Choi Bounge

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Here is a list of quotes for Choi Bounge.

The King of Fighters '94

Win Quotes

  • "You should have given up!" (vs. Brazil Team)
  • "You finished already? Heeee!" (vs. China Team)
  • "So exciting to chop up beauties!" (vs. England Team)
  • "Now we can be famous too!" (vs. Italy Team)
  • "Have you lost your spirits?" (Vs. Japan Team)
  • "Your iron nails are rusty!" (vs. Korea Team)
  • "Your blood is delicious!" (vs. Mexico Team)
  • "Your body is no use in war!" (vs. USA Team)

The King of Fighters '95

In Battle

Japanese English Translation Occurs when/During
切るでやんす! Kiru de yansu!"Slice!" Tatsumaki Shippu Zan
刺すでやんす! Sasu de yansu!"Stab!" Senpuu Hien Shitotsu
勝ちでやんす! Kachi de yansu!"I won!" Round Win
Ka-i-ka-n!"I'm-sa-tis-fied!" Round Win
負けたでやんす! Maketa de yansu!"I lost!" Defeat

Win Quotes

  • "I love the sound of stainless steel on raw flash. Yes!!!"
  • "No one beats me! I fight for justice--and lots of cash!"
  • "Those who play with razors are bound to be cut. Watch it!"

The King of Fighters '96

In Battle

Japanese English Translation Occurs when/During
覚悟するでやんす! Kakugo suru de yansu!"Be prepared!" Intro
行くでやんす! Iku de yansu!"Here I go!" Kaiten Hien Zan
切り切り舞い舞い! Kiri kiri mai mai!"Slice, slice, dance, dance!" Shin! Chouzetsu Tatsumaki Shinkuu Zan
お手紙ちょうだい! Otegami choudai!"Please send me a letter!" Defeat

Win Quotes

  • "Cut and gouge. Cut and gouge. My talons of terror live!"
  • "I may be short, but boy! Sure know how to move!"
  • "I'll carve my name into all who dare challenge me!"

The King of Fighters '97

In Battle

Japanese English Translation Occurs when/During
死ぬでやんす! Shinu de yansu!"Die!" Houou Kyaku
愛を頂戴でやんす! Ai wo choudai de yansu!"Give me love!" Defeat

The King of Fighters '98

In Battle

Japanese English Translation Occurs when/During
あそれ!踊る阿呆にあたしあほ! Asore! Odoru ahouni atashi aho!"I'm a dancing fool!" Intro
もこもこもこ! Moko, moko, moko!"Cluck, cluck, cluck!" Taunt
飛び! Tobi!"Fly!" Kishuu Hien Tsuki

Win Quote

  • "A quick win. A quick victory. This time, I'm really free!"

The King of Fighters '99

In Battle

Japanese English Translation Occurs when/During
悪は許さんでやんす! Aku wa yurusan de yansu!"Evil is unforgivable!" Alternate Intro
あ-あんたたちはもう...いやでやんす!  A-anta tachi wa mou... Iya de yansu!"W-with you... No way!" Intro vs. Jhun, response
燃えたでやんす! Moeta de yansu!"You got burned!" Round Win
貧乏暇なしでやんす! Binbo himanashi de yansu!"The poor are always busy!" Defeat

Win Quote

  • "I'm a little monster, who kicks big butt!"

The King of Fighters 2000

In Battle

Japanese English Translation Occurs when/During yansu!"Ta-dah!" Intro
刺さっていただけますか? Sasate itadakemasu ka?"Can I stab you?" Intro vs. Chang

Win Quote

  • "Oooh! The mutilation. The twirling. The ecstacy! (sic)"

Lose Quote

  • "Oh ho, those stars in front of me are purty..."

