Famardy is a large, grotesque alien whose origins lie in outer space from another star or galaxy. He is made up of smaller aliens who look just like him. Players can attain the "bad" ending of the game if at least one of Famardy's smaller alien forms is allowed to escape after defeating his whole form. He made his first appearance in King of the Monsters 2.

Other than Beetle Master, Famardy is the only enemy who actually speaks to the monsters.


Famardy and his minions crash land on earth and unleash chaos on the world in an attempt at global domination. The surviving monsters: Super Geon, Cyber Woo, and Atomic Guy ban together to save the world and bring the alien invasion to a grinding halt.


  • Summon minions - Famardy can conjure minor peons to attack the player from the eggs he lays. Destroying the monsters released from his eggs can provide the player with a power-up or health.

Fighting StyleEdit

Famardy jumps around the arena, knocking into the other monsters. Famardy can shoot three blue bubbles that are meant to temporarily inflate his opponents. He can also swallow his opponent which will either slightly injure them or swallow them whole to instantly kill them.

Game AppearancesEdit

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