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Athena on STAGE! (アテナ オン ステージ) is a raising simulation for Athena Asamiya. Like the remake and fan contest, this application was made in honor of the idol's 20th anniversary, which was officially celebrated at the 2006 Tokyo Game Show. The main attraction of this game is Athena's seasonal wardrobe.

The game takes place in the year 200X at Esaka. The player is a down-on-his-luck talent scout who is ordered by his producer to look for some fresh talent. He finds Athena by chance and they work together for her big debut. They have a year to work on her creativity, looks, singing and acting prowess, and entertainment value before the audition. The player helps her out by having Athena undergo various lessons while acting as her mentor and motivator.

Music in this game is later compiled in the CD, Athena the Music.

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