The King of Fighters 2001

Win Quotes

  • "I cannot be emulated. Not now. Not ever. Yes!"
  • "Ping! I win again!"
  • "Too fast for the human eye am I!"
  • "Hey, Chang. Guess who worked out a little more?" (vs. Chang)
  • "You dull imposter! I'm the real slasher here!" (vs. Foxy)
  • "I have had enough of your silly psychic power." (vs. Psycho Soldier Team)
  • "You're a cutie pie. You're not angry, are you?" (vs. Women Fighters Team)

The King of Fighters 2002

Win Quotes

  • "You did pretty good just to last this long." (Also in KOF2002UM)
  • "Winning isn't everything.. It's the only thing, loser!"
  • "Through already? What a gyp!"
  • "Whew, man!... I could use a little TLC..." (vs. Chang)
  • "Not bad, little lady. Not bad at all..." (vs. Females)
  • "Whew! That really brings me back to last year's fun." (vs. May Lee)
  • "Nothing like the touch of youth... Nothing! Ah, cha, cha!" (vs. Young Females)

The King of Fighters XIV

In Battle

Japanese English Translation Occurs when/During
痛いでやんす! Ittai de yansu!"That hurt!"
まだでやんす...!Mada de yansu...!"Not yet...!"
行くでやんす! Iku de yansu!"Here I go!" Shissou Kyoujin Zan
絶対切りでやんす! 引き裂み! Zettai kiri de yansu! Hikisami!"I'll definitely cut you up! Rip!" Shissou Kyoujin Zan (MAX)
今でやんす! Ima de yansu!"Now!" Shin! Chouzetsu Tatsumaki Shinkuu Zan (MAX)
楽しい時間の始まるでやんす! Tanoshii jikan no hajimaru de yansu!"The fun part begins!" Shin! Chouzetsu Senpuu Hien Shitotsu
決まったでやんす! Kimatta de yansu!"This clinches it!" Shin! Chouzetsu Senpuu Hien Shitotsu (End)
そんな...でやんす... yansu..."No...way..."

Pre-Battle Dialogues

Bandeiras Hattori

Bandeiras: "What's this?! Clearly suspicious!"
Choi: "How rude, and out of nowhere!"
Bandeiras: "And you're a monster! This is the first time I've encountered something like you!"
Choi: "I'm a human!!"

Kim Kaphwan

Kim: "You too? Choi Bounge! Back to your evil ways acting like a teenager at this age?"
Choi: "Gyaa! Master Kim! Th-That's not really the case."
Kim: "Your excuses are meaningless! I am going to expose you to the public with my iron fists of justice!"
Choi: "Oh, oh my..."

Love Heart

Love: "Another obvious bad buy takes the stage... Right?"
Choi: "That's right. I'm a spooky sort of slasher..."
Love: "Hehe, sorry, but I don't feel the least bit scared. You're not even scary in a cute way."
Choi: "Ahahahagh! Soon I will make you feel true terror!"

Win Quotes

Generic Win Quotes

  • "My nails got all beaten up... I'll have to sharpen them later."
  • "Might makes right!"
  • "I'm in top form!"
  • "Hmmm, my nails always look so wonderfully complete."
  • "Hehehe."
  • "Bo-ring!"
  • "Ohoho, finished already?"
  • "I want you to go a little easier on me."
  • "I thought I might lose."
  • "I didn't hit my stride; that was really close."
  • "See that? That's my real strength!"
  • "I want to make you swallow the dirt off my nails."
  • "I tried really hard; it's a turning point for me."
  • "I want an opponent who's more fun to cut up..."
  • "Remember me every time you see fingernails!"
  • "The feeling of slicing up flesh...I haven't felt it in a really long time."
  • "If this is the competition, I think I'm going to win the next fight, too!"
  • "That was really thrilling..."
  • "If you need someone to handle meat, I'm a pro, so leave it to me."
  • "You could've tried harder."
  • "I'm a man who does things for real when he does them!"
  • "Master Kim will be angry, won't he..."
  • "Eep! Th-That was close!"
  • "*Shinnnggg*"

