Fatal Fury 2: The New Battle, released in Japan as Battle Fighters Garou Densetsu 2 (バトルファイターズ餓狼伝説2 Batoru Faitāzu Garō Densetsu Tsū?) is an anime TV Special based on the video game, Fatal Fury 2 and is a sequel to the previous TV movie, Fatal Fury: Legend of the Hungry Wolf.

The movie was directed by Kazuhiro Furahashi and once again features character designs by Masami Obari. The movie was distributed in English by VIZ Media.

The ending theme song is "Calling" performed by Zi:Kill.


After the success of the first TV special, SNK gained more confidence in supporting Obari's team and allowed the anime team to take whatever liberties they thought were necessary. They were already satisfied with the "hip and new" image that Obari had given the Fatal Fury cast; their only request was to make the story lovable for already established fans of the franchise. The company's support was also backed by the fact that Obari and Furahashi were already fans of SNK's games whom wanted to do the characters justice.

The main focus of the second OVA was to expand Terry's character arc. Since the first installment was to introduce Terry's beginnings as a legend, this entry's goal was to show his normal lifestyle and him dealing with his new found fame. Furuhashi and his crew wanted to depict a believable "what if?" situation of Terry losing, hoping to explore a new side to his character. Obari's goal was to make Terry more rugged, macho, and more experienced than before; the challenge he found with Terry was to avoid making him too "muscly" to keep his popularity with the female fanbase as Obari used pro wrestlers for reference. He also made efforts to make him more focused and "slightly older". The planning process for his character arc eventually lead to Tony's creation, since Furahashi wanted a visual foil of Terry for the audience to relate with. Joe was also redesigned to accompany the more serious Terry, serving as the infallible fighting champ that Terry could rely on; to make up for his wounds in the first story, Joe's confidence in the games was emphasized more in the OVA.

Another big priority during development was Mai. Since her debut in the games had skyrocketed the series's popularity, developers were a little nervous on how to naturally introduce her in the darker story they had planned. This problem was solved when one story planner suggested on featuring her love for Andy, giving the audience breathing room and comic relief in between Terry's brooding moments. Obari had little problems with designing her and was adamant in his feminine design for her. When asked about it in detail, he replied that he never wanted to do a realistic Mai saying that, "women full of muscle look a little gross". To better fit with the upbeat and preppy idol, Andy was designed to look more like a pretty boy, a contrast to his "vengeful and hateful self" from before. Efforts were also made to paint him in a more heroic and justified light as the team wanted to visually show viewers Andy's new change of lifestyle without dividing the audience's focus away from the story.

One of the biggest differences from the games is the youthful appearance of Wolfgang Krauser. This was a decision made by the team to better fit their image of his character. Since Krauser is always more talented than his half-brother Geese, Obari thought it would be a greater insult to Geese if Krauser also stayed "eternally" young and more attractive than his relative. Although more faithful and older-looking designs of Krauser were made during pre-planning stages, the team voted to scrap them in favor of Obari's suggestion and to also give more contrast to the designs of the first OVA. They wanted to depict Krauser not as a villain but more as a "dark hero" who could have been good if it weren't for his lineage. His giant stature and prowess from the games were kept to make him the "unstoppable" rival for Terry.

They also hinted a final showdown with Krasuer and all four heroes during the climax, but discarded this idea as it was too much of a deterrence to Terry's story. However, they didn't forget this idea and eventually used the concept for the film.


After his defeat at the hands of Terry Bogard, Geese Howard retreats to the mountains. One day, his half brother, Wolfgang Krauser, visits him and wants to know who was the one who defeated him.

In another part of the country, Terry Bogard meets up with a young boy named Tony who wants to be just like him. Tony witnesses him battle with Kim Kaphwan and asks to be his disciple but Terry refuses. Later Terry encounters Wolfgang Krauser and they fight, but due to Terry's injuries and his battle with Kim, he loses. Krauser tells Terry to rest up and if he heals up to meet him in Germany at Strolheim Castle.

