Andrew (アンドリュー, Andoryū) is one of the main protagonists and new characters from Samurai Shodown VI. He was created to be Yoshitora's global rival and was dressed to reflect the times of his country. He is modeled after U.S. president Andrew Jackson (this is additionally played on during his stage and introductions).

He is voiced by Kazuki Ishii.


He is portrayed as an American soldier who goes to Japan to stop a new menace to his relatively young country. In his ending, he befriends Yoshitora.


He is a serious and dedicated individual, always thinking about his job to his country above all else.


  • Quick Shot: Andrew can shoot his gun multiple times at once.
  • Fire Projectile: Andrew can shoot a bullet shaped as a flaming eagle.

Fighting StyleEdit

Andrew is a fairly good mid-ranged character. Using the blade of his bayonet, he can slash his opponents from afar and keep them at a distance with his projectile attacks.

He always removes his glasses before fights.


  • Independence Day - Samurai Shodown VI

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