Specific Win Quotes

  • "Seems you need a teacher for some proper knowledge." (vs. Bandeiras)
  • "Gyaa! Those long legs, I'm jealous!!" (vs. Benimaru)
  • "If you insist, you can tell your boss that I wouldn't mind joining you guys!" (vs. Billy)
  • "It'd be good to go back to Kim soon... No, no, I didn't mean that!" (vs. Chang)
  • "Eek, the military leader! No way, what if he came to arrest me?!" (vs. Heidern)
  • "Teach me how to gain favor with the big guys!" (vs. Hein)
  • "My tornado is on a whole different level than yours, buddy boy." (vs. Joe)
  • "I beat down the hero of justice... that seems bad." (vs. Kensou)
  • "Honestly, Master, I’m starting to think I made a mistake this time, myself..." (vs. Kim)
  • "You have a ship that flies in the sky? Sounds like I could use it for an escape." (vs. Love)
  • "You’re a pretty girl, and Master Kim’s Master’s...? I don’t know what’s going on!" (vs. Luong)
  • "I tore your paper fan and the tail of your robes to pieces!" (vs. Mai)
  • "Which is the sharpest? Seems like you would know!" (vs. Mature)
  • "It's no fun cutting up machines, buddy boy!" (vs. Maxima)
  • "Hehehe, you'll have nightmares if you sleep now..." (vs. Meitenkun)
  • "If I clip your sleeves, will I be able to see how you change masks?" (vs. Mian)
  • "Those sunglasses look cool! Where'd you get 'em?" (vs. Oswald)
  • "Do you get serious if you take that eye patch off? Good thing I didn't slice it off..." (vs. Ramon)
  • "You're fluffy like a sheep. Seems like a shearing would be fun." (vs. Sylvie)
  • "Take care of Master Kim, and don't let him know that's what you're doing!" (vs. Terry)
  • "What are you?! Did Mr. Xanadu summon you or something?!" (vs. Verse)
  • "That whip is bringing up all kinds of new thoughts. Quit it!" (vs. Whip)
  • "M-Mr. Xanadu! This is a misunderstanding!! I swear, I didn’t betray you..." (vs. Xanadu)
  • "I guess you have to be about that intimidating to be evil..." (vs. Yamazaki)

The King of Fighters EX

Win Quotes

  • "I maim. I spin! I have fun!"
  • "Ping! Pingedy-ping!"

Ending Quote

  • "Oh ho, ho! What a rip off! I've nothing for my little wifey! And I didn't get any cash.. Life is such a bummer!"

SNK vs Capcom: SVC Chaos

In Battle

  • "It's show time!"
  • "Ja-ja-jan!" - "Da-da-dum!"

Pre-Fight Dialogues


Akuma: "Pest...Fly away!"
Choi:: "Pest? That hurts. Actually I'm a master fighter, buddy boy!"
Akuma: "...You can spout off in the netherworld!"
Choi:: "Eeeh-hyah! You can't stop me now. Now I'm really mad!"


Choi: "What's this place?"
Athena: "You're in heaven."
Choi: "...You mean... I've passed on...? Say it ain't so, toots!"
Athena: "No, It's a mistake..."
Choi: "A mistake? Well, then... Get me out of here!"
Athena: "H-hold on! Just calm down!"


Balrog: "Move or I'll stomp you! You little pest!"
Choi: "Both dumb and rude, eh, buddy boy? I'll just assume Kim's role and start your rehabilitation!"
Balrog: "Who is that?! You speak in tongues! I'm gonna stomp you!"
Choi: "I'll slice you silly! Let's do it, buddy boy!"


Choi: "Hey, I know you... You're a cop!"
Chun-Li: "You're quite perceptive. Hey! Didn't I put you in the slammer...?"
Choi: "Yeah! I'll teach you to toss me in the big house! You'll die on duty!"
Chun-Li: "Such bitterness. Ah, OK. Try taking it out on me!"

Dan Hibiki

Choi: "Huh? Hey, you're... The Kyokugen Karate guy!"
Dan: "Huh? Who're you talking to?"
Choi: "What the...? Who're you, buddy boy?"
Dan: "What's with everybody? I'm Dan Hibiki of the Saikyo groove!"

Demitri Maximov

Choi: "Vampire.... Those don't exist!"
Demitri: "Heh, heh. You'll be my slave."
Choi: "Oooh-geee! I gotta be dreaming! You're a hallucination!"


Dhalsim: "You're a slave to desire. You must train and learn Yoga to save yourself."
Choi: "I'll leave the preaching to Kim. Can it, buddy boy!"
Dhalsim: "Even if you'll be able to be taller, too? I know you want that."
Choi: "T-taller? OK. you got me curious. Start talking."
Dhalsim: "First, you must purge all desires."
Choi: "...You gotta be nuts! I guess I'm just doomed to enjoy myself. Let's go, stretch!"