Meanwhile, Geese makes a plan to take down Krauser.

Terry wakes up in Tony's home and learns that he had been taken care of by Tony's mother. Tony is not present, and Terry leaves at the behest of Tony's mother. Later, Tony notices Terry leaving at the train station and asks him to stay but Terry refuses. Tony says that he wants to go with him but Terry will not allow it because of his mother. After Terry leaves by train, Tony follows him.

Terry's defeat causes him to start drinking. One day, he ends up being beaten up by street thugs. Tony helps him determined to help Terry straighten up so that he can get ready for his next fight with Wolfgang Krauser. Terry, depressed with his defeat, throws away his fighting gloves.

In Japan, Mai Shiranui comes to the dojo where Jubei and Andy Bogard live, wanting to see Andy. She first meets Jubei who, being the pervert that he is, grabs her breasts and ends up with a slap from her fan. She leaves him to find Andy.

At the river, Andy is training hard until he is interrupted by Mai. Saying it is good to see her, he unwittingly earns her wrath. Andy, being clueless of Mai's affections towards him ends up getting hit by one of Mai's special moves. Suddenly, Joe Higashi appears telling Andy that his brother lost a fight and has gone underground.

Later that night, Jubei tells Andy and Joe about Krauser. He comes from a noble family, the House of Strolheim, who acts as bodyguards to European royal families as a cover. It is said that they have actually overthrown governments and started revolts. As a result, the head of the House of Strolheim, is known as "The Emperor of Darkness" and Krauser is the best to have come out of the family. Mai eavesdrops on Master Jubei's story. Master Jubei also tells Andy and Joe that Krauser killed his own father on his 16th birthday just to be head of the family.

Back in Krauser's mansion, Krauser thinks about his father, about the day he was beaten up by him as a child. He also remembered on his 16th birthday, when he killed him, feeling nothing after his death. Geese is shown in a memory trying to kill Krauser's father to avenge his mother. A young Krauser thwarts the attempted assassination and slashes Geese with his own knife; hence the long scar across Geese's left eye.

Back at Jubei's dojo, Master Jubei tells both Andy and Joe not to get involved with Wolfgang Krauser, but Andy, angered by his brothers defeat refuses to listen. For this, Jubei challenges Andy for leaving the dojo. Andy wins the match and leaves with Joe to seek revenge. Jubei asks Mai to accompany him and keep him away from Krauser.

Somewhere in a park, Terry is asleep after drinking too much. Some punks wake him up and try to rob him, but end up getting beaten up. Tony hears about the fight, and learns of Terry's involvement and subsequent jail time.

At the airport, Andy and Joe make plans on what to do. Joe decides to find Terry while Andy, along with Mai, will take care of Krauser.

Terry is released from prison with help from Joe, but Joe is ashamed to see Terry in his state and leaves him to his own devices. Tony is still determined to help Terry get out of his drunken state.

In Germany, Andy and Mai try to find Krauser but learn that he is out of country to escort the Queen of Nottingham. Mai uses this advantage to spend time with Andy. They end up separating, so Mai could go shopping. Along the way, she meets Laurence Blood, Krauser's right-hand man, who had found out about them attempting to find Krauser. Mai and Blood fight each other, with Mai losing. Later, Andy goes to look for her.

By the time Andy finds Mai, she has been captured by Blood. Angered by this, he engages and defeats Laurence Blood with his special moves, saving Mai.

Terry starts drinking again and Tony tries to make him stop before Terry goes to jail again. Axel Hawk with his sparring partner challenge him to a fight, unconvinced by his drunkenness. Tony tries to stop them from bothering Terry and ends up fighting Axel's sparring partner, who reluctantly gives him a working over.

