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Athena Asamiya

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Here is a list of quotes for Athena Asamiya.

In Battle

Japanese English translation Occurs when/during
Athena ikimasu!Here comes Athena!Intro
Asamiya Athena ikimasu!Here comes Athena Asamiya!Intro
Ganbarimasu!I'll do my best!Intro/Character Select
Athena, on suteji!Athena, on stage!Intro/Character Select
Gomenasai!I'm sorry!Taunt/Round Loss
Daijoubu!I'm okay!Wake Up
Mada mada!Not yet!Wake Up
Onegai!Please!Calling Striker/Switching Out
Yatta! Gu!I did it! Good!Round Win
Ie~i, kanpeki!Yay, perfect!Round Win
Watashitachi wa makenaiwa!We can't lose!Round Win
Athena ni omakase!Leave it to Athena!Round Win/Character Select/Taunt
Gudo faito!Good fight!Round Win
Naisu faito!Nice fight!Round Win
Kanpeki, deshou?Perfect, don't you think?Round Win

The King of Fighters '94

Win Quotes

  • "You should at least defeat us!" (vs. Team Italy)
  • "Never impersonate us again!" (vs. Team China)
  • "We were lucky this time." (vs. Team Japan)
  • "You stink of sweat!" (vs. Team USA)
  • "The team is not well-balanced." (vs. Team Korea)
  • "Life is more than fighting!" (vs. Team Brazil)
  • "I'm sorry, sisters." (vs. Team England)
  • "You rely on power too much!" (vs. Team Mexico)

Win Quotes (JPN version)

  • "Rumors about you being awesome were true! However, we win this time!" (vs. Team Italy)
  • "Rumors about your strong fists were true. Can we fight you again someday?" (vs. Team Mexico)
  • "I am the original heroine of SNK. I'm sorry..." (vs. Team England)
  • "When I fight against Japanese people I become very nostalgic." (vs. Team Japan)
  • "Martial arts aren't only about power. Understand that well!" (vs. Team USA)
  • "If you imitate others you won't become strong. Now fight with your own power!" (vs. Team China)
  • "What an amazing team! But why aren't you well balanced?" (vs. Team Korea)
  • "Life isn't just about fighting. How about you think about that this time?" (vs. Team Brazil)

Arranged Sound Trax album (Psycho Soldier "K.O.F. Version")

Athena: "I'm so happy that you can listen to this song again."
Kensou: "It's a nostalgic song. Glad to hear Athena's beautiful voice again."
Athena: "Thanks! I want everyone to memorize this and sing it."

The King of Fighters '95

Win Quotes

  • "I may be a woman, but I'm one tough, fabulous babe!"
  • "There's no tea time for heroines. Let's go!"
  • "You weren't that bad. You were pathetic! Go home!"
  • "There's no tea time for me. Let's go!" (Game Boy Version)

The King of Fighters '96

Win Quotes

  • "I just love it when these battles go full contact!"
  • "Watch me in the next match. This time I might even try!"
  • "Wow! That was fun. Let's do it again soon."
  • "Let's fight again if we have a chance. I'm looking forward to it!" (Game Boy Version)

The King of Fighters '98

In Battle

Japanese English translation Occurs when/during
Arigato gozaimashita!Thank you very much!Round Win

Special Intros

Sie Kensou

Kensou: Mmmh! Athena! (a heart floats from him towards Athena)
Athena: Mou...Hazukashii na... - Oh, how embarrassing...

Chin Gentsai

Athena: Yoroshiku onegai shimasu! - Please treat me well! (Chin nods)

Win Quote

  • "Sorry about that. Are you hurt? I guess I got a bit carried away." (also in KOF'98UM)

Win Quotes (JPN version)

Japanese English Translation
Gomenasai, kega wa arimasen ka? Watashi mo hisshidattanode, tsui Sorry about that, are you hurt? I guess I got carried away, a bit.
Zenshinzenrei o kaketa shiai, tanoshikattadesu. Arigato gozaimashita! I put my heart and soul into that match, and I had fun. Thank you very much!
Kore, saikin dashita watashi no arubamudesu. Yokereba kii te kudasai ne! Here, this is my latest album. Please listen to it!
Makeru kamo to omoimashita...kedo, kiseki o shinjireba omoi wa todoku monona ndesu ne I thought I might lose...but, if you believe in miracles, they can happen!

The King of Fighters '99

In Battle

Japanese English translation Occurs when/during
Todoke, kokoro ni...Search into your heart...As Striker
Ganbatte!Do your best!Striker Success
Gomen ne!Sorry!Striker Fail
Hehe! Ganba ganba!Hehe! Hang in there!Round Win

Special Intros

Sie Kensou

Kensou: Wai wa Athena no naito wa sakai! - I'm Athena's knight in shining armor!
Athena: Ganbarimasu! Nani? - I'll do my best! ...huh? What?


Bao: (bows) Ganbarimasu! - I'll do my best!
Athena: Ganbatte, ne? - Do your best, okay?

Win Quote

  • "Everyone got so strong! I gotta train harder!"

Win Quotes (JPN version)

Japanese English Translation
Minnasan no tsuyosa mo nisshingeppodesu ne watashi mo isshōkenmei shugyō shinakereba Everyone got so strong that I gotta train harder!
Yoki aite ga irukara koso, ryoku ga hakki dekimasu yo ne. Honto kansha shitemasu! Because I have great partners, I can show my strength. I'm really grateful!
Kore, saikin dashita watashi no shashin-shūdesu. Yokereba mite kudasai ne Here, this is my latest photo book. Please look at it!

The King of Fighters 2000

In Battle

Japanese English translation Occurs when/during
Todoke, kokoro ni...Search into your heart...As Striker
Ganbatte!Do your best!Striker Success
Gomen ne!Sorry!Striker Fail
A...ano ne... Kensou? Kiiteiru?H...hey, you know... Kensou? Can you hear me?Win vs. Kensou

Special Intro

Sie Kensou

Kensou: O...ore wa...omae no koto ga...SUKI NANYA! - I...I...I really...LOVE YOU!
Athena: Eh?? Uhh, heh? - Eh?? Uhh, heh?

Win Quote

  • "I won't say you're weak. I'll just think it, ok?"

Lose Quote

  • "What went wrong that time, huh?"

The King of Fighters 2001

In Battle

Japanese English translation Occurs when/during
Ikimasu!Here I come!As Striker

Special Intro

Sie Kensou

(Kensou clenches his fists, irritated that Athena didn't respond to his confession)
Athena: Nani? Onaka...iitai no? - Huh? Does...your stomach hurt?

Win Quotes

  • "A fighting idol's life is tough. But I got my fans to think of."
  • "Like my new costume? I think it's just darling."
  • "This crystal's pretty, huh? It keeps me focused."
  • "An all women team? Can I join next time?" (vs. Women Fighters Team)
  • "Now promise me your evil deeds end here, ok?" (vs. NESTS Team)
  • "You've gotten much better, but you need more practice." (vs. Kensou)
  • "W-what? Where's Jhun? What's going on here?" (vs. Chang)

The King of Fighters 2002

In Battle

Japanese English translation Occurs when/during
Ganbatte!! Ikimasu!I'll do my best! Here I come!Intro, Round 1
Sa! Iku yo!Now! Here I go!Intro, Other Rounds

Special Intro

Sie Kensou

Kensou: Athena...
Athena: Kensou...gomen ne... - Kensou...I'm sorry... (Kensou looks shocked) ...atashi Kensou-no niku-man tabetatta! - ...I ate your meat-bun (Kensou falls to the ground)

Win Quotes

  • "Huh? Another match? Oh, G...Grrreat! I love my life. (Not.)" (also in KOF2002UM, but with "Not" omitted)
  • "Gotta run. I've got an audition! Pray for me!" (Hold B)
  • "Just trying to make you happy. Another knuckle sandwich?" (Hold C)
  • "Why do you use your power for evil? I'm so sad. Boo Hoo." (vs. evil characters)
  • "Been skipping your workouts, eh? I'm telling the master..." (vs. Kensou)
  • "If you want your butt kicked again, just call on me!" (vs. Kim)

The King of Fighters 2003

In Battle

Japanese English translation Occurs when/during
Asamiya Athena deshita!That was Athena Asamiya!Round Win

Win Quotes

  • "Thank you for your cheers! It's time for my encore!"
  • "Hee, hee. Like my new costume, do you?"
  • "Master, are you watching? I'm battling like a goddess!"
  • "They call me Athena Asamiya! Join my fan club, okay?!"
  • "Is that your stage costume? It's quite unique, Isn't it?" (vs. Ash)
  • "Huh? Where's your pal? Finished his parole, has he?" (vs. Chang)
  • "Huh? A-an autograph? Sorry, not during matches." (vs. Jhun)
  • "Quite a tough mission, huh? Relax and listen to my tunes." (vs. Leona)

The King of Fighters XI

Special Intros

Sie Kensou

Athena: Kensou...
Kensou: Kaettekita de. Shinpai shitekure de...nawatte nai ka? Athena? - I'm back. Thanks for worrying're not worried, are you? Athena?
Athena: Iku yo! - Let's go!


