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Enja Kazuki (炎邪火月) is the Rasetsu/Bust form of Kazuki in Samurai Shodown 64: Warriors Rage. He is considered to be a different character from Enja. He is voiced by Atsushi Yamanishi.


Due to his overriding desire for power, this version of Kazuki became dominated by the power in his sword. The spirit, named Enja, then continues to rampage the countryside. Although the spirit apparently devoured his soul, Kazuki breaks free of his control in his ending. He praises Kazuki's strength and reminds the man of the precious things he needs to protect. Kazuki's ending also suggests that Enja Kazuki did most of the fighting for Kazuki in the game.


Kazuki becomes a raging beast who is conquered by Enja's spirit. Unlike Enja's later counterpart, he can spiritually speak to Kazuki in words that he understands.


  • Pyrokinesis: Enja Kazuki can control fire. He can create a bright fire from thin air, enhance his attacks with fire, causing minor lava eruptions from ground and put his own body on fire. He is not immune to other types of fire. He cannot control fire separated from his body or any that he didn't create.
  • Fire Emperor Mode: Enja Kazuki engulfs himself in flames, and changes his stance to adopt the Pigua stance. He sacrifices the ability to block, and all usual attacks and special moves for unlimited super armor and a new fighting style, allowing for variety of combos and powerful attacks. He can shift between this and normal style of gameplay anytime.

Fighting Style

He uses a modified moveset of Kazuki's Rasetsu/Bust form from the previous game. Enja Kazuki lacks long-range attacks and special moves but compensates for this weakness in close range combat. His attacks are slow but powerful. His super, being one of the more intricate ones in series, has several different phases and a wide array of follow-ups for the player to utilize.

He possesses the slowest and most powerful unblockable attack in game, a one-inch punch. This attack was implemented at the request of the lead designer (a fan of Kazuki), who wanted an instant death ability for his favorite character. Its destructive power was balanced with slowness of its start up. The attack has a separate, alternately named (but identical looking) version for both the normal and Fire Emperor movesets.

Enja Kazuki's version of the Emperor style is based on slow attacks, short combos and damaging unblockables. The Fire Emperor mode can only be manually canceled as none of Enja Kazuki's attacks can end it. While in this mode, he still can pursuit a downed opponent, gains the ability to double dash/sidestep in four directions but is unable to jump. Activating this mode is difficult as its activation is slow and easy for the opponent to interrupt at a distance. If the opponent is close, activation will cause an unblockable stun.

His fighting style was made to emphasize the yang principles via his fire and punches opposite of Suija Sogetsu.

Game Appearances

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  • In game, his eyes sometimes appear white and lacking pupils, although later his red pupils return back. This is evident in his intro and win poses, and was done to show the effects of spiritual possession
  • Game designers mention that his fighting style was influenced by various kung fu. Fans also noticed this, and found it strange, seeing how Kazuki character wasn't Chinese. Later in Samurai Shodown VI and partially in Samurai Shodown V storyline, it was mentioned that Enja and Suija hail from China.


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