Bon Bon Garou (ボンボン餓狼) is a series of graphic novelizations for the Fatal Fury series published in Bon Bon Magazine. They are written and illustrated by Yuji Hasoi, a mangaka who is known for creating the script adaptions for Battle Fever J and Dai Sentai Goggle V. Although his comics only follow the first three games, the author's goal for the manga was "anything goes" with little continuity made with the series's original story. As such, the comics have gained a cult status with the Japanese fandom for its irrational script and nonsensical plot. The series's title became a coined phrase for retro or silly versions of the game's characters (specifically Terry). The series also made a short cross-over with the Bon Bon version of Samurai Shodown.

Though the story roughly follows the game's events (Terry and his friends need to defeat the villain), several changes have been made to characters. Some examples are listed below:

  • Terry is a master of pro wrestling. He also uses lots of original moves, such as Power Elbow, Sunny Punch or Raging Upper, in typical superhero fashion.
  • Andy is mistaken for being Krauser's long lost son.
  • Joe wears a black cape and acts as a mysterious wanderer.
  • A clone of Kim and Cheng are minions of Krauser.
  • Big Bear tries to murder Joe by crashing into him with a car.
  • At one point in the comic, Laurence Blood wields a laser sword and attempts to blow Terry away with a tank.

A mugen of the third Bon Bon Garou has been made. It reenacts some of the bizarre events in the manga. A line from the third Bon Bon Garou can also be found in the fourth Days of Memories title.


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