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Oshidashi Zintrick (押し出しジントリック), known in English speaking circles as Zintrick, is a puzzle game developed by ADK. It was released exclusively for the Neo Geo CD on March 22, 1996. It is considered an obscure and rare game for the console.


Once every four years in Asgard, the "Zintrick Tournament" is held. During this time, all four corners of the world can enter and wealth, fame, and glory is promised for the winner. Who among the Zintrick masters will reign victorious?

The majority of the game's characters are based on different parts of Celtic mythology.


The game plays as a sideways version of Tertris or Columns. Players hurl a pair of colored blobs on their side of the field; three or more blobs of the same color will vanish. If a combo with two or more vanishing groups is achieved, gray colored blobs will appear on the opposing side of the field. These gray blobs will block the opponent's progress until they are eliminated with another monochrome blob group. Victory occurs when either side of the field is either full of gray blobs or too stuffed to fit anymore pairs of blobs. When the player's character is surrounded in aura of energy, the C button can be used to activate their character's special item. The item's effects vary with each character.


  • Subberg Fungneil - a giant who continuously wins the body building competitions in Jotunheimen. He entered the tournament to show the world the beauty of his muscles. He is an obvious homage to Samson from the Cho Aniki series.
  • Pyuuki - a stumpy furry being that lives in Mimir's fountain. Pyuuki enters the tournament out of curiosity and later writes a book about his adventures. His race likes it but it is gibberish to other people. It looks very similar to the mascot character in the Neo Geo game, Pop n' Bounce.
  • Csilla Frei - the apprentice of Frei. She enters for adventure and hopes to earn the tournament's prize money.
  • Rousya Fino - an elven maiden who hopes to repair the forest near her home, Alfheim. She needs an expensive medicine that can only be obtained with the tournament's prize money.
  • Kaylynn - a Valkyrie sent to defeat the rogue Asgard Trio. In her ending, the goddess Nornir congratulates her hard work.
  • Iga no Takanome - a ninja who prides himself on being a genius. He was told that he needs to reach the "Sacred Hawk Mountain" in order to obtain enlightenment and heads northwest.
  • Gimli - a troll who was once called "The Champion of Trolls". He enters the tournament for a change in competition. His namesake is likely the famous dwarf character from J.R.R Tolkien fame.
  • Dark Snapper - a robotic bug-like creation who was made to defend his now dead empire. He was defeated by a warrior and taken to Niflheim by a Valkyrie. In order to earn his freedom, he enters the tournament. In his ending, he returns to his home Raguy.
  • Ryu Eagle - one of the ninjas from Ninja Commando. After he and his comrades defeat the evil Mars Corporation, he used a black hole technique to escape the exploding headquarters. His spell backfired and now he is looking for a way back home.
  • Loki - the main antagonist of the tournament who appears to be losing an arm. He leads the evil Asgard trio with hopes to invoke Ragnarok.
  • Fenrir - a large anthropomorphic white wolf. One of Loki's lackeys.
  • Jormundgand - a large serpent. One of Loki's lackeys.

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