blue-haired girl named Kasumi (whose look eventually took inspiration from Kasumi Todoh).

The site can be located here.

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