The Athena Costume Contest Web is a Japanese fansite that was dedicated to designing the next outfit for Athena Asamiya in the coming KOF tournaments. It was co-sponsored by SNK for Athena's 20 year anniversary, and a selective group of the site's designs were shown during their presentation at the 2006 Tokyo Game Show. Fans with their work presented were given special recognition from Haruna Ikezawa along with an exclusive pack of collectables.

Themes were chosen at random, sometimes leaving the design motif open for the fans' interpretation. Mini contests were also held, and a poll was made for members to vote for their favorite images. Common submissions -aside from the "idol type"- were pirate, maid, and Chinese outfits. After their work was shown at the show, the site became an active community for Athena fans.

Their website is located here. A contest for designing Athena's winter wardrobe is currently in place until March 14.

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