Carol Stanzack (キャロル・スタンザック, Kyaroru Sutanzakku) is a character who is introduced in Savage Reign. She is voiced by Kana Ohshima who also voiced Nicola Zaza.


Carol is a beautiful, renowned, and wealthy gymnast. In order to ensure the future of her family's gymnastic arts, her father arranged for her to marry King Leo. Enraged by her lack of say in the matter, Carol enters the tournament to personally break the engagement. In her ending, she wins back her freedom only to be hounded by the infatuated Joker moments later.


A girl with high tastes and expectations in life. She wants to fight so she can live her life to her liking.


  • Energy Attacks - Carol can infuse her ball with energy.

Fighting Style

She uses kicks and her weapon to attack. Her fighting style is listed as Aikido, but the only Aikido move she uses is her throw.


  • Zuncha Cha - Savage Reign

Game Appearances


Carol's card in Card Fighters Clash DS.

Mobile Appearances

  • SNK Gals Island Beauty Dungeon Mimi to Kimashita!
  • SNK High School Collection

Cameo Appearances


SVC Card Carol+Tiffany Snkhssr80 Snkhssr80p Snkhsr24 Snkhsr24p Snkhssr6 Snkhssr6p




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