Momoko: Momoko gambari! - Momoko will do her best! (Athena pats Momoko's head)

Win Quotes

  • "My Psycho Power is tops! At this rate, I'm sure to win!"
  • "Master, Bao, and Kaoru... I owe this victory all to you!"
  • "My fans' cheers kept me going. It's the source of my power!"
  • "Something wicked this way comes... Man, did you shower this week?"
  • "I'm really against this. I know I'm busy, but how could my agency hire a mimic!? (Vs. Herself)
  • "Oh, for crying out loud, Kensou! A year of training did you no good!" (Vs. Kensou)
  • "Oh, don't cry, Momo... I'm sorry. You're a toughy-wuffy wittle girl!" (Vs. Momoko)
  • "You bear a painful destiny. So, I'll sing you a song...just for you!" (Vs. K' and Gato)

The King of Fighters XII

Win Quotes

  • "Au revoir, monsieur." (vs. Ash)
  • "You should have taken me more seriously! Ooh... You're just awful, Benimaru!" (vs. Benimaru)
  • "Perfect! Don't you think?" (vs. Clark)
  • "You can almost see the stress coming out of your fists! What's up with that?" (vs. Duo Lon)
  • "I think you're holding something back. Well, a fight's a fight! And I win!" (vs. Elisabeth)
  • "Whew! I was so scared... I wish my master had been here...!" (vs. Iori)
  • "For Kensou and Master Chin too... I'm not gonna sit still for one minute!" (vs. Joe)
  • "Just what were you looking at during our fight? How come you're so relaxed out there, Kensou?" (vs. Kensou)
  • "I enjoyed the match! Thank you!" (vs. Kim)
  • "I'm sorry! I just can't afford to lose this year!" (vs. Kyo)
  • "Leona, what happened? Are you preoccupied with something...?" (vs. Leona)
  • "So, um... was losing part of your mission, maybe...?" (vs. Ralf)
  • "Robert, are you all right? (Maybe my best was a little TOO good...?)" (vs. Robert)
  • "Say hi to Yuri, Takuma and Robert-- oh! And King-- for me!" (vs. Ryo)
  • "I trained in China for a really long time. My pronunciation is pretty good, don't you think? Zai jian!" (vs. Shen)
  • "Oh, Terry! You're just TOO nice to the ladies, you know!" (vs. Terry)

The King of Fighters XIII

In Battle

Japanese English translation Occurs when/during
Arigato gozaimashita!Thank you very much!Win vs. Chin

Pre-Battle Dialogues (Story Mode)

"KOF Teams" Intro

Athena: "So, how's your training going, Kensou?"
Kensou: "It's going just fine, thank you very much! I feel like a brand new person! Just look at how manly I've become, Athena!"
Athena: "Uh... Sure... I guess?"
Kensou: "Hey, wait! You didn't even look properly! Did you even see these manly biceps!?"
Athena: "Oh, Kensou. You can't judge the manliness of biceps just by looking. You can only truly tell how manly a guy is by fighting a match with them."
Kensou: "W-Wait, that's not really necessary, is it? Come on, say something, Teach!"
Chin: "Hmmm, I haven't seen you two spar in a while. It'd make for a good warm up, certainly!"
Athena: "See, I'm right! Great! Let's get started, Kensou!"
Kensou: "Why does this always happen!? Oh, all right. Let me show you a little of what I've learned!"

Team Japan (Round 1 - Playing as Team Japan)

Athena: "Don't you ever wear your school uniform anymore, Kyo?"
Kyo: "Nah, I think I'm a bit too old for that now..."
Athena: "Really!? Then you finally graduated! Congratulations!"
Kyo: "Hm? Yeah... I guess... Something like that."
Benimaru: "Just tell her, Kyo. You couldn't ask for an easier lead in..."
Kyo: "S-shut up! There's nothing to say..."
Athena: "Wait, what's he talking about!? Kyo, you aren't..."
Kensou: "You're not still getting held back, are you!?"
Kyo: "No, I'm not! I'm just not in school anymore!"
Kensou: "Oh. So then did you graduate?"
Daimon: "Well, sometimes in a boy's life, things happen, and stuff changes..."
Benimaru: "He's been in all these incidents, and then he just disappeared for a while..."
Chin: "Still, I can't condone this. Winners don't quit, especially when it comes to school. This must be causing your parents so much grief. Why don't you finish school?"
Daimon: "He does make a good point, Kyo..."
Kyo: "Stop pressuring me into things! Let's get this fight over already!"
Kensou: "But... you didn't actually decide anything."
Benimaru: "It's probably best not to push the subject any further."
Athena: "O-Okay...

Team Elisabeth

Athena: "You came here looking for Ash, didn't you?"
Elisabeth: "...So you know? Either way, that information will do you no good at this point."
Athena: "B-But..."
Shen Woo: "Hey, we haven't even started, and you're already looking weak! You'd better put up a good fight!"
Kensou: "We're just worried about you personally! It won't affect the outcome of the fight!"
Duo Lon: "You're so certain you'll win that you can show concern for us? Surely you're not that foolish...?"
Chin: "Now now, it's nothing like that. The kid just has some quirks, that's all. He's always trying to bear the world's problems by himself. It's painful to watch."
Elisabeth: "......"
Athena: "I know! We'll help you locate Ash!"
Shen Woo: "Wait, why would you do that?"
Kensou: "Well, it is our job to help people."
Duo Lon: "Well, what about this match, then?"
Athena: "We will fight with all our might, obviously! After that, we will help you find Ash!"
Elisabeth: "I appreciate the sentiment. By talking with you, I've been able to sort out what I was feeling."
Athena: "So..."
Elisabeth: "This is my family's problem! I cannot let young people like you become entangled in this!"
Athena: "E-Elisabeth!?"
Elisabeth: "If you really want to help our cause, you can do so by stepping aside now..."
Kensou: "Wh-What should we do, Teach? Looks like we only got her more fired up!"
Chin: "I don't think we can avoid this one. It's tough, but we'll have to deal with it."

Team Fatal Fury

Athena: "It's such an honor to fight the world-famous Terry Bogard!"
Terry: "Oh, stop. I'm nothing special. I'm just happy if I can get in a good fight."
Andy: "You've changed, Kensou. It looks like you've spent a lot of time training."
Kensou: "Thanks for noticing! I've got some new tricks up my sleeve too! Wanna see?"
Chin: "Hohoho, maybe we should have a little contest between Tung's students and mine, eh? Yes, yes, I like the sound of that. I'll just be sitting on the side, having a drink..."
Joe: "Hey, old man. Stop acting senile."
Chin: "Hm? Oh, sorry. I hadn't noticed you."
Joe: "They're having their own party over there, so why don't you entertain me for a while, huh?"
Chin: "But I'm already so old. I don't think I'd be much of a challenge for you..."
Joe: "I said cut the act, old man! You're Master Tung's friend, right? Then maybe you can teach me something! I want to show off some of my moves!"
Chin: "My my, what a spirited young man. All right, I guess I'll stretch my muscles a bit then."

Team Women Fighters

Yuri: "Hey, Athena, isn't it hard being an idol? I mean, you can't hang out with friends in public or date and stuff, right?"
Athena: "Yeah, there are some restrictions on my personal life... But I'm happy to be an idol, so I can accept those inconveniences!"
Mai: "But you're still so young! You should date! Love makes you prettier and stronger!"
King: "Oh, here we go. Again with the Andy stories..."
Yuri: "Hey, what about you, King!?"
King: "W-What are you talking about!?"
Yuri: "You've gotten a lot prettier ever since you started seeing my brother."
King: "D-Don't be ridiculous! Well, what about you? What's going on between you and Robert?"
Chin: "Hohoho, that brings back memories. I remember when I first met granny..."
Athena: "It's so nice that you all have someone special to talk so passionately about. I wish I could have someone like that in my life..."
Kensou: "Hey, wait a minute! You have me, Athena!"
Athena: "Huh? You don't count, Kensou you're like a friend, or an ally or something."
Mai: "Oh, poor Kensou♪ He's stuck in "just friends" jail."
Kensou: "Could you all shut up for a second? Athena, I really lo...l-lo...lo-lo-lo-lo!"
Athena: "Kensou! Not in front of everyone else!"
Yuri: "Oh? That's a suspicious response! Was that all an act just now?"
Athena: "W-What? There wasn't anything suspicious..."
Kensou: "Athena, I lo-lo... luhhhhh!"
Athena: "Oh, give it a rest already, Kensou! Look, it's time to fight now, okay? Let's go!"
Mai: "That's a shame... Still no progress this time, eh?"
Chin: "Hoho! That's youth for you!"

Team Kim

Kim: "I knew I would run into you here, Athena! The heart of the righteous never knows defeat!"
Athena: "Yes, exactly! Let's make this the best match ever!"
Hwa Jai: "Hey hey, wait a second here! We're fighting kids and the elderly? Is this some kind of joke?"
Kensou: "Watch your mouth, old man! There's no need to get personal. We're here in the finals. You know what that means, right?"
Kim: "Indeed. You are a worthy match. These two have trained under Master Chin. You know Master Tung, correct? This man and Master Tung are old friends."
Hwa Jai: "What!? He's a friend of Tung!?"
Chin: "Why, yes I am. I wonder how old Tung is doing..."
Raiden: "I may be a heel, but picking on senior citizens would look bad, even for me... Hey, gramps! How about I let you have a couple free hits or somethin'?"
Hwa Jai: "Shut it, Raiden! Kung fu grampas aren't something to mess with..."
Chin: "Hm? Are you talking about me? I think you're overestimating me a bit."
Raiden: "Relax, Hwa. I'm like 50 times his size. I'll crush him before he tries anything."
Hwa Jai: "How many times do I gotta tell you that size doesn't matter in a fight! Heh, we'd better just beat him up before he has time to try anything funny!"
Chin: "Now now, don't get all aggressive. I'm just a harmless old man..."
Kim: "We're not falling for that one, Master Chin. Allow us to take you on in battle!"

