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Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition is a 3D fighting game released in 1999 as part of the Fatal Fury game series. It was one of the last games with the system board Hyper Neo Geo 64, and was later ported to the Sony PlayStation. This game is a remake of the first Fatal Fury, making the events that happened during the first game (like Geese falling from his tower to his apparent death) non-canon. It was released again for PlayStation's online network for the PlayStation 3 and PSP on April 26, 2007.


Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition is a 3D fighting game, but gameplay is similar to that of a 2D fighter. The button layout is the same from Real Bout Fatal Fury 2, but the D Button is now called the Axis Shift instead of the Line Sway. This feature allows players to move their characters left or right using 3D movement. Characters attack using Punches, Kicks, and Heavy Attacks. Every character also has an assortment of Special Moves and Desperation Moves (Now called Super Power Attacks). Super Power Attacks can only be performed when the player's health meter is flashing red, and does not use the Heat Meter.

Much like in Real Bout Fatal Fury 2, players are able to perform throws, counter attacks, pursuit attacks, taunt and recover quickly after being knocked out.

Heat Meter

Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition replaces the Power Meter from Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 with the Heat Meter. The Heat Meter starts at 50% full at the beginning of every match, though it can change between rounds of the same match. Players fill the meter by attacking their opponent or taunting them, while taking damage of being thrown decreases the gauge. If a player takes damage, but his opponent stops attacking him/her, the meter will raise to 50% again.

When the player fills the Heat Meter, the message "MAX OK" will appear. Players may then perform an Overdrive Power or a Heat Blow. The Heat Meter will be close to empty if either of this moves is used, but this can also happen if the player takes too much damage or performs numerous counter attacks. If this happens, a "Danger" message will appear. If the player takes too much damage with a nearly empty Heat Meter, the player will Overheat. This causes the player to get dizzy, becoming vulnerable to the opponent's attack.

Guard Impact

A new feature introduced in Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition. If the player blocks an attack the moment it hits, they will block the attack and take no damage, while the offensive opponent is pushed away.

Heat Blow

A new technique introduced in Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition, the Heat Blow is an unblockable attack that may stun or launch the opponent into the air if it connects. The player can perform a Heat Blow while being attacked by the opponent to interrupt their attacks. Using the Heat Blow will decrease the Heat Meter close to the Danger state.

Overdrive Power

Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition changes the Potential Power (P. Power) attacks and renames them Overdrive Power. Overdrive Power attacks work differently from the P. Power attacks of the old games. The player can perform Overdrive Power attacks once the Heat Meter is full, regardless of how many health the player has. Using a Overdrive Power decreases the Heat Meter close to the Danger point.


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