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Angel appears in various other media that doesn't necessarily tie into her The King of Fighters counterpart. She usually acts in a similar manner as her original incarnation, but she demonstrates different traits or character relationships that make her different.


Days of Memories

In the seventh title, Angel is a playful and energetic student who always likes to engage in outside activities. Inviting others to play with her at any time, she also encourages Leona to at least try some light exercises. She doesn't like to pay too much attention in class or her studies, causing Whip to snap at her. She used to be good friends with Kula Diamond and she can't stand K's passive attitude. She nicknames the protagonist "(first name)-chan". Popular with the boys at school, she rejects many suitors since she finds them boring and too stubborn.

She only wants to have a fun time during the class field trip, loving to get into mischievous and silly games with her classmates. On the bus, she presses to have the protagonist sing a duet with her, since she wants to hear the musician sing (even though he is always embarrassed) and is always fidgeting in her seat. If Angel and Leona pair up with the protagonist, she will encourage them to see the lively yet easy to enjoy parts of the city for Leona's sake. Since she likes seeing the movie stars, she at one point takes a photo of them together. Her act angers Genjuro Kibagami and he chases her to confiscate the film. She doesn't care for the gender barriers set up in Japanese society and usually offers to sleep in the protagonist's room at the hotel. Although she argues that there is no way that she'll make up with Kula, both the protagonist and Leona think they can become friends again.

Although he earlier refused to spend the last day of the trip with her, Angel comes to him and spontaneously announces that they go on a date. As Angel speeds off to find a restaurant for the famished protagonist, Athena asks if they're on a date, which he denies. She mentions that she is worried about all the suitors that Angel usually gets and wonders if Angel feels attached to the protagonist. Since he sees Angel as his friend, he promises to protect her when she needs it. Athena advises that he be more honest with his feelings for Angel before she leaves. After they eat, the protagonist says that Angel should take the chance to mend her relationship with Kula, since he knows that Angel really wanted to hang out with her old friend. Angel admits that she doesn't know how as the two girls have contrasting interests and asks the protagonist for help. She jokes about making a love confession to him when two men taunt the couple being together. Angel bravely tells them off, but the protagonist runs away with her when they start to turn violent.

When they reach a safe spot, he chides her to stop being so reckless since he can't always protect her from danger. She realizes that he is looking out for and is charmed by his sincerity. A bit tired from running so far, she excuses herself to buy a cold drink. Although she promises to be return quickly, the protagonist worries when she takes too long coming back. Worried that the men from earlier could have done something to her, he runs around Kyoto looking for her. He briefly bumps into Kyo and then into Kula in the town. Kula states that she doesn't know or care for Angel and offers the protagonist to spend the day with him. He sternly tells her to stop being so apathetic for Angel, which surprises Kula. Realizing that she was too harsh, she agrees to help look for Angel and reconcile with her friend later. He finds Angel being assaulted by the two brutes and hurries to defend her. Even though he can't fight, the protagonist shield her from their blows until Kyo passes by. The thugs are unimpressed until Iori Yagami, who threatens to kill his rival, arrives and scares them off. While Kyo takes off and Iori chases him, the protagonist gives the beaten Angel a piggyback ride to tend to her wounds. She listens to the protagonist's words to care more for her safety in order to be the world's best goalkeeper. In her ending, she is friends with Kula again and drags the protagonist to a karoke place, determined to hear him sing.


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