Team Japan (Finals - Playing as Team Psycho Soldier)

Athena: "Kyo, are you after Ash too?"
Kyo: "So you know? Good. That makes things easier. This is the final match. Sorry, but I really gotta win this one!"
Athena: "Well, so do we. We can't disappoint all the people who we've defeated up to this point. We can't afford to lose this match!"
Benimaru: "Wow, someone's ready for battle. Something happen, sweet thing?"
Kensou: "Joke all you want, blondie. We're not the kids you used to know."
Benimaru: "Oh, can you actually fight this time?"
Daimon: "Master Chin... So you're..."
Chin: "Hmph, I knew you would have it figured out by now. It's not that I don't trust you, but I'm going to have to ask you to step aside."
Kyo: "As if , old man... Besides, this is my problem, you hear? So just get out of my way!"
Athena: "Kyo, you shouldn't try to do everything on your own. We can help you too!"

Pre-Battle Dialogues

Andy Bogard

Andy: "I can't go easy on anyone, no matter who the opponent is! That's the right thing to do as a martial artist!"
Athena: "Right! Let's give it our best!"
Andy: "I can sense your indomitable spirit! I can see why Master Chin chose you as one of his disciples!"

Ash Crimson

Athena: "I didn't see it before, but I see it now... You are carrying some kind of determination in your heart."
Ash: "So what if I am? I'm not asking to be understood by any of you."
Athena: "But, it's so sad! Surely you need someone you can confide in..."
Ash: "Enough with the talking, mademoiselle ♪ I don't have all day."

Benimaru Nikaido

Athena: "Benimaru! I'm telling you right now that if you dare to go easy on me, I'll get really, really, really angry!"
Benimaru: "If I take this seriously I won't feel good about myself, and if I don't, you will hate me... Do you see all the dilemmas I have to face in my everyday life!?"
Athena: "Oh, poor baby! Now stop screwing around and fight me, already!"
Benimaru: "As you wish. I can see that you're more of a warrior than a little girl anyway."

Billy Kane

Athena: "I hear you have a younger sister... What would she say if she saw you here like this?"
Billy: "Mind your own business! My family is no concern of yours!"

Chin Gentsai

Athena: "It's an honor to be able to fight you again, Master! Please don't hold back!"
Chin: "That's good to hear. Well, maybe you could do me a favor and go a bit easy on me today? Maybe it's my old age, but I've been feeling very tired lately and I don't know if I can keep up..."
Athena: "Don't try to dupe me into letting my guard down! I know all your tricks, Master!"

Clark Still

Athena: "I don't want to get in the way of your mission but... I can't accept defeat here either!"
Clark: "Don't worry about it, I won't ask you to let me win for the sake of my mission, little girl. Field work is expected in my line of work. I'll gain victory and complete my mission by my own hands!"

Duo Lon

Athena: "Poor you! Your heart radiates nothing but sorrow and pain!"
Duo Lon: "If you can really hear the dead crying in agony, then you should do the sensible thing and leave here right now. You're too docile to survive for long..."
Athena: "I still have to fight! For all the people out there who are too weak to defend themselves!"


Elisabeth: "Such innocent and beautiful eyes... You look far too nice to continue fighting."
Athena: "Thanks for your compliments and concern! But I'm a warrior, just like you! If I were the type to just give up when facing a tough opponent, I wouldn't have come here in the first place!"
Elisabeth: "I can sense your firm resolve. Very well, then. I, Elisabeth Blanctorche, shall be your opponent today!"

Evil Ash

Athena: "This ominous force... These black flames! You're not Ash, are you?"
Evil Ash: "Who cares!? Just shut up! All your talk about love and peace makes me retch! Jealousy and hatred are so much appropriate for humans!  These are your true dark desires! And our master shall swallow these desires of yours, and use them to come back to life once more!"
Athena: "No... I won't let you! Even if I have to lay down my life, I'll find a way to stop you!"

Goro Daimon

Athena: "Hello, Mr. Daimon! How's Mr. Shingo doing?"
Goro: "Oh, he's getting better. I'll be sure to tell him you asked about him."
Athena: "Thank you! We're about the same age so I was worried about him..."


Athena 1: "Huh!? Wh-What's this!? Another me!?"
Athena 2: "I-Is this some kind of a set-up? Like a hidden camera show or something?"

Hwa Jai

Hwa Jai: "I can't stand it when little brats like you prance around acting like they know everything about fighting! What on earth could you possibly know? You were still wearing diapers a week ago!"
Athena: "I am younger than you, but I still do believe I know what fighting is about!"

Iori Yagami

Athena: "Iori... Are you still chasing after Kyo even though you've lost your flames?"
Iori: "You again... I'm getting sick of all you talking! Instead of bothering other people, straighten out your own life first!"

Joe Higashi

Joe: "Hey, how've you been, Athena? I'm always rooting for ya when I see you on TV!"
Athena: "Thanks, Joe! I always try my hardest to honor my fans!"
Joe: "Well, sadly, I'm gonna have to disappoint some of those fans today. You see, today is my day to shine!"
Athena: "We'll just see about that, Joe!"


K': "Psh... Another kid, huh? It's so tiresome to have to go easy on kids like you all the time."
Athena: "Are you really that worried about me? I knew you were a good guy after all!"
K': "Wh-What!? Shut your piehole, girl! I've wasted enough time on this conversation already!"

Kim Kaphwan

Athena: "Nice to see you Kim! How's Jhun doing?"
Kim: "I think you misunderstand our relationship. We are not particularly close in any way."
Athena: "Really? I thought you two were best friends."
Kim: "Is that how it appears? I'm sure he would be even more disappointed to hear that than I am. Well, enough about Jhun. Let's begin!"


Athena: "I'm usually teamed up with my teacher, so I always kind of envy you, King! It must be so much fun to put together a team with a different group of girls. Just like in school!"
King: "Well, if you'd like, I'd gladly exchange one of my teammates for you!"
Athena: "W-Why, Miss King? Did something happen?"
King: "Well, nothing serious, it's just... Mai and Yuri just can't hold their liquor very well... And you're still a minor so I couldn't possibly ask you to take care of two drunkards, could I?"
Athena: "Oh, I don't mind. I'm used to being around people when they get hammered! Whenever Master gets drunk, he goes out and fights pandas!"
King: "R-Really!? Is that what your teacher does when he gets drunk?"
Athena: "Oh yeah, it happens all the time! Grandma always gets really angry with him though!:
King: "Wow... Alcohol is the great equalizer, huh?"

Kula Diamond

Athena: "What are K' and Maxima thinking!? Don't they care about anyone but themselves?"
Kula: "What are you so upset about, miss? Did K' do something mean to you?"
Athena: "Not to me, to you! Always putting you into these dangerous situations! I don't care how strong you are, you're still just a kid! Those men are so inconsiderate!"
Kula: "Huh? I'm not a kid anymore, you know? That boy with the big hat is much younger than me!"
Athena: "This isn't about Bao, it's about you! I'm going to tell those guys not to put you in jeopardy and I'll make sure they listen!"

Kyo Kusanagi

Kyo: "Wow, I don't know what to say... Is this one of your strategies?"
Athena: "Huh? Strategies? What are you talking about?"
Kyo: "I mean, this is just a PR stunt, right? No one your age wears a sailor uniform anymore."
Athena: "Th-That's not a PR stunt! It's a return to my origin! It's a throwback!"
Kyo: "A throwback? I wouldn't wear a school uniform anymore if my life depended on it."
Athena: "J-Just shut up about it already, or you'll get me really angry! Let's get this over with!"

Leona Heidern

Athena: "U-Umm... Leona? Are you feeling okay?"
Leona: "I'm fine... Why do you ask...?"
Athena: "...I can't just say that she looks even moodier than usual, can I?"
Leona: "Do you have a problem with me looking moody?"
Athena: "Eek! Did I just say that out loud!?"
Leona: "Don't worry about thinking that I look moody. I certainly don't mind."
Athena: "S-Somehow, your indifference only makes me feel worse..."

Mai Shiranui

Mai: "A sailor uniform... That takes me back... I remember the days when I was a schoolgirl and I... ...Wait, you're making me sound like I'm an old hag here! How dare you?! I'll show you! I've got plenty of good years left!"
Athena: "W-Wait Mai, I didn't say anything..."


Athena: "You people again! No matter how many times you keep coming back, I will put an end to your evil plans!"
Mature: "Pretending to be the defender of peace... It makes my hair stand on end! This planet doesn't need you or any of mankind. It needs Orochi! That is why we shall appear again and again! The planet itself is keeping us alive!"
Athena: "Even if that's true, I still can't let you destroy mankind! I firmly believe in humanity's possibilities!"
Mature: "You will be savagely disappointed. But perhaps that's just what a naive girl like you needs... You need a lesson in the cruelty of this world!"


Maxima: "You're wearing something new every time I see you. Do you know what a pain it is to be constantly updating your images in my database?"
Athena: "Huh!? Why are you even concerned about keeping track of stuff like that, Maxima!?"
Maxima: "I-It's nothing like that! I'm only interested in your strength, but you tend to fight differently depending on your outfit. That's it!"

Mr. Karate

Athena: "That aura... Are you Mr. Sakazaki? But... Wh-What happened to you!?"
Mr. Karate: "Begone, girl... If the very thought of me scares you, then you will not last long against me."
Athena: "But I have to do this! I may be inexperienced, but I'm still a warrior!"


Athena: "You shouldn't wear yourself out like that all the time, Kyo. Everyone's worried about you!"
Kyo: "Well then, you can tell everyone not to... Wait a minute. Yuki didn't ask you to come here, did she?"


Raiden: "Hey now, what kind of a handicap match is this!? This is gonna be too one-sided to be any fun!"
Athena: "Isn't it a pro's duty to put on a great fight no matter who you're fighting? That's what I always do when I get on the stage! After all, there are some people in the audience that may never get to see me again!"
Raiden: "Gah ha ha! Well you've got me beaten in that round, missy! You're absolutely right! Time to get serious! Let's put on a show to remember!"

