Byakki (白鬼, Byakki) is a character from Sengoku 3. He is one of the boss characters who can be playable after the third mission. His name literally means "white devil".


Byakki is a former ninja of Kagetsura's clan. He vanished from the clan when he was falsely accused of a certain incident. He meets Okuni, the only one who believed in his tale, and travels with her to prove his innocence. He decides to work together with the other ninja after they asked him for his aid.


Stubborn, willful, and a believer in his own cause. Byakki regrets what has transpired between him and his brother, but he is glad to be accepted and forgiven.


Aside from these powers, he also has all the skills perceived to be had by ninja (stealth, swimming, climbing, etc). He, like the rest of the characters from his game, also has the power to replace himself with a wooden dummy if he is wounded.

  • Summon Demon: Byakki can summon a large black-winged demon to attack his foes. The demon can strike with its claw, materialize itself for hits, or summon a meteor swarm to attack the entire screen.

Fighting StyleEdit

Like his brother, Byakki is considered to be an eccentric yet balanced character who works well at most distances. His attacks have large hitboxes and excellent reach, and his standing combo deals high damage and possesses excellent reach and priority. His special moves are very effective and damaging when performed appropriately: his "primary" special move is instantaneous, recovers quickly, can be followed up with a juggle, and is useful to okizeme enemies and bosses that have invincible wake-up attacks; his "secondary" special move should be reserved for ending combos, or followed by a dashing kick against grouped enemies. Byakki's sole weakness is his dashing kick, which has slightly better reach than Kurenai's; but this disadvantage can easily be replaced with his jumping weapon attack (while dashing) which has a wide hitbox that even extends slightly behind him.

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