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BoHyou's web address in the King of Fighters Perfect Reader.

BoHyou is a Japanese video-game based fansite that SNK-Playmore refers to numerous times when concerning their works before the company's bankruptcy. The site contains comprehensive background information, several older iterations of character profiles, midi and MP3 files of character themes, and copies of the on-line novels that were once on the Neo Geo sites. They also discuss oddities and inconsistencies with the titles. It was included as an easter-egg link in The King of Fighters Perfect Reader, next to the bonus drama CD at the end of the book.

Their parody series, The Bikkei (Good looking) Conference, was also included as a track on the same drama CD. Although the CD primarily features Kyo, the site aims their gag to all "beautiful" characters; their regular "hosts" are Andy Bogard, Robert Garcia, Ukyo Tachibana, and Iori Yagami. They sometimes use their voices for the characters to provide audio commentary for strategies discussed in gaming magazines. They also made an appearance in the 2005 KOF Year-End Party and have continued to do so since then. It can now be seen as the "Handsome News" section on the Japanese KOF Anniversary site.

Aside from SNK games, the site also covers the Fist of the North Star and Evangelion game series, various Capcom titles, and obscure hard-to-find merchandise for video games.

The site can be found here. Their Bikkei series can be found here. Certain episodes provide an audio track that should be played at the same time the reader reads the script. The popularity of this series is seen in the fan Q & A for Neo Geo Battle Coliseum as select fans quote the series to express their disappointment for Ukyo and Andy's absence in the cast.

The voice actor for the entire Bikkei Conference is known as Koitabatsu Atsuki. His other voice over projects can be found here and here, as well as at BoHyou's page. Iori was sometimes voiced by Kunihiko Yasui during live events.

Bikkei Notes

  • In this series, Andy is a somewhat panicky coward who believes in the "principles of beauty" the most out of the crew. Robert is the counterpart to Andy in that he interacts and usually agrees with him most of the time. Iori is the observer who analyzes the duo's ramblings with blunt and indirectly offensive statements. Ukyo is usually mute and responds with one liners or dramatic poetry.
  • All four characters will break the fourth wall by mentioning their thoughts on recent SNK releases. They also discuss their thoughts about their portrayals in each game series. For example, one of Robert's pet peeves is his age since he is in his twenties in Art of Fighting, then eternally 24 in KOF, and then magically 30+ in Neo Geo Battle Coliseum. At one time or another, members will flaunt their newer appearances as a humorous sign of status.
  • One of the running gags of the series is Ukyo bursting into a coughing fit because of an unintentional personal insult. Both Andy and Robert then demand the offender to apologize. Usually, this spot is filled by Iori. A mugen version of Ukyo has been made surrounding this gag.

Common set up of the gag:

Ukyo - "Gahaa!"
Andy - "He vomited blood!?"
Robert - "Ukyo-san coughed up blood! Yeah, this is bad. Really bad! (tangent about offense)"
「右京さんが血ぃ吐きよったで! せ、せや! あかんかったんや! ... 」
Ukyo - "Gahaa!"
Andy - "A... Apologize, (full name of offender)!"
「あ、謝れ、( ___ )!」
Robert - "Apologize to Ukyo-san!"
  • Ukyo's catchphrase when he's upset is "... Read the mood!" (・・・空気読め! or KY; Kuki yome!). He usually directs this phrase to a witless Iori.
  • Iori is usually late to these meetings due to his popularity in the "film sets" (games). As the series goes on, he criticizes the randomness of the conference and creates a plan for which discussions should take place. Ironically, after the conference begins to follow his suggestion, Iori is hardly present to see the results.
  • Another gag is Robert discussing an odd tangent that he believes is relevant to the subject at hand. Most of the characters won't understand what he's saying. After he sees their witless reactions, he'll throw a tantrum and usually phone Karman Cole to pick him up or set up something extravagant for him.
  • When the characters have an echoing scream, the speaker will repeat the last syllable multiple times to cheaply emulate the effect. Special moves are usually spoken with the actual reverb effect.
  • Fan-made compositions of various game themes are played in the background of their audio performances.
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