Elisabeth Blanctorche (エリザベート・ブラントルシュ, Erizabēto Burantorushu, spelt Elisabeth Branctorche in The King of Fighters XII, possibly due to a spelling error) is one of three original characters debuting in The King of Fighters XI. Her official nickname is The Controller of the white light (白き 光 の 導き手, Shiroki Hikari no Michibikite).[1]


During the initial phases of The King of Fighters XI, the concept for Elisabeth was to present her as Ash's rival, but as planning for the character and her story proceeded, the idea of her more as a "guide" than a "rival" took shape. Her earlier design resembled a tougher modern-day equestrian including a short whip - they kept the whip as they liked the idea of short, quick movements. Developers also describe her fighting style as "orthodox with subtle tricks [to it]" despite her minimal moveset.[2]


Ash and Elisabeth in their childhood.

Elisabeth is the last known remaining Blanctorche, a family of nobles in France who supposedly protect the innocent. She is the childhood friend of Ash Crimson and they were raised in the same mansion together. She used to act as his older sister figure, until a fire burned down the mansion and many of her clansmen to the ground. As the sole Blanctorche, she lives with her butler, Jacques, near the remains of her family's home.

Elisabeth initially invites both Benimaru Nikaido and Duo Lon to France to reveal that she knows of the betrayal of Ron and the burning of the Hizoku village. They inform her of Ash's theft of Chizuru Kagura's Yata Mirror and she decides to join them. With the trio banded with the interest to take down Ash, they form the Rival Team and enter KOF XI.

The Rival Team confronting Ash.

In her team's ending, after the Tournament's conclusion, she eventually finds and scolds Ash for seeming to forsake their mission. Though surprised by Ash's new powers (after he steals Iori Yagami's Yasakani Jewel), she swears to stop him.

Elisabeth meeting Duo Lon & Shen Woo in Paris.

Before meeting with Duo Lon and Shen Woo, she revisits the burned down mansion where she and Ash spent their childhood with a handful of photographs from the area in her hand. During her meeting with her guests, she becomes aware of their intents to join the King of Fighters XIII tournament with her and Ash's location in Paris. Although she just missed him, Elisabeth knows that he was there and fortifies her will to stop him. She reunites with Ash in the final act of the tournament only moments after Ash erases Saiki from existence. She yells her protest to his selfish decision, stating that she wanted to bring Ash back home with her. When he disappears with his apologies, Elisabeth mourns over the only memento he left behind: his headband.

Elisabeth holding Ash's headband.

After the events of KOF XIV, Verse's destruction unleashed many souls to spread worldwide.

Elisabeth meeting Kukri in the Official Invitation Team ending.

Elisabeth is informed by Kukri that he found Ash's body in the Ukraine Carpathian Mountains, and reveals that Ash was among the many people whose souls were trapped inside of Verse's body.


She is a very serious and strict high class member of nobility. Once she has decided to do something, she'll do whatever it takes to get it done. Perhaps due to her upbringing, she doesn't find it urgent to always keep her promised meetings with her teammates of lower stature. Though she is the one who invites them to her dwelling, she arrives tardy and usually denounces them within a few moments of their conversation.

She fondly thinks of Ash as her younger brother, but she has since prepared herself to stop him at any costs. Elisabeth finds condolence with her pleasant, elderly butler, as he is the only one near her who knows the details of her past with Ash.


  • Translocation - Elisabeth can translocate herself at incredible speeds.
  • Ictiokinesis - Elisabeth has the power to control light.
    • Create Light - Elisabeth can create light out of nowhere.
    • Light Attack - Elisabeth can create five short ranged projectiles of damaging light.
    • Light Beam - Elisabeth can trap her opponents in a beam of light.
    • Light Field - Elisabeth can create damaging light in the area around her.
  • Unexplained Power - Elisabeth can sometimes sense Ash's presence and uses this ability to affirm his whereabouts.


  • Sleep Resillience - Elisabeth can easily stand up to three consecutive nights without sleeping, similarly to Ryuji Yamazaki.

Fighting Style

Elisabeth attacks with a short ranged riding crop. She also uses magical light powers to trick and trap others. Her fighting style is very similar to the French martial art of Savate.


  • Queen - The King of Fighters XI, The King of Fighters XIII (when the music is set to "Type B", console version only, shared with Shen Woo and Duo Lon)
  • Each Promise - The King of Fighters XIII
  • Holding Pride in Your Heart - Days of Memories

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  • Elisabeth, Benimaru and Duo Lon were the winners of The King of Fighters XI tournament. This was confirmed in Ash Crimson's Team Story in The King of Fighters XIII.
  • Her personality and physical appearance, notably her haircut, greatly resemble Martin Mystery character M.O.M.


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