Choi: "H-holy cow! You're bigger than Chang."
Earthquake: " Who're you, tiny? Got a deathwish?"
Choi: "Tiny?! Why you! I'll slice up you and sell you, buddy boy!"

Geese Howard

Choi: "Evil is my enemy! Just kidding, buddy boy!"
Geese: "Hmph."
Choi: "Why you! You got me riled up now!"

Genjyuro Kibagami

Genjyuro: "...Who're you?"
Choi: "Nobody...Buddy boy."
Genjyuro: "Pesky flea. Die!"


Goenitz: "I have no business with those of your stature."
Choi: "Ack! Dis me, will you? Big things come in small packages, padre!"


Guile: "Kids like you should not play with knives."
Choi: "I'm no kid, buddy boy. I'm a full-fledged adult, I am!"
Guile: "Yeah, sure. You kids always say that."
Choi: "Gyah! That did it! You're mine, buddy boy!"


Choi 1: "Hmph. I guess I've become famous, too."
Choi 2: "But this world's only big enough for one of us, buddy boy!"

Honki ni Natta Mr. Karate

Mr. Karate: "Bring it on!"
Choi: "Bring what on?"
Mr. Karate: "Either you start it, or I end it now!"
Choi: "What's up, buddy boy? What'd I do to you?"


Hugo: "...You are small! Want to join us?"
Choi: "Eeeeh-gyah! Did you call me small? Yes, you did, buddy boy!"
Hugo: "Stay away from my feet. I just might stomp you flat as a pancake."
Choi: "Oooh-hah!"

Iori Yagami

Iori: "Move, troll!"
Choi: "Ooh, hyah! Having a bad hair day? Bet you didn't even see me coming. Did you, huh?"
Iori: "You're history, dwarf!"

Kasumi Todoh

Kasumi: "What gives? Aren't you Kim's..."
Choi: "Curses! Curses! Don't tell Kim about this, OK, tootsie?"
Kasumi: "Hmm. Something's fishy."
Choi: "N-no. Anyway... Shush! Eh, tootsie?"

Ken Masters

Ken: "Hey little geezer. Care to spar?"
Choi: "Who, me, buddy boy? You're a rude one!"
Ken: "There's nothing like mixing it up with a freaks like you!"
Choi: "Eee-ya! You'll be sorry when I make sashimi of you!"

Kim Kaphwan

Kim: "And just what are you doing here?"
Choi: "Eek! Master Kim! Me?... Uh, training. That's it! Training!"
Kim: "Uh, huh... Well, then, let's spar a little, okay? "
Choi: "Oh, brother... I'm done for!"

Kyo Kusanagi

Kyo: "Oh, good grief! Another bonehead..."
Choi: "Don't pooh-pooh me! I'll slice you, buddy boy! Oooh-kee!"
Kyo: "You're toast, pal!"

M. Bison

Choi: "Evil I do not forgive. Just a joke, buddy boy."
Bison: "Hmph. I see you get me. I can use you as a gopher in my organization. Now, bow down to me."
Choi: "Don't play me! Even I've got some pride, buddy boy!"
Bison: "Very little. Ha ha! Oh, I kill me. So how 'bout it. Bow!"
Choi: "Pass!"

Mai Shiranui

Mai: "Choi! Have you seen my little Andy-kins?"
Choi: "How should I know where he is, tootsie? ...Andy-kins...Yee, hee!"
Mai: "Huh?! "Yee, hee!" What? You do know something!"

Mars People

Mars People: "Beep boop boop bop."
Choi: "An unusual creature. I'll catch it and sell it for a fortune!"

Mr. Karate

Choi: "...? Have we met somewhere before, buddy boy?"
Mr. Karate: "N-no. Not possible. We've never met...Really!"
Choi: "?! Are you by chance... Yeah, you're Tak..."
Mr. Karate: "Shhhht! Enough chit-chat! Put 'em up, tiny!"

