Fatal Fury Special (餓狼伝説スペシャル, Garō Densetsu Supesharu, "Legend of the Hungry Wolf Special") is an update of Fatal Fury 2 released in 1993 that added three characters from the first Fatal Fury game; a hidden character; and made bosses into playable characters.

This game was one of the most popular games in Japan in 1993. It has been said that, as a result of the popularity that ensued from Ryo being a hidden character in this game,  and The King of Fighters as a series was born.

This game was later ported to the Game Gear and SNES by Takara, to the Sega CD by Victor Interactive Studios/JVC Digital Studios, and to PC Engine CD by Hudson Soft. SNK Playmore released a Xbox 360 port on September 5, 2007 on Xbox Live Arcade and a Microsoft Windows port on January 9, 2016, as part of Humble NeoGeo 25th Anniversary.

A Japan-only pachinko version was also released using the game's Japanese name.


Geese Howard: a man feared by the world as the dark ruler of South Town. He shocked the land with his violent techniques and was confident that no one could ever top him. To rid himself of the man, Geese took the life the street champ, Jeff Bogard. However, several years later, three men arose to stop Geese's ambition. They were the sons of the dead Jeff, Terry and Andy Bogard, and Muai Thai champ, Joe Higashi.

After Geese was defeated by them, he was believed to be dead. However, as time passed, a disturbing rumor began to float around the world.

Geese is alive.

His younger half-brother, Wolfgang Krauser, took the reigns of the underworld after his elder brother's passing. However, the resurrected Geese deprives Krauser his seat of glory and the Bogard brothers burn with the flames of revenge. Terry and Andy hear where Geese is located.

"We're coming for you, Geese!"

A new legend is about to begin.


The only new character added to the roster is:

  • Ryo Sakazaki, coming from Art of Fighting series and the secret boss in the game. His presence was perhaps a inspiration for the The King of Fighters series, released in the year following the release of this game.

Returning Characters


Hidden Character


Old Stages

New Stages

All stages of Fatal Fury 2, with the addition of the featured stages:

  • Bay Area, USA — Duck: A ring next to a euphoric crowd. The background features flashing lights, duck statues, dancers, pillars and a big screen showing pictures of Duck.
  • Hebei, China — Tung: A large canyon in Hebei Province, China. The fight takes in a wooden bridge. Can be seen stones, moutains, vegetation and a giant fog.
    • Changes: in the 1st round, blue sky; from the 2nd round, cloudy sky. Intro: a small close of the sky, descending to the point of the stage.
  • South Town, USA: The Geese Tower. Can be seen mythologic elements of the Asian culture, besides bamboos, dragon statues, vegetation, stairs and the American flags on both sides of the stage. In the rounds, it's susnet and the only change is the color of the clouds. Associated with Geese.
    • Intro: The opening of the three panels, and a drawing of a dragon, rising to the point of the stage.
  • Osaka, Japan — Ryo: A ring next to the Yodo River. Can be seen trees, stones, panels with typical Japanese drawings and taiko's players. The fight occurs in the sunset, a cloudy day and in the night.

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