Addes (アデス, Adesu) is a powerful organization and the main antagonists of the Maximum Impact series; they have also sponsored the tournaments in those games.

The organization's origins are shrouded in mystery, although many of the members pride their inhuman (and possibly alien) nature. They possess mysterious and advanced technology and can change the course of the world within a mere instant. Through timely surgeries, the group's scientist's can also tweak the human body to possess superhuman abilities. They label these specimens as "Type X" ("X" being a variable for a single capital letter).


They are first introduced through one of their minor sub groups, Mephistopheles. Duke was deemed head of this "gang" and their goal was to establish a base of operations in Southtown. However, their plans are sent awry by Alba Meira, who defeated Duke in the tournament finals.

After Duke's failure, the syndicate sent one of its more powerful branches, Kusiel, to complete the job. At the same time, Addes also kidnapped the world's most intelligent rocket scientists (included in this bunch are Dr. Makishima and Luise's father). Kushiel's goal, lead by Jivatma, was to capture powerful bodies for their next experiment. It's implied that they plan to use the scientists to create a spaceship that's sturdy enough to send a group of their members to their distant home world.


  • Children of Kokabiel (コカベルの子供たち, Kokaberu no Kodomotachi) - A group of selected warriors within Addes. They are renowned for their strength and fighting prowess. The total number of members are unknown.
    • Jivatma
    • Duke
  • Kushiel (クシエル, Kushieru) - An influential branch of Addes.
    • Jivatma
  • Mephistopheles (メフィストフェレス, Mefisutaferesu) - A minor branch of Addes that was dispelled after the first game in the series.
    • Duke
    • Lien Neville
    • Hyena
  • Belphegor (ベルフェゴール, Berufegōru) - A sub-syndicate of Addes that specializes in creating and testing out "Type X" subjects.
    • Nagase
  • Unlisted Members - The people listed below have been mentioned to belong in the organization (either in the current story or otherwise) but are not specified as to which group they belong to.
    • Jalange
    • Judeim


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