Red Arremer

Choi: "I knew it! Cast into the fires of hell!..."
Red Arremer: "Goo-gyah!"
Choi: "Eeeeeeh. It's the devil!"

Riot of the Blood Iori

Choi: "What? You seem different, eh? A change of image?"
Iori: "Oooh-whoaaaa!"
Choi: "What, buddy boy?"

Ryo Sakazaki

Ryo: "You're alone today? Where's the giant?"
Choi: "It's none of your beeswax, buddy boy. I'm gonna make mincemeat of you by my lonesome, I will, buddy boy."
Ryo: "You're a spunky dwarf. Bring it on, troll boy."


Ryu: "That's a weird stance. Looks a bit like... Tae Kwon Do!"
Choi: "Eeee-yaoh! I'm a genuine Tae Kwon Do disciple!"
Ryu: "Tae Kwon Do with a touch of steel, eh? Cool! How about a match?"
Choi: "Eee-ya, hah! You'll add to the rust on my claws!"


Sagat: "Vermin. Get out of my sight!..."
Choi: "Why don't you see if I'm vermin or not!"
Sagat: "No need. Vermin is vermin. I've no time for vermin. An emperor like me touches not vermin."
Choi: "Vermin. Vermin. Vermin. You're making me mad!"
Sagat: "...Looks like you, you're vermin to me."


Shiki: "Move or die!"
Choi: "Well, I won't be dying, tootsie!"
Shiki: "......"

Shin Akuma

Choi: "Th-this one looks reeeeeally tough!"
Akuma: "Rumble!"
Choi:: "Holy freakshow! Game over, buddy boy!"


Tessa: "... (How miniscule... Is everyone like him?)
Choi: "Huh? You think me "miniscule" do you? How rude!"
Tessa: "What? You have the power to read my mind?"
Choi: "Eeeeh-yah! I knew it!"
Tessa: "You're so intriguing. Let me study you to establish sorcerology!"
Choi: "Cut. Cut. Cut. Cut. Mince! Chop!"

Terry Bogard

Terry: "Hey, kiddo, what's wrong? Are you lost?"
Choi: "Yeeee! Who are you calling kiddo, buddy boy!"
Terry: "What's this? A tiny geezer?"
Choi: "Doh! Gyah! You're going down, buddy boy!"


Choi: "Hmm. I guess I'm famous now, huh? But I'm not wearing a mask now, buddy boy."
Vega: "How repulsive."
Choi: "Eeeeh! I don't need guff from you, masked moron!"
Vega: "Enough of you... Pay with your death!"

Violent Ken

Ken: "Ooooooh-whoooo."
Choi: "Oh, great. Another freak."
Ken: "Ooooooh-whoooo. I'm gonna kill you!"
Choi: "But why, buddy boy?"


Choi: "Hey, you're small. You're OK in my book! Shake, buddy boy!"
Zero: "Move, gnat!"
Choi: "...You're outta my book."

Win Quotes

  • "Alone like this, I can't help thinking about...Kim. Not!...No way! Gag!"
  • "Hoo hooo delightful! I just love when you popular guys fall on your booties!"
  • "Try it now! Try looking at me like I'm just a pee-wee! Keeee-yah!"
  • "Yeah, I could make you a disciple of mine! Give me 1000 Push-ups!"
  • "Down falls the giant! There's no one but me to play David to your Goliath!" (Vs. Akuma)
  • "(I can't leave you to die like this, Kim...) Yikes! Did he hear me?!" (Vs. Kim)
  • "The more I look at this guy, the more I think of me. Oh no! Identity crisis!" (Vs. Vega)

If Choi defeats Athena

God: "Who'd have thought it? Athena defeated...?!"
Choi: "......"
God: "But this is heaven! Someone like you, has no place here! Hee-yah!"

If Choi defeats Red Arremer

God: "Who'd have thought it? Red Arremer defeated...?!"
Choi: "......"
God: "But this is the netherworld! Someone like you, has no place here! Hee-yah!"


Choi: "...... I'm home..."
?: "Choi."
Choi: "? !! Chang!!"
Chang: "Hey. I was so lonely!"
Choi: "There. There. We'll always be together, buddy-boy!"
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