Ralf Jones

Ralf: "Hmm... I wonder why our girlie can't be a little bit more like you."
Athena: "Um, Ralf, are you talking about Leona?"
Ralf: "Yeah. Do you... Do you think you could tell me why she has to be like that all the time?"
Athena: "U-Uhhh, I, uh, I guess I have a vague idea... Are you sure you want to hear it?"
Ralf: "Yeah, go for it! Maybe it'll be a shock, but it can only help the situation in the long run, right?"
Athena: "Well, okay... I think the biggest reason she's that way is because of the people around her..."
Ralf: "What!? Are you saying Clark and the Commander are to blame!?"
Athena: "Hey! You left yourself out! You're the biggest problem of the bunch!"

Robert Garcia

Robert: "So you're my next opponent, huh, Athena? Fighting you just doesn't feel right, though..."
Athena: "Huh? It doesn't feel right? What's that supposed to mean!?"
Robert: "It's just that you have some very, er, enthusiastic fans, and they scare the living daylights out of me."
Athena: "I see... I can't help you with that. You're going to have to talk to Jhun yourself..."
Robert: "Haha! I didn't even have to mention him by name and you knew who it was. Well, even with your one-man insane fan club, I'm still going all out!"
Athena: "I wouldn't have it any other way! We'll settle this fair and square!"

Ryo Sakazaki

Ryo: "Don't you think you're relying on your psychic powers too much? It seems like you're neglecting your physical training. Once the chips are down, all you can truly rely on are your own arms and legs!"
Athena: "Those, and my mind! My Master has taught me how to wield my mind as a weapon well!"
Ryo: "I see... It seems I've said too much then. Let's see what you're capable of!"


Athena: "Your evil plan ends here! I will stop you!"
Saiki: "Psycho Powers, eh? You seem to be closer to us than to human beings..."
Athena: "What's that supposed to mean!? I'm nothing like you!"
Saiki: "Hm? Do you not understand? Or are you just playing dumb? Either way, you will still find out how narrow-minded humans really are! Killing you off before you've experienced total despair is merciful, is it not?"

Shen Woo

Shen: "I promise not to hit you in the face. Your fans would probably never let me hear the end of it if I did."
Athena: "I appreciate your kindness, but that will not be necessary! I may be an idol, but I'm a Psycho Soldier first!"
Shen: "Great! You're definitely one of the old man's pupils. Out of respect, I won't go easy on you!"

Sie Kensou

Kensou: "U-uh, Athena, I, uh... I l-l, l-lo, lo-lo.."
Athena: "Right, let's go, Kensou! Don't think you'll be let off easy this time!"
Kensou: "Wha? No, just listen to me for a moment, Athena! I lo, l-lo, lololo!"
Athena: "I-I can't hear you! L-let's just go already!"

Takuma Sakazaki

Takuma: "I have never once underestimated the power of Kung Fu since my fight with Lee Gakusuo. I will give it 100% whether my opponent is a fearsome Kung Fu master or a young girl such as yourself!"
Athena: "Thank you! It means a lot to me that you acknowledge me as a true martial artist! Now let us fight and hold nothing back!"

Terry Bogard

Terry: "I know how to please the crowd pretty good, but you've got me totally beat in that category!"
Athena: "D-Don't be silly! Your performance always gets the fans fired up!"
Terry: "I'm glad to hear that coming from you! Well then, let's have a fight that'll keep people buzzin' for years!"
Athena: "Absolutely! My fans around the globe are counting on it!"


Vice: "Long time no see, Idol Girl! How've you been?"
Athena: "You're from the Orochi Clan, aren't you? You're still alive!?"
Vice: "Never mind that. Let me hear you scream in perfect pitch once again!"

Yuri Sakazaki

Yuri: "Hnnnn... HA! Heeya! No, that's not right..."
Athena: "Umm... Yuri? What are you doing?"
Yuri: "I'm developing Psycho Powers, obviously! I thought I could learn a thing or two from you..."
Athena: "If it was really that easy to develop my powers, then what would that say about all the work that Kensou had put in?"
Yuri: "Ugh! I just can't get that Psycho Ball to come out! You're just going to have to show me! Come on, Athena! It's time to fight. I'll be studying your moves so I can use them after this fight!"
Athena: "Hey! It's really not that easy, you know...?"

Win Quotes

  • "You need speed to overcome a bigger enemy. That's what I learned from you." (vs. Andy)
  • "Danger and opportunity are two sides of the same coin! I win for staying sharp!" (vs. Ash)
  • "As an idol, scandals are bad news, so I have to decline your invitation. Sorry ♪" (vs. Benimaru)
  • "I'm sure you can find another way of life! Just think about it! For the sake of your beloved..." (vs. Billy)
  • "Aww, that was too easy, Master Chin! You should really lay off the alcohol!" (vs. Chin)
  • "I may look like a child to you, but I'm a fighter too! Don't underestimate me!" (vs. Clark)
  • "You're strong, and your students respect you. You're a true martial artist!" (vs. Daimon)
  • "If I find the man you're looking for I'll call you! So just rest and heal your injuries for now." (vs. Duo Lon)
  • "You might not want to hear this from a kid, but I think you need some time to reflect on yourself." (vs. Elisabeth)
  • "Hatred and enmity toward humans? That is such a sad thing to live for!" (vs. Evil Ash)
  • "Iori, your way of life is so sad! But I don't think I'll be able to change you..." (vs. Flames Iori)
  • "Are you cosplaying... as me? You even copied my moves! Wow!" (vs. Herself)
  • "Actually, I know that evil will never disappear from people's hearts. But we still must not lose to it!" (vs. Human Saiki)
  • "A black heart corrodes the soul. Follow Mr. Kim's teachings and walk the path of light." (Vs. Hwa)
  • "Your hatred will one day consume you. I can't help but think that!" (vs. Iori)
  • "I know how it feels to have your fans cheering for you. It gives me strength!" (vs. Joe)
  • "I've learned so much from fighting. I'm sure there is something for you to gain as well." (vs. K')
  • "That was close! Wait, are you asleep? Hey, get up! True warriors know no rest!" (vs. Kensou)
  • "I win today, Mr. Kim! Keep cheering for me, okay?" (vs. Kim)
  • "You’re so strong and pretty, Ms. King! All of us female fighters admire you!" (vs. King)
  • "I'm sorry! I let myself get carried away! Are you okay? Do you need help?" (vs. Kula)
  • "Winning means carrying the loser’s feelings on your back. I'm beginning to see that now." (vs. Kyo)
  • "I'm sure your efforts will be rewarded too someday! Just keep trying!" (vs. Leona)
  • "How did I win? I think it's becuase I'm fighting to my own rhythm." (vs. Mai)
  • "I fight for what I want to protect! That's why I keep on trying!" (vs. Mature)
  • "I have a reason to keep fighting! I can never give up!" (vs. Maxima)
  • "Phew, that was close! I look foward to fighting you again, Kyo! Let's stay rivals forever!" (vs. NESTS Kyo)
  • "You're not... Mr. Chang, are you? You're both so BIG!" (vs. Raiden)
  • "S-Sorry. Am I interrupting? You're on an infiltration mission, aren't you?" (vs. Ralf)
  • "I don't want to hurt anyone. But some people just won't listen otherwise." (vs. Robert)
  • "No effort will go unrewarded! I believe that too!" (vs. Ryo)
  • "I can't lose no matter how big an evil I am facing! I have to protect the weak!" (vs. Saiki)
  • "Isn't it empty to just thirst for power? ...I'm sorry if I sounded rude." (vs. Shen)
  • "You have taught me the hardships of battle. Thank you, Mr. Sakazaki!" (vs. Takuma)
  • "Wolves have very tight family bonds... I know you love your brother, Terry ♪" (vs. Terry)
  • "The world will never be rid of evil. But that's why I keep fighting!" (vs. Vice)
  • "Kyokugen has a dragon, a tiger, and a demon. So what does that make you, Yuri?" (vs. Yuri)

The King of Fighters XIV

Character Select Screen

Japanese English translation
Naiyounishite kudasai ne.Please be gentle.

In Battle

Japanese English translation Occurs when/during
Ke ni ~yuku dekimasu!I can do it!Max Mode
Makemasen!I won't lose!Wake Up
Mada tatakaimasu!I can still fight!Wake Up
Sonna!No way!Time Up

Pre-Battle Dialogues

Love Heart

Athena: "You're from a different world, right Love? Was there some big reason you came into ours?"
Love: "Well...There are lots of reasons. Never mind that, it seems you're quite friendly with that boy; are you two dating?"
Athena: "Wha?! You mean Kensou?! N-no, that's not it. We had the same training, so he's a close friend."
Love: "Hehe... That boy is intense, too. But he's not all bad..."
Athena: "I-Is there someone you like, Love?"
Love: "Hm? You mean Earth? O-of course not, I couldn't care less. It's match time. Let's go!"
Athena: "Hehe. OK! Here comes Athena Asamiya."


Athena: "This competition is a platform for us. Let's take it to the highest stage!"
Mian: "No objections here... Let's put on a perfect show!"
Athena: "OK! I'll fight you with all my strength."

Sie Kensou

Kensou: "I can do it! I can do it! Today is the day I confess my love!"
Athena: "What's wrong, Kensou? You've been muttering to yourself this whole time... Are you mad at me because I ate your dim sum earlier? I made you some more to apologize..."
Kensou: "Wh-Wh-Wh-What is this?! Wow, homemade food!"
Athena: "Hehe, you're full of spirit, Kensou! I'm gonna show off the results of my training too."

