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Andro Dunos (アンドロデュノス) is a shoot 'em up game developed by Visco and released in 1992 for the Neo Geo. It was the first title developed by Visco for the Neo Geo, and the only one to receive an official conversion to the AES home console.


Andro Dunos is a space-themed horizontal scrolling shoot 'em up game reminiscent of the games in the Thunder Force series. Players control the Yellow Cherry (P1) and Red Fox (P2), and are given an arsenal of four different weapons from the start, which the player can switch between on the fly by pressing the B button and are powered up separately, up to four levels. Pressing A fires the currently equipped weapon, while holding down the button charges the weapon to release a powerful blast; however, doing this will cause the weapon to power down by one level.