Adelheid XI

Adelheid Bernstein

The King of Fighters 2003 Edit

In Battle Edit

Japanese English translation Occurs when/during
ふん… 任せてくれ "Hmph… Makasete kure." "Hmph... Leave it to me." Intro
"Kateru daro ka, ore wa?" "Can you win against me?" Intro
Kyo Kusanagi この男は草薙? Kono otoko wa Kusanagi ka? "This man is Kusanagi?" Intro
任せてくれ "Makasete kure." "I'll take care of this."

In Battle (Rose) Edit

Japanese English translation
さすが、お兄様。 Sasugawa, Onīsama ne. "As expected of my big brother."
お兄様、すごい! Onīsama, sugoi! "Big brother, you're amazing!"
ローズのためにがんばってね、 おにいーさま。 Rōzu no tame ni ganbatte ne, onii-sama. "Do your best for me, big brother."

Win Quotes (Adelheid)Edit

  • "You've exceeded your farther. But does it matter?" (Vs. Gato)
  • "You must be joking! Are you really so powerful?" (Vs. Iori)
  • "Justice? It's but a cloak in which violence hides." (Vs. Kim)
  • "You see ahead without a doubt, but miss what's around you." (Vs. Ryo)

Win Quotes (Rose)Edit

  • "...Pathetic."
  • "Winning's everything. How you do it doesn't matter!"
  • "You fought well. Hoo, hoo, hoo..."
  • "I hear you, brother! A symphony for victors!"

The King of Fighters XI Edit

Win Quotes Edit

  • "There are manners for fighting, too. Those who don't fall gracefully, die!"
  • "What a disgraceful way to lose. I pity fools like you..."
  • "I wish you had given it your all. I hate it when people game me!"
  • "So, it was defeat for you, is it? Someday I must meet a similar fate..."
  • "You will not fool me! I am... what I am!" (Vs. Himself)
  • "...What an ugly mug you have. That's why I hate commoners!" (Vs. Jyazu/Silber)
  • "A guy like this... That's it? You've lost it, farther!" (Vs. Kyo)
  • "I see a lone wolf...? Your fangs and talons are real." (Vs. Terry)