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Faselei! (ファーゼライ!) is a tactical role-playing developed by Sacnoth and released by SNK for the Neo Geo Pocket Color. It was first available in the Japanese market on December 22, 1999. The game is one of the few Neo Geo Pocket titles to include a vocalized theme song in the game. It was localized for its European release.

Faselei! was one of the most popular, and technically impressive games for the portable system. Its timing was unfortunate and the game was released just weeks before the Neo Geo Pocket Color and associated stock was recalled after SNK’s bankruptcy. Outside of Japan, the game was only released in the United Kingdom in 'clamshell' case format during the lifespan of the NGPC as a viable system. The package of the game Faselei! remains mostly exclusive to Japan.

Neo Geo fan sites and eBay sellers put the number of copies released into circulation at about 10,000 with only 5000 being sold due to the recall. This rarity, along with its technical superiority in terms of graphics and sound when compared to its peers on the same system, has made the game very sought after and has resulted in high prices on internet auction sites. However, when recalled NGPC systems were resold in game stores in 2004, the lost stock of the US version of Faselei! was included in one of the add-on game packages available, and helped to drive prices down.


Twenty years before the game begins, the Third World War tore the world's power groups apart and the people writhed in chaos. Ishtar, a small country in the Middle East, attempts to internationally restore peace and order. While the first King of Ishtar was visiting Europe, he was assassinated by one of his sons, Aerbel. The mutiny separated the country into two warring factions, one for Aerbel and one that existed to rebel against the injustice of his reign.

The year the game takes place is 2099. The mercenary group, Faselei, sympathizes with the Rebel Army's cause and has been an active part in the three year civil war. They are asked by Prince Kein to restore proper order and to overthrow his corrupt brother's reign.


The game mixes role-playing elements in the tactical battle simulation genre. Whilst in battle, players control Sho's mecha Toy Soldier (TS) through a given number of predetermined commands on a grid format. Once the actions of Sho's TS have been selected and solidified, they autoplay in real time on the battle field. The amount of actions each TS has is determined by the amount of action points (AP) integrated in a particular model.

Players need to use command inputs (CHIPs) for turning, moving, and fighting on the field. Each weapon the player uses has limited ammo and needs to be manually reloaded when emptied. Weapons also have their unique grid range for long to close range encounters. However, weapons cannot be used if the player has not installed the proper CHIP in their TS. Since players have a limited amount of CHIPs and AP, they need to carefully choreograph their moves and equipment efficiently.

When the player isn't engaged in story battles, they can customize their TS with parts in the shop. Additionally, they can also replace their TS model and equip it with weapons either bought or found in the field of combat. The base area also allows players to see the statistics of TS models, perform minor missions for money, and save their game.


Rebel Army

The fighting faction that defies King Aerbel's regime. Most of the soldiers on this side want to establish the just and fair Prince Kein as the country's leader.

  • Prince Kein - Aerbel's brother and second prince to the throne. During his father's assassination, he was negotiating peace with the senators in New York. Through a top-secret mission, he is smuggled back into Ishtar and seeks Faselei's help.


A mercenary group lead by the WWIII veteran Captain Brest. Their Toybox (giant tank/base) is named the Orchid.

  • Sho Kurosawa - the main character and ace pilot of Faselei. He lost his parents when he was younger and was raised by Captain Brest. He often sleeps in his TS before missions. In reality, he is scared of losing his friends on the battlefield.
  • Dorothy - the herorine who is also a soldier in Faselei. She is infatuated with Sho and easily jealous of any woman who tries to get close to him.
  • Rico - Sho's best friend and fellow mechanic for his TS. Also a heavy-armored TS pilot. He is a hot-blooded guy who won't hesitate to do what he thinks is morally right.
  • Agnes - a young girl who was also raised by Captain Brest. She provides recon and other informational backup for the team. Late in the game, she can also pilot her own TS into combat. Despite her modest appearance, she is actually tied to the Ishtar royal family.
  • Hummer - the team's radio backup on the Orchid. He loves alcohol, cigarettes, and pinup magazines.
  • Sanchan - the weapons provider for Faselei who loves cutlets. He always has the latest models available at his shop.
  • Captain Johnny Brest - leader of Faselei and an old friend of Prince Kein. He also knew Sho's father during his time in the WWIII. He is a capable man of war who has the highest faith in his team.

Royal Army

Also known as the Regular Army or Government Forces. The military group that fights for King Aerbel.

  • King Aerbel - formerly one of the two princes of Ishtar. After his father's murder, he ruled his country with an iron fist.
  • Alen Zemeckis - nicknamed the Red Meteor and member of the Regular Army's 8th Task Force. Due to a personal vendetta, he assassinated the first King and plunged the country into war.
  • Captain Takatsu - a captain of a Royal Army fort. He is the first pilot to test the Garou TS, a computer only mecha.
  • Dr. Yoshia - evil scientist who manipulated Aerbel to destroy his country. He is obsessed with his experiments and schemes to create the ultimate killing machine.

White Corps

The Royal Bodyguard and a part of the Royal Intelligence Agency (RIA). They are aptly named for their white coated TS units.

  • Yuko Tominaga - lieutenant of the RIA and leader of the White Corps. Although she serves the king, she is actually trying to find the reasons for Ishtar's civil war. She is sympathetic to the Rebels' cause.
  • Macotto - Yuko's personal bodyguard and assistant. He answers to her orders only.


A mercenary group who was hired by the Royal Army. They were formerly allied with Faselei in Africa two years before the game begins. They want to have a personal showdown with Faselei to prove which of their groups is better. Their Toybox is named the Nelke.

  • Van - a tanned man who wears colorful face paint. Laid-back and quite the joker.
  • Mazisker - young man wearing dark shades. Curses a lot and bickers with Van.
  • Ganon - the man closest to Barbara. He is faithful to their mercenary honor.
  • Praio - a lieutenant of the Royal Army who is ordered to lead the Jackals. He is a by-the-book and inexperienced bumpkin who ultimately fails to gain the Jackals' respect.
  • Barbara Matsubara - a plucky brunette who has a rose in her hair. She is the unlikely leader of the group. Her name is a pun of roses (バラ, bara).

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