Win Quotes

Generic Win Quotes

  • "What leads to victory? It's all about training every day and everyone's encouragement!"
  • "Effort always reaps rewards. Let's do our best."
  • "Your strength is amazing!"
  • "You may want to work a little more on your training... Let's help each other out."
  • "Ehehe! I was able to win. Thank you, everyone, for cheering me on."
  • "Wow! Ah... I got all worked up without even noticing."
  • "If you feel like it, come to my next live performance, OK?"
  • "Thanks to you, that was one of the best matches! I'm grateful!"
  • "I'm sorry, I went too hard on you. You're not injured, are you?"
  • "Next time come at me for real. I mean it."
  • "You left yourself open. Carelessness is taboo, you know."
  • "Clean fights are great! My heart was really pounding."
  • "That won't do! You mustn't look away during a match!"
  • "Good job!"
  • "Let's have another match soon."
  • "Now that was a fight!"
  • "Your breathing really helped me get into the rhythm of the fight!"
  • "Here, this is my newest CD. Give it a listen if you're in the mood."
  • "For all the fans supporting me, I cannot lose."
  • "I was able to learn a lot in that fight."
  • "It seems you’ve still got some fighting spirit left. Well, now it’s an encore performance by Athena!"
  • "Please, rest. Don't push yourself too hard."
  • "That was an amazing match; I used my entire body and soul."
  • "I still have a lot to work on, too... Thank you!"
  • "Do you think we put on a good show for everyone?"

Specific Win Quotes

  • "I think you should avoid such irresponsible language and behavior." (vs. Angel)
  • "There are still many things I've yet to learn, and I look forward to receiving your instruction in the future!" (vs. Chin)
  • "Well, if your ambitions are for world conquest, my dream is to bring about world peace!" (vs. Geese)
  • "I am praying that your flames of hatred will burn out, Iori." (vs. Iori)
  • "I sing so that the damage to your soul will heal, even if it’s just a little bit!" (vs K')
  • "Come on, Kensou! You weren't focused in the slightest!" (vs. Kensou)
  • "Mr. Kim, are you training under a master, too? Let’s both train hard!" (vs. Kim)
  • "Kyo, it doesn't matter how much confidence you have in your strength, it's not good to be reckless! " (vs. Kyo)
  • "Leona, even a soldier needs a break. Why don’t you and I go shopping soon?" (vs. Leona)
  • "While you're in this world, let's get everyone together and have a girls night out!" (vs. Love)
  • "There are some new faces this time around. One of these days I want to try joining the Women Fighters Team along with everyone!" (vs. Mai)
  • "Everyone's cheers warm my heart! As entertainers, this was a big victory for both of us!" (vs Mian)
  • "You and your hawk can understand each others intentions. Nakoruru, you really are living in harmony with nature." (vs. Nakoruru)
  • "Those powerful fists are the same as always! As expected of a master of the Kyokugen style." (vs. Ryo)
  • "That was a wonderful fight. Now, control your strength... You can definitely do it, Shun'ei." (vs. Shun'ei)
  • "That's a really unique outfit. It makes me think about what I'll wear for my next live performance!" (vs. Sylvie)
  • "Kensou says that all men are wolves. So that makes you a wolf among wolves!" (vs. Terry)
  • "Even if a tremendous evil stands in my way, I will never give up, so long as there is still goodness in humanity." (vs. Verse)
  • "I will not let your words mislead me!" (vs. Xanadu)
  • "As long as you bring about evil, I will always try to stop it." (vs. Yamazaki)
  • "Zarina, your smile is so warm. It's encouraging, even for me." (vs. Zarina)

KOF: Maximum Impact

Intro Quotes

  • "Here's...Athena!"
  • "Here comes...Athena!"
  • "Good luck. Let's go!" (CPU Only)

In Battle

  • "Forgive me!" (Attack)
  • "I did it!" (Attack)
  • "Ow ow ow owie..." (Start "Break Time" Stance)

Win Quotes

  • "I did it. Nice!"
  • "Huh. Good fight!"
  • "Oops! I'm sorry."

Lose Quote

  • "Huh? What? No way! Super shock...!"

Story Mode Quotes

  • "I thought...the Metatron Foundation was sponsoring this!"
  • "Ooh... That's a yucky name!"


  • " one's here. Leaving a luscious lady like me in a place like this? That stupid sponsor should've put me up in a proper hotel! ...oh, one's listening anyhow. Ugh...when I get home, first I'm taking a long, hot shower, then sip a little tea. Mmmm, that'd be nice..."

KOF: Maximum Impact 2

Intro Quotes

  • "Here's...Athena!"
  • " ready."1
    • Original Phrase: "Athena...i demo ii desuka?" - " this okay?"

In Battle

  • "Forgive me!" (Attack)
  • "I did it!" (Attack)
  • "Ow ow ow owie..." (Start "Break Time" Stance)
  • "Too fast!" (Cancel Stance Change)

Pre-Battle Dialogues

Kyo Kusanagi

Kyo: "Well, if it isn't one of the Psycho Soldiers..."
Athena: "Could it're still in high school, Kyo?"
Kyo: "I don't wanna hear it from you!"
Athena: "That's because I'm everyone's eternal idol!"

Mignon Beart

Mignon: "Now let's see what's stronger: your psychic power or Mignon's magic!"
Athena: "What do you want me to say?"

Win Quotes

  • "I did it. Nice!"
  • "Good fight!"

Lose Quote

  • "Huh? What? No way! Super shock...!"

Story Mode Quotes

Luise Meyrink

  • "It seems you have some mysterious powers."
  • "Huh? This planet? What are you talking about?"
  • "Of course not! Here comes Athena!"
  • "Uh...are you all right?"
  • "You want a favor? Well, if there's anything I can do."
  • "Yes! Athena will win!"


  • "This place is kind a creepy. This is the arena for the finals?"
  • "Oh my, are you...?"
  • "So tell me. What is Kusiel?"
  • "I figured...I sense something evil from you. You're not human. You are not, are you?"
  • "Answer me! What are you? Tell me, why are you holding this tournament?"
  • "If anything, I belong to all of my fans. If I belong to only one person...that's when I quit being an idol."


  • "Why do you follow the path of evil when you have such great power to use for good?"
  • "Even so, people can follow the path of good with their own power and their own will. Even people like you!"
  • "He teleported. How could he?"
  • "Teleport!"1
  • "After all this, I couldn't find them."
  • "Excuse me, do I know you from somewhere?"
  • "World peace? Sounds familiar. I kinda remember someone like that.."
  • "You really have to excuse me. I-I have a meeting about my next concert. Sorry!"
    • "How could he?" was "Sonna...?" in the original Japanese. This has other possible translations - "No way!", "Why you...!", etc. - that may make more sense in this context.

KOF Maximum Impact Regulation A

Pre-Battle Dialogue

Xiao Lon

Athena: "From your heart...I can only feel a cold sadness as if it were to freeze!"
Xiao Lon: "I am not sad in the least. Since I was incompetent, I obtained this body to be of better use to the king and the third prince."

The King of Fighters EX: Neo Blood

Win Quotes

  • "'Live and learn,' I say."
  • "I learn more and more with each KOF. Yippee!"


  • "Whew! Looks like I won! Will there still be such fools.. Who crave the Orochi power?"

The King of Fighters EX2: Howling Blood

Win Quote

  • "'Live and learn,' I say."

The King of Fighters R-1

Intro Quote

  • "Athena is here!"

In Battle

  • "Yes, I did it! Too awesome!" (Round Win)
  • "Ya hooo! A perfect win!" (Round Win)
  • "We can't lose!" (Round Win)

The King of Fighters R-2

Intro Quotes

  • "Athena is here!"
  • "Here I come!"

In Battle

  • "Yes, I did it! Too awesome!" (Round Win)
  • "Ya hooo! A perfect win!" (Round Win)
  • "We can't lose!" (Round Win)
  • "Thanks for the match!" (Round Win)

Win Quotes

  • "Thanks! Let's do this again!"
  • "Here's my CD. Give it a spin!"
  • "Are you hurt? I got so excited!"
  • "You live to hate? Oh, you sad man!" (Vs. Rugal)

SNK Gals' Fighters

Intro Quotes

  • "I'm cute, so take it easy on me!"
  • "Don't blame me for your loss, all right?"
  • "I'll bop you!"
  • "Let's make it interesting!"

Win Quotes

  • "Here's my new book! Give it a read, huh?"
  • "Here's my new video. Watch it! You'll love it!"
  • "My horoscope said I'd win big-time today!"
  • "Can I use your armor in my next match?"
  • "I think I'll use a weapon too next time!" 

SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy

Intro Quote

  • "Athena, on stage! I'll show you what I've got ♪"

Character Select Screen

Japanese English translation
Naiyounishite kudasai ne.Please be gentle.

