Baseball Stars is a series of baseball video games developed by SNK.


Released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1989.
Originally released for Neo Geo. Features all the teams in the original Baseball Stars for the NES, but the teams' features could not be changed, gamers could only play as them.
Originally released for Neo Geo. Features 18 teams across 2 leagues (exciting league & fighting league) and put more emphasis on graphics and actual gameplay (for example, being able to change pitchers or batters and powering up batters which increased the size of your bat).

Two additional games were made with the Baseball Stars title for SNK's handheld systems, Neo Geo Pocket and Neo Geo Pocket ColorBaseball Stars and Baseball Stars Color.

Other Games

Finally, there were two other Nintendo baseball games with the same "engine" that was featured in Baseball Stars 1 and 2, though not "officially" Baseball Stars games:

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