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Fatal Fury: Legend of the Hungry Wolf, released in Japan as Battle Fighters Garou Densetsu (バトルファイターズ餓狼伝説, Batoru Faitāzu Garō Densetsu) is an anime TV Special based on the fighting game Fatal Fury. The movie was directed by Hiroshi Fukutomi and features character designs by Masami Obari.

It originally aired on Fuji TV on December 23, 1992. The English version of the movie was distributed by VIZ Media in 1994.

The insert song, "Bye Bye my Love", and the ending theme, "Fly Away (Kono Ai no Memory)", are both performed by Megumi Yuki.


The movie starts in Southtown. Young Terry and Andy Bogard are out with their master, Tung Fu Rue and their father, Jeff Bogard. Jeff, who had been lagging behind, finds himself surrounded by a group of poor children who ask him for spare change. Jeff tells them he will if they will let go of him. As he says this, a pretty young green-haired flower girl asks if he will buy one of her flowers, to which he replies he will.

As this is happening, a black car pulls up from which four men exit and surround Jeff. They draw knives and attack. The children around Jeff cling to him as if to stop him from moving while the men attack. He defeats three easily, but the fourth manages to stab him from behind. Wounded, Jeff is confronted by old friend Geese Howard. Jeff dies of his wounds, and in front of his grave Tung Fu Rue makes his children promise that no matter what, in ten years they will reunite as much stronger men to punish Geese.

Ten years later, Terry is the first one to return. His first act on arriving in Southtown is a trip to the Pao Pao Café, an elegant bar owned by Geese Howard. As Terry drinks downstairs, Geese is in the middle of bribing the police commissioner, who rhetorically asks Geese if he is planning to run the King of Fighters tournament and to try to not let the corruption get too blatant. Just then, Geese's right hand man, Billy Kane, informs him that, "some guy is asking about him downstairs." When Geese steps out onto the balcony Billy points out the man he was talking about, who is in fact Terry.

Along the way, Terry meets up with two other characters. One is Lily McGuire, the beautiful Queen of South Town who is also the beloved protector of the poor children. She the little flower girl who was present in Jeff's murder; in fact, Geese Howard used her and then took her in. The other one is Joe Higashi, a champion muay Thai kickboxer and a long friend and rival of Andy Bogard, who was in Southtown to enter the King of Fighters Tournament. Terry sees her in a night club and later talking to the children and giving them food and money. He recognizes her as the flower girl but does not hold it up against her. After this, he meets Joe and befriends him upon learning that he is a friend of his brother.

Promotional illustration by Masami Obari and Tsukasa Kotobuki

Then after, Terry meets up with Andy and Tung Fu Rue. Tung Fu Rue tells them of a technique called the Hurricane Punch but he will only teach the technique to one of them. So Terry decides that both him and Andy should enter the King of Fighters tournament and should one of them be the victor, Tung Fu Rue will teach him the technique. When Geese Howard finds out about the brothers entering the tournament, he decides to set a trap for them. During the tournament, Geese planned to use Lily to deliver poison champagne to Terry before he starts his fight, but she fails to do so because of her feelings towards him, as he is the only one who has seen her true self and might redeem her of her former sins. With that, Terry defeats his opponent, Richard Meyer and makes it to a final fight showdown with his brother, Andy. As the fight starts, Joe notices a man who tries assassinate the Bogards and takes the bullet for them. With the help of Lily, they manage to escape the Tournament. This costs her her life at the hands of Geese Howard. Tung Fu Rue himself is attacked by Billy Kane and fights for his life. At the hospital where Tung Fu Rue is hospitalized and in a coma, Andy, angered by Tung's injuries goes off to take revenge against Geese Howard, with Joe Higashi tagging along. Back at the hospital, Tung Fu Rue is able to escape his coma and teach Terry the secret technique, but after demonstrating it, himself dies. Andy and Joe manages to battle their way to confront Geese, but Andy is not strong enough to defeat him. Later Terry comes by, seeing Andy defeated, and attacks Geese. He uses his new technique, Senpuken, but it barely has any effect. He tries to absorb more energy and ends up with a new technique, the Hurricane Kick which defeats Geese. Later, Terry, Andy and Joe meet up at Jeff Bogard's grave, each of them going their separate ways.

Voice cast

Character Japanese seiyū English voice actor
Terry Bogard Kazukiyo Nishikiori Mark Hildreth
Andy Bogard Keiichi Nanba Peter Wilds
Joe Higashi Masaaki Satake Jason Gray-Stanford
Tung Fu Rue Kōji Yada Mina Mina
Lily McGuire Kikuko Inoue Willow Johnson
Billy Kane Daiki Nakamura Paul Dobson
Raiden Hisao Egawa Robert O. Smith
Geese Howard Hidekatsu Shibata Ward Perry
Jeff Bogard Unshō Ishizuka David Kaye
Young Terry Tsutomu Kashiwakura Christopher Turner
Young Andy Tomoko Maruo Tony Sampson
Richard Meyer n/a Ward Perry
Hwa Jai Hisao Egawa n/a
Ripper Masato Hirano Michael Dobson
Hopper Yuji Machi Jason Gray-Stanford


  • Joe's Japanese voice actor for this TV Special is the professional Japanese heavyweight kickboxer Masaaki Satake, now retired. He also specialized in karate and mixed martial arts. Joe is voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama for the rest of the anime adaptions and games.
  • Lilly McGuire is an original character who was originally planned to be Billy's little sister of the same name. However, due to concerns from game developers, this idea was scrapped during production. Her name remained as a small tribute. She makes a cameo in Mexico's stage from The King of Fighters '94.
  • Senpuken is an anime original finishing move. Terry doesn't use this move, but Tung uses it if morphed into his giant form.
  • Michael Max makes a cameo appearance when getting suplexed by Raiden. He's white in this version
  • Duck King also appear making a cameo when Joe knock him out by a Tiger Kick. His hair was changed to red
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