In Battle

Japanese English translation Occurs when/during
Suka maitta!Down you go!Air Throw
Onegai!Please!EX Special Move
To doke!Out of the way!EX Special Move
Kore wa!Here!Item Use
Makenaidesu!I won't lose!SP Item Use
Sonna...No way...Near Death

In Battle (Voice Set 1)

Japanese English translation Occurs when/during
Makemasen, yo?I won't lose, okay?Intro
Yoisho!Heave-ho!Air Throw
Mou...Ugh...Missed Throw
Abunai!Close call!Quick Wake Up
On enai!No favors!EX Special Move
Ki neru!Go to sleep!Dream Finish
Chenji!Change!Switching Out
Ugh...ganbatte?Ugh...can I hold on?Near Death
Yameteee...!Stop...!Round Loss

In Battle (Voice Set 2)

Japanese English translation Occurs when/during
Athena...mairimasu!Athena...will do it!Intro
Ii gashimasen!I'm not laying down!Air Throw
Itadakidesu!Take this!Special Move
O kaishi desu!This is my backup!Special Move
Kimate!I'll end this!Special Move
Koko made desu!To the limit!EX Special Move
O kaishi!Backup!EX Special Move
Kimemasu!Let's end this!EX Special Move
Watashi wa mamote!I'll protect you!Dream Finish
Maru shinai de.Don't overdo it.Switching Out
Watashi wa seitemasu.I'll speed this up.SP Item Use
Makenai!I won't lose!Standing Up
Koko made nanodeshou ka?Is this all I have?Near Death
Hidoiii...!How cruel...!Round Loss

In Battle (Voice Set 3)

Japanese English translation Occurs when/during
Athena no subete o miseshimasu!Athena will show you all she's got!Intro
Kuru!Coming!Quick Wakeup
O tai...Partner...Switching Out
Mou rai!Super thunder!Special Move
Hikari, hanate!Lightbeam, fire!EX Special Move
Yami o kimi satte!I'll banish the darkness!EX Special Move
O...wari!The...end!Dream Finish
Kore wa...eleji kamo.This my elegy.Near Death
Idol wa...make narenai!This idol...won't be defeated!Dizzied
Nani suru desuka!?What are you doing!?Round Loss

Prologue Scenes

Kula Diamond

Kukri: "Bonjour, Mesdemoiselles... It's no use trying to escape. This a pocket dimension of my own making. Lower life forms like you two stand no chance here. If you pests want to be free from this world, you must take part in my special event and battle your way to victory. Mwahahahaha!"
Kula: "AH! I know that voice! It's that creepy guy!"
Kukri: "Damn you! I'm going to give you a beating so bad it will increase the game's age rating!"
Athena: "W-What did you say!? Kukri!"
Kukri: "You too! I went to all this trouble to keep my identity in secret and you just blurt it all! YOU FILTHY VERMIN! You will sacrifice yourselves for me!"

Leona Heidern

Kukri: "Bonjour, Mesdemoiselles... It's no use trying to escape. This a pocket dimension of my own making. Lower life forms like you two stand no chance here. If you pests want to be free from this world, you must take part in my special event and battle your way to victory. Mwahahahaha!"
Leona: "...! Where I am? What is this place? I wasn't briefed on this!"
Kukri: "I hate repeating myself. As I already said, in this pocket dimension, everything inside it is MINE! Including all of you!"
Athena: "That's Kukri voice! Show yourself!"
Leona: "This.. this must be a surprise training mission! Mission Start!"
Athena: "Wha? I-Is that so?"

Love Heart

Kukri: "Bonjour, Mesdemoiselles... It's no use trying to escape. This a pocket dimension of my own making. Lower life forms like you two stand no chance here. If you pests want to be free from this world, you must take part in my special event and battle your way to victory. Mwahahahaha!"
Love: "What?"
Athena: "Who is there? Where are you?"
Kukri: "You have me to thank for all of your fashion coordination! Show some gratitude!"
Athena: "I-I never agreed to this embarassing get-up... What is my manager thinking!?"
Love: "Really? ... I actually don't mind it too much."
Athena: "....................."


Kukri: "Bonjour, Mesdemoiselles... It's no use trying to escape. This a pocket dimension of my own making. Lower life forms like you two stand no chance here. If you pests want to be free from this world, you must take part in my special event and battle your way to victory. Mwahahahaha!"
Luong: "Hmmmm..."
Kukri: "Hmph! I-I have had enough of you arrogant seductresses!"
Athena: "Who's there?"
Luong: "Oh no... What a horrible look. This is just terrible."
Kukri: "You have me to thank for all of your fashion coordination! Show some gratitude!"
Luong: "Show yourself, please~ I have a special present for you..."

Mai Shiranui

Kukri: "Bonjour, Mesdemoiselles... It's no use trying to escape. This a pocket dimension of my own making. Lower life forms like you two stand no chance here. If you pests want to be free from this world, you must take part in my special event and battle your way to victory. Mwahahahaha!"
Athena: "I know this creepy way of speech. It's Kukri, isn't it!?"
Kukri: "You should know better than to offer up the right answer right at the start! It kills the tension! I guess I shouldn't expect any better from a third-rate idol!"
Athena: "T-Third rate!?!?"
Mai: "Oh, so you do get it. Now that I am here, I will quickly take care of that creep! Get out here!"
Athena: "M-Mai... That's horrible."


Kukri: "Bonjour, Mesdemoiselles... It's no use trying to escape. This a pocket dimension of my own making. Lower life forms like you two stand no chance here. If you pests want to be free from this world, you must take part in my special event and battle your way to victory. Mwahahahaha!"
Mian: "Grr... I never signed a contract for this stupid event! Kukri! Get out here and give me some answers!"
Athena: "It's you isn't it, Kukri?"
Mian: "I've had enough! You're an imbecile, Kukri! And you always will be!"

Mui Mui

Kukri: "Bonjour, Mesdemoiselles... It's no use trying to escape. This a pocket dimension of my own making. Lower life forms like you two stand no chance here. If you pests want to be free from this world, you must take part in my special event and battle your way to victory. Mwahahahaha!"
Athena: "I know this creepy way of speech. It's Kukri, isn't it!?"
Kukri: "You should know better than to offer up the right answer right at the start! It kills the tension! I guess I shouldn't expect any better from a third-rate idol!"
Athena: "T-Third rate!?!?"
Mui Mui: "How dare you call Athena third-rate! She's at least a second-rate pop star!"
Athena: "What!?"


Kukri: "Bonjour, Mesdemoiselles... It's no use trying to escape. This a pocket dimension of my own making. Lower life forms like you two stand no chance here. If you pests want to be free from this world, you must take part in my special event and battle your way to victory. Mwahahahaha!"
Athena: "I know that voice and manner of speech! You're the Sand Demon, Kukri!"
Kukri: "You should know better than to offer up the right answer right at the start! It kills the tension! I guess I shouldn't expect any better from a third-rate idol!"
Athena: "T-Third rate!?!? I don't think you have any room to talk, creep!"
Nakoruru: "Pay him no mind, Athena! I don't care how far down the charts your songs fail! I will always be rooting for you!"
Athena: "Err.. Nakoruru. That's not really helping!"


Kukri: "Bonjour, Mesdemoiselles... It's no use trying to escape. This a pocket dimension of my own making. Lower life forms like you two stand no chance here. If you pests want to be free from this world, you must take part in my special event and battle your way to victory. Mwahahahaha!"
Shermie: "Ahhhhh...."
Athena: "S-Shermie...?"
Shermie: "Oh, if it isn't everyone's favorite pop idol. How have things been, Athena?"
Athena: "It's been too long! What have you been up to?"
Shermie: "What do you mean, What have I been up to? Didn't you hear? I died a pretty gruesome death..."
Kukri: "Shut your traps, pests! It's my time to speak!"

Sylvie Paula Paula

Kukri: "Bonjour, Mesdemoiselles... It's no use trying to escape. This a pocket dimension of my own making. Lower life forms like you two stand no chance here. If you pests want to be free from this world, you must take part in my special event and battle your way to victory. Mwahahahaha!"
Sylvie: Huh? What are you doing, Kukri?
Kukri: "Gah! What are you even doing here?! You weren't invited! This party is limited to ladies I have ranked at least a 9 or higher!"
Athena: "What are you hiding, Kukri!? Show your miserable face!"
Kukri: "Stop all of your silly squabbling and just resign yourself to joining my beautiful collection!"
Sylvie: "Sand sculptures?"

Terry Bogard

Kukri: "Bonjour, Mesdemoiselles... It's no use trying to escape. This a pocket dimension of my own making. Lower life forms like you two stand no chance here. If you pests want to be free from this world, you must take part in my special event and battle your way to victory. Mwahahahaha!"
Terry: "Hey, you damn pevert! Show your stupid face! Hey, Athena! This is not time for a nap!"
Athena: "T-Terry?"
Terry: "Hm?"
Athena: "What a look!"
Terry: "Woah! I've got boobi... I-I mean s-something is wrong with my chest! What the hell's going on?"
Kukri: "Mwahahahah! My power has successfully defanged the Legendary Wolf and turned him into my own sexy bae! Fear my power!"

Yuri Sakazaki

Kukri: "Bonjour, Mesdemoiselles... It's no use trying to escape. This a pocket dimension of my own making. Lower life forms like you two stand no chance here. If you pests want to be free from this world, you must take part in my special event and battle your way to victory. Mwahahahaha!"
Yuri: "Hm? Where is this place?"
Kukri: "To think that you started off as the cute little sister character, but ended up mastering Hao Shoukou Ken in less than a year! That abduction was nothing but a ruse, wasn't it!? Wasn't it!?"
Yuri: "Hehe, I will take that as a compliment! I am a genius, after all!"
Athena: "Yuri... That wasn't meant as a compliment. He's throwing mad shade at you."
Yuri: "H-Huh? Well, whatever! Kukri! Show your face so I can pummel it Kyokugenryu style!"
Kukri: "Crap, they figured it out!"


Kukri: "Bonjour, Mesdemoiselles... It's no use trying to escape. This a pocket dimension of my own making. Lower life forms like you two stand no chance here. If you pests want to be free from this world, you must take part in my special event and battle your way to victory. Mwahahahaha!"
Zarina: "Huuuh? My head is spinning..."
Athena: "Zarina! That's quite the outfit you have on..."
Zarina: "Kyaa! What is the meaning of this? Kukri!"
Kukri: "They figured it out!"


  • "I'm still not sure what exactly is going on... but for now, I just need to kind Kukri!"
  • "This is a really mysterious mansion. I feel like I am going to get lost anytime I turn a corner..."
  • "Are these weird costumes we have on an example of what Kukri likes...? Just the thought creeps me out..."
  • "Kukri! Show yourself!"
  • "Ahh~ I really wish Kensou were here."
  • "I wonder what happened to the ones who have been captured by that weird sand trap..."

