Arina Makihara (牧原 アリーナ, Makihara Arina) is a character who appears in Waku Waku 7. Her official nickname is "The Romping Fiery Girl" and she's associated with the orange Waku Waku ball, making her a citrine.


Arina is a normal student who likes to hang out with her friends. Hoping to find herself a "wonderful boyfriend", she joins the search for the Waku Waku balls. In her ending, the fairy of the balls pairs her up with Rai, something that Arina particularly despises.


A capricious yet head-strong girl who doesn't give up easily. She likes her friends and seems to know Rai from school.


  • Heart Projectile - Arina can fire a heart-shaped projectile from her fingertips.

Fighting Style

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  • Arina Stage Opening - Waku Waku 7
  • The Excitement Doesn't Stop - Waku Waku 7

Game Appearances


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