Athena (アテナ) is a series of action games was developed by SNK. It chronicles the adventures of the princess Athena from an age of myths and monsters, as well as her modern-day counterpart, Athena Asamiya.


Athena is the princess of the mythical Kingdom of Victory and she is very bored with her regal life. She decides to run off in search of adventure and excitement. When her journeys end, not much is heard about Athena until, centuries later, a very similar girl appears in the form of Athena Asamiya, a J-Pop idol.


The inaugural game in the series was a hit in its day. Athena is depicted in a chibi style and travels across a Fantasy World slaying monsters in an effort to relieve her boredom and stop Dante, the leader of the evil creatures.

A shooting game which focuses on Princess Athena's modern-day counterpart Athena Asamiya, along with her friend Sie Kensou, both wielders of psychic powers. The game is set in modern days, but the graphical style is very similar to that of Athena.

After Princess Athena's celebrated return in SVC Chaos: SNK vs Capcom and Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, SNK chose to release a direct sequel to her first game. The story, gameplay and graphics remain similar to the original classic while introducing a new playable character, Helene.

Other Games


Introduced in Athena

Introduced in Psycho Soldier

Introduced in Full Throttle

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