Win Quotes (Normal Voice)

  • "Not only do you have my looks and fashion... but you can use my Psycho Power as well!?" (vs. Herself)
  • "Nowhere to run, Kukri! Prepare yourself!" (vs. Kukri)
  • "Kula, I really sorry I had to beat you up! I will make sure to help you escape from this place!" (vs. Kula)
  • "I can't believe you can keep your cool in a situation like this, Leona! I shouldn't have expected anything less!" (vs. Leona)
  • "Once we get out of here, let's go shopping together!" (vs. Love)
  • "Luong, this is not time to be teasing everyone like you usually do!" (vs. Luong)
  • "I can't let my fans down, so I must find my way out of here! No matter the cost!" (vs. Mai)
  • "Mian, we need to team-up for a performance sometime! Not in this creepy mansion of course, but on a real stage!" (vs. Mian)
  • "I guess even in this world we get hungry. I could tell that you couldn't concentrate on the fight!" (vs. Mui Mui)
  • "I can't believe you can summon Mamahaha even while trapped in this world. The bond that binds you two is something truly special." (vs. Nakoruru)
  • "What are you even doing here? Once we get out of this place, we are going to have a nice, long chat!" (vs. Shermie)
  • "You would find this entire situation entertaining, wouldn't you?" (vs. Sylvie)
  • "You still aren't used to that body, are you? If you were in top form, I'm not sure if I would have won!" (vs. Terry) 
  • "Yuri, you have gotten even stronger than I remembered! However, you can leave the rest to me this time!" (vs. Yuri)
  • "Your smile always uplifts my spirits, Zarina. Thank you so much!" (vs. Zarina)

Win Quotes (Customization Mode - Voice Set 1)

  • "If Kukri is able to make such a perfect copy of me, he must secretly be one of my biggest fans." (vs. Herself)
  • "Did you actually think you could capture us with this lame plan of yours?" (vs. Kukri)
  • "Kula, you mail my master pretty often, right? Make sure to let him know you're okay when we get out of here!" (vs. Kula)
  • "I've always wanted to ask this... Are you not at all worried that you have explosive devices hanging from your ears?" (vs. Leona)
  • "Your sword skills truly are a sight to behold, Love." (vs. Love)
  • "Teehee, I guess even someone like you gets embarrassed at times! There was hesitation in your fighting style this time!" (vs. Luong)
  • "That was a close one! ♪ I'm surprised I escaped without any burns!" (vs. Mai)
  • "Your every move exudes the history and style of Sichaunese opera! What an amazing experience! I learned so much!" (vs. Mian)
  • "Mui Mui, you have superb control over your Ki! I would love to see a match between you and Kensou!" (vs. Mui Mui)
  • "I must not lose! Just like you, Nakoruru, I have a destiny to fulfill back in the real world!" (vs. Nakoruru)
  • "Owwww... Your grapples are as elegant as ever!" (vs. Shermie)
  • "I always have trouble dealing with your irregular fighting style!" (vs. Sylvie)
  • "You really are a talented fighter! I wouldn't expect less from everyone's favorite hero! Err...I guess it's heroine now!" (vs. Terry)
  • "Yuri, did you eat too much BBQ again? Your movement was a little slow this time!" (vs. Yuri)
  • "This place really doesn't suit a woman with your bright and cheerful personality!" (vs. Zarina)

Win Quotes (Customization Mode - Voice Set 2)

  • "It's surprisingly tough beating up a perfect copy of yourself!" (vs. Herself)
  • "I will lend you an ear if you want to discuss your issues, but you have to stop this silliness!" (vs. Kukri)
  • "Ahhh! So cold! How does Kula bear it when she is constantly creating pillars of ice and stuff?" (vs. Kula)
  • "Leona, you have experience with escape maneuvers, right? Can you tell me where the exit is?" (vs. Leona)
  • "I'm sorry about this, Love! I will make sure to get you back to our world! Errr...I mean that other world you came from, I guess?" (vs. Love)
  • "Luong, your Taekwondo style is so unique! I could barely keep up!" (vs. Luong)
  • "Hey Mai! You're a talented chef as well, right? Next time, you should teach me how to make some tasty meat buns!" (vs. Mai)
  • "That was an amazing battle! It's just too bad we had to have it in this creepy place..." (vs. Mian)
  • "The Kung-Fu from your world is amazing! I learned a lot from fighting you!" (vs. Mui Mui)
  • "My master keeps telling a silly joke about how much older you are than him... I've gotten so tired of his lame jokes!" (vs. Nakoruru)
  • "Shermie... Why don't you come see my next concert? I can get you some great seats!" (vs. Shermie)
  • "It must have been tough training yourself to control your electric powers. I really respect your hard work!" (vs. Sylvie)
  • "Ah, Terry! You're a lady now, so you must try to act more proper and lady-like!" (vs. Terry)
  • "Yuri, you really have to keep your guard up until the match is actually over!" (vs. Yuri)
  • "I will do my best to return you to where Coco is, so please just be a little more patient!" (vs. Zarina)

Win Quotes (Customization Mode - Voice Set 3)

  • "I'm not going to lose to some knock-off in the ring or on stage!" (vs. Herself)
  • "Please stop calling me third-rate! Even if you don't mean it, it still hurts!" (vs. Kukri)
  • "Kula, if you really want to become a pop star why not try to audition somewhere?" (vs. Kula)
  • "Leona, your skills and blades are as sharp as ever! I was worried you were going to cut my outfit up!" (vs. Leona)
  • "I would love to do a concert in the skies so that your Sky Pirate friends can hear my songs, too!" (vs. Love)
  • "You have such beautiful skin, Luong! You must tell me your secret!" (vs. Luong)
  • "You really are a sight to behold when you're fighting, Mai! So pretty! But in a way completely different from pop idols! ♪" (vs. Mai)
  • "Not a bad performance! If you want, I can give you a ticket to my next concert! ♪" (vs. Mian)
  • "Mui Mui, you aren't on some special diet or anything, right? I am jealous of the fact that you can eat so much without gaining any weight!" (vs. Mui Mui)
  • "I've always been a fan of your hair, Nakoruru! ♪ How do you keep it so shiny and soft?" (vs. Nakoruru)
  • "I would be thrilled to wear your own fashion designs on stage one day!" (vs. Shermie)
  • "Sylvie, those clothes are your own design, right? I would love to get the same outfit for myself!" (vs. Sylvie)
  • "Terry, this new look really suits you! I think you could even hit it big as an actress! ♪" (vs. Terry)
  • "I'm a master of Kyokugenryu! Teehee... Just kidding!" (vs. Yuri)
  • "I could learn a lot from our upbeat personality when it comes to making sure my fans are happy!" (vs. Zarina)

Win Quotes (DLC Characters)

  • "Perfect! ♪"
  • "I don't have time to relax around here! I must keep moving forward!"

Capcom vs. SNK 2

Before Finals

  • "It's my last performance... I'll do my best!"

Win Quotes

  • "A good artist never needs backup!"
  • "I'm rising to the top of the charts with this hit!"
  • "I'm so lucky... I'm a star... Hey, I can make this a song..."
  • "Oops! I did it! I guess I'm not that innocent!"
  • "Starlight, star bright, how many stars are in your sight!"
  • "Strike a poser! I'm a proud Psycho Soldier!"
  • "Thank you, everyone! I will make you all proud!"
  • "What a girl wants! This is my motto!"

SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millennium

Intro Quotes

  • "Meet a goddess!"1
  • "Nice uniform!" (vs. Herself)
    • Original Text: Asamiya Athena, ikimasu! - Here comes Athena!
    • Original Text: Esupa...? Dou, tatakaou... - An esper...? How do I fight this...

In Battle

  • "Yeah! Perfect!" (Round Win)
  • "I can't lose!" (Round Win)
  • "Psycho Ball! Fired!"1 (Round Win)
  • "All right, I won!"2
    • Original Text: Saiko booru ga, hiikari, wana chi-tsu ♪ - Psycho Balls are cheap, haha ♪
    • Original Text: Kotoshi mo, ii to shi ni narimasu you ni...... - I wish you good luck in this new year...

Special Intros

Sakura Kasugano (Round 1)

Sakura: (enters, looks for Athena) "Wakey, wakey!"1
Athena: "You are so ugly!"2 (teleports onscreen, surprising Sakura)
    • Original Text: Omatase~!! ...tte, are? - Sorry to keep you waiting! ...h-h-huh?
    • Original Text: Athena, ikimasu! - Here comes Athena!

Sakura Kasugano (Other Rounds)

Sakura: "Come on, goddess."1
Athena: "Nice uniform!"

Win Quotes

  • "My fans keep me winning!"
  • "See my pictures... Pretty sexy, huh?"
  • "This is my CD? Wanna hear it?"
  • "You'll win if you got hope!"
  • "Can you fight in that skirt? Wow!" (Vs. Sakura)
  • "Psycho Power's not for Evil!" (Vs. M.Bison)

KOF Sky Stage

Character Select Screen

  • "Here comes Athena!"
  • "Athena I come!"
  • "Leave it to...Athena!"

In Battle

  • "Here comes...Athena!" (Intro)
  • "I did it!" (Collect Ticket)
  • "I'm okay!" (Wake Up)
  • "I'm not done yet!" (Wake Up)
  • "I...can't lose...!" (Near Death)
  • "This is as far as you go!" (Intro, CPU Only)
  • "Don't give up! (Round Loss, CPU Only)"
  • "You can do it! (Round Loss, CPU Only)"

Pre-Battle Dialogues


Athena 2: "I can't let you pass. Not if you deny the true destiny of we bearers of the three sacred treasures."
Athena 1: "What...? What is going on? It's... ME!?"
Athena 2: "I am a shadow, a reflection, created by the power of Yata. If you refuse to turn back..."
Athena 1: "Wait. Listen! I'm here not only on my master's orders, but because I sense trouble. So I think..."
Athena 2: "You're not needed here. It's our mission to seal away the Orochi. You will not interfere."
Athena 1: "I'm well aware of the three sacred treasures. But won't you reconsider? Please!"
Athena 2: "We have no time to argue. If you insist on staying, then prove that you're worthy!"