Terry has a dream of his childhood when he was beaten up and told himself to get stronger so he could avenge his father. A few years after being well trained he was able to challenge the man who had beaten him up and win. Terry wakes up and sees Tony, reminding him of his childhood. Tony is badly beaten by Axel's sparring partner, yet never gives up until the former refuses to continue. Angered by Axel Hawk's actions, Terry challenges him and wins. Thanks to Tony, Terry recovers and is eager to take on Krauser again.

In another country, Krauser in his hotel room receives an uninvited guest, Joe Higashi. To avenge Terry, Joe takes on Krauser but is unable to defeat him, even with his finishing move, the Screw Upper, and ends up being beaten with two dozen broken bones.

Along the way to Germany, Terry fears that he is not strong enough to take on Krauser, but the spirits of Lily McGuire and Master Tung appear before him and encourage him, telling him that he can win this fight.

Learning of Joe's injuries, Terry and Tony visit him in the hospital where they meet Mai, who is looking after him. Joe tells Terry that Andy will meet him at the cemetery where they last went their separate ways.

When Andy and Terry meet, they decide to battle each other with everything they have, and the victor will fight Krauser. The brothers Bogard nearly kill each other. Terry wins the match, showcasing his new technique, the Power Geyser.

The next day, Terry and Tony arrive at Strolheim Castle in Germany and Terry takes on Krauser. The battle is fierce, with the fighters destroying everything that surrounds them. In the end, Terry wins the match with the Power Geyser, which makes Krauser bleed internally. Shamed by his defeat, Krauser kills himself by throwing himself to his death. Terry and Tony leave the castle.

Geese, upon hearing news of Krauser's death, laughs.

Tony says goodbye to Terry at a train station, promising him that someday he will be a great martial artist just like him. As he leaves, Terry throws him his cap.

Voice cast

In order of appearance:

Character Japanese seiyū English voice actor
Wolfgang Krauser Hirotaka Suzuoki Paul Dobson
Geese Howard Hidekatsu Shibata Ward Perry
Terry Bogard Kazukiyo Nishikiori Mark Hildreth
Tony Masami Kikuchi Tony Sampson
Kim Kaphwan Daiki Nakamura David Kaye
Elza (Tony's mother) Kikuko Inoue Lynda Boyd
Joe Higashi Nobuyuki Hiyama Jason Gray-Stanford
Big Bear Hisao Egawa n/a
Cheng Sinzan Chafūrin n/a
Mai Shiranui Kotono Mitsuishi Sarah Sawatsky
Jubei Yamada Jōji Yanami French Tickner
Andy Bogard Keiichi Nanba Peter Wilds
Laurence Blood Kōji Totani Ward Perry
Axel Hawk Hirohiko Kakegawa Michael Dobson
Lily McGuire Kikuko Inoue Willow Johnson
Tung Fu Rue Kōji Yada Mina Mina
Ripper n/a Michael Dobson
Hopper Nobutoshi Canna Jason Gray-Stanford


  • The Japanese LD release features a scene of Cheng Sinzan hosting a match between wrestling champion Big Bear (Raiden from the previous anime) and Muay Thai champion Joe Higashi (his opponent in the first OAV). This scene took place immediately following Geese learning of Terry's loss. It is in this scene where Joe learns of Terry's defeat at the hands of Krauser. To see this scene on the American DVD, go to "Extra Stuff" section then highlight "Conceptual Drawings". From there hit right on the remote and a cursor will appear in Terry's eye. Select it, then the "Joe vs Big Bear" text will appear. The scene was never dubbed in English and only retains the Japanese audio, but subtitles are optional if they're turned on. In other foreign language releases, however, the scene was uncut and dubbed such as in the Brazilian VHS version.
  • In the original Japanese credits, Geese's henchman Hopper is seen passing information to Joe Higashi. It also shows how Tony managed to get on the train and follow Terry.
  • Jack Turner from the Art of Fighting series makes a brief cameo as one of the thugs who beats up a drunk Terry and throws him by a pile of garbage in the back alley of a bar.
  • My Way Entertainment used scenes from this anime for a parody called Viral Disease.

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