Goenitz: "To think there is such power in a human who is not the bearer of a sacred treasure!"
Athena: "I'm not going to stand around and listen to you preach. Move aside or else!"
Goenitz: "Your lost soul, your anger, fears, and conflict... All these qualities fuel our lord's resurrection."
Athena: "No! I won't let that happen! I'm going to stop the Orochi and rescue everyone! You'll see!"
Goenitz: "But are you doing the right thing? Can it truly be right to protect a race that's bent on destruction? Is this truly your idea of justice? Is this what you wish to stand for?!"
Athena: "Y-Yes... I-I'm doing this for... To save everyone. One day... People will understand..."
Goenitz: "Hmph! Enough drivel! This sermon is over! Prepare to defend yourself!"

Iori Yagami (Playing as Iori)

Athena: "Iori. I knew you'd be here! By order of the master, I'm afraid I can't let you go any further."
Iori: "..."
Athena: "Hey! Don't you dare ignore me! You can't just walk past me like that!"
Iori: "Listen, little lady. Stay out of my way if you want to keep breathing."
Athena: "(I don't like the sound of that.) The master believes there's more to all this than meets the eye. He told me that should either Kyo or yourself be deeply involved, I must definitely stop you."
Iori: "You? Stop me? Now, there's an amusing thought."
Athena: "I can see you're not taking me seriously. But since it's up to me to stop you... I WILL!"

Kula Diamond (Playing as Athena)

Kula: "Who...are you?"
Athena: "You! I remember you. You were with the NESTS team... Kula, right? Why are you here?"
Kula: "Kula doesn't know... Where... Where is everybody...?"
Athena: "(She must've been abducted...) Don't worry, Kula. I'll get you out of here and take you back home."
Kula: "Home...? Back home... Where...?"
Athena: "Just hold on. I'll open a gateway back home."
Kula: "No... Kula won't go back... Stay here with the others... Never back to NESTS... Never!"

Kula Diamond (Playing as Kula)

Kula: "Who are you?"
Athena: "W-Wait a minute. I'm here to save the[sic] all those that were abducted."
Kula: "Abducted? Is that why everybody's gone?"
Athena: "It's too dangerous for you to go any further. I'll rescue everyone. You wait back in our world, okay?"
Kula: "No! Kula will find everyone. Get out of my way."
Athena: "I wish you'd listen to me. If you insist, I'll do everything in my power to stop you!"
Kula: "I said get out of my way. I don't want to hurt you."


Kusanagi: "Young lady... This isn't the sort of place you want to wander into on your way home from school."
Athena: "I'm not on my way home from school! And what about you anyway, Kyo? Have you been to school lately?!"
Kusanagi: "Geez, girl. Can't you take a joke?"
Athena: "What? Wait... You're not... You're not Kyo, are you? Your another shadow sent by Miss Kagura to stop me."
Kusanagi: "Nah. I'm definitely a shadow spawned by the Yata power, but I'm not here on her say so."
Athena: "Then why do you stand in my way? I have no time to waste. Let me through!"
Kusanagi: "That's what I was waiting for! You always get your way, don't you?! Well, you won't get it this time!"

Kyo Kusanagi (Playing as Kyo)

Athena: "Stop! This is as far as you go! Oh! Wait a minute... Kyo? It's you, isn't it?"
Kyo: "Did you burn a few brain cells using all your psychic powers? Of course it's me!"
Athena: "Sorry. I didn't recognize you without your school uniform."
Kyo: "Yeah, whatever. Wait a second... The Orochi Seal! What are you doing in here?!"
Athena: "Master Chin's orders... Oops! I almost forgot! I can't let you go any further."
Kyo: "Wow. That came outta the blue! You know what you're letting yourself in for, don't you?"
Athena: "I do. We both know talk is cheap... And that action speaks louder."
Kyo: "Sounds like you speak my language. If that's the case... Let's see what else you know!"

Mai Shiranui (Playing as Mai)

Athena: "It's been a while, Mai."
Mai: "Athena! What are you doing here?"
Athena: "This is kind of awkward, Mai, but...would you mind leaving this place, please? I'd love to explain, but there's no time. I'd be so grateful if you'd just turn back."
Mai: "Sorry, Athena. I can't do that. Not even for you. Andy needs me now more than ever. If I don't save him, he...he... (sniff)"
Athena: "Are you okay, Mai? Listen, I know how you feel. I know you want to help Andy. But it's too dangerous for you. You don't have the skills. I'll save everyone, including Andy."
Mai: "No! If you try to come between Andy and me, I won't hesitate to beat you to a pulp!"

Omega Rugal

Omega Rugal: "HAHAHA! I never thought the day would come when I'd be thanking the championess of righteousness!"
Athena: "What the...? Rugal?! What's going on?!"
Omega Rugal: "It's really very simple... With the Orochi gone, his power became mine, and resurrected me."
Athena: "You planned the Orochi's resurrection from the start?"
Omega Rugal: "Very good. You are quick, aren't you? The Orochi was as much a pawn as you and your fellows!"
Athena: "I won't let you get away with this! By my honor as a psycho soldier, I'll stop you!"
Omega Rugal: "As you wish. As my final deed before my glorious return to the world, I shall show you true power! You should feel honored that I've chosen you to be the first victim of Omega Rugal's might!"

Orochi Chris

Chris: "Why you would come all this way to rescue these worthless human dregs is beyond my comprehension."
Athena: "Tell me you're the last one! Just hand over the captives and stop the Orochi's resurrection!"
Chris: "Stop it? Not likely! It's nearly complete. But I'll hand over the captives, if you like. Mind you, there might not be much of them left now that their energy's been almost drained! Ha ha!"
Athena: "I see. If I can't reason with you...I'll just have to use force!"
Chris: "Ooh, I'm sooo scared! You look sooo determined. But that just makes me want to torch you all the more!"
Athena: "I will not lose! I fight to prove that the path I walk is the right one... I fight so we can all smile another day!"

Orochi Iori

Orochi Iori: "Guaaargh!"
Athena: "Huh? Iori!? G-Get a grip on yourself! It's me, Athena! Athena Asamiya!"
Orochi Iori: "Graaaaaargh!"
Athena: "You're not going to make this easy, are you?"
Orochi Iori: "Kyooooooooooo!"

Orochi Shermie

Athena: "Are you...? Yes, I can sense it. You're with the Orochi, too!"
Shermie: "And that comes as a shock to you? Really? We of the clan can't just laze around while the Orochi's stirring back to life, can we now?"
Athena: "'We'...? There are more of you?"
Shermie: "Oh sure! I mean, it'd be awful lonesome for a woman on her own in a place like this, don't you think? But as soon as the Orochi is fully awake, we can venture outside the sealed area. It'll be so exciting!"
Athena: "Outside the sealed...? No! I won't allow it! I won't let the Orochi rise again!"
Shermie: "You're cute when you get worked up like that. You should relax... Let me put you to sleep...

Orochi Yashiro

Yashiro: "I gotta say, I'm pretty surprised you got this far. Ain't it about time you quit the hero act?"
Athena: "Hero act? I'm just trying to save my friends."
Yashiro: "Why? They're nothing more than animals...nipping at each other's heels! Why save them?!"
Athena: "They won't always be like that! They just need time! For now, I save them because I love to see them happy and smiling..."
Yashiro: "What a laugh! You don't really believe that! Well, let me just say I'm impressed you made it this far."
Athena: "I'll fight you to my last breath if that's what it takes to free everyone!"
Yashiro: "Hah! You're right about one thing... This is where you'll draw your last dying breath!"


Athena: "Rugal!? What are you doing here? Is this some kind of illusion?"
Rugal: "Dream...reality... It doesn't really matter. All you need to know is that you and I are here, little lady."
Athena: "You've returned because of the Orochi, haven't you? But why do you side with him? You of all people should know how dangerous his power is!"
Rugal: "Of course I do! I also know how wonderful that power can be... Now I will make it my own! And to make sure you can't interfere with my plans, I must destroy you!"

Terry Bogard (Playing as Terry)

Terry: "Yo, Athena! What's up?"
Athena: "Oh. Hello, Terry. It's been a while. But, I'm afraid we don't have time to chat! Everyone's in danger!"
Terry: "Yeah, I know. But I'm kinda lost here. I've got no idea where to go."
Athena: "You've gone far enough. Since you don't have special powers, it's too dangerous for you to go on."
Terry: "Special powers? You mean like guessin' a chick's vital stats at fifty yards? Does that count?"
Athena: "Be serious, Terry! You may not go any further. I won't let you!"
Terry: "Just the way I like it! Let's resolve this the hard way!"

Win Quote

  • "My psycho power is a force for justice! Remember: Bad guys never win!"

Neo Geo Heroes: Ultimate Shooting

Pre-Battle Dialogues

Iori Yagami

Athena: "L-long time no see, Mr. Yagami."
Iori: "Don't make me laugh! You think I haven't noticed you following me around all this time?
Athena: "But, I..."
Iori: "Well, whatever. Tell me everything you know about GEO-GEEGUS, woman!"
Athena: "I'm sorry. I don't know any details. But he... GEO-GEEGUS is surrounded by Orochi's presence. If you get too close, you might..."
Iori: "That is none of your concern. If that's all you know, just get the heck out of here."
Athena: "Uh, c-could you just hold on for a moment?"
Iori: "If you don't get out of my way right now. I'll kill you!"
Athena: "Okay, okay. I don't want to fight you..."
Iori: "Hmph."
Athena: "But... I still can't let you go on like this! I have to stop you!!"
Iori: "You're even more stupid than you look. Let me